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  1. I think it's neat that F&D allows one to make a lightsaber-wielder with any of the characteristics. And at first I thought it was neat that with 6 careers, each career can be tied to one characteristic in particular. However, some of the choices seem really odd to me. Consular - this is a career that's based around leadership and negotiation. Presence would be the natural fit, right? But wait, the Niman Disciple uses Willpower instead. Mystic - this career, to me, would seem to be the Willpower-centered one as the one who's most in tune with the Force, but instead it uses Presence. Guardian - the protector of the weak and helpless will of course be the one who has put all their starting XP into... Intellect?!? I guess part of the problem is that we have two tough, physical careers (Guardian and Warrior) but only one physical, tough characteristic. Sure, you could always use Brawn as the default. But you're probably throwing away 10 XP on a talent you'll never use, because there's no synergy between the characteristic tied to your career and the ones needed by your career skills or Force powers. And that lack of synergy bothers me. There's nothing about the Mystic or the Guardian that would make you think you'd want to put any points into Presence or Intellect, respectively. It's not until you look at the lightsaber specialization tree for each career that you might realize that there's a chargen trap there. The Consular isn't so bad since you'd probably want an above-average Willpower anyway, for Discipline checks. So maybe associating one characteristic (and lightsaber form?) with each career wasn't a great idea, after all.
  2. Because they aren't particularly threatening to the films' protagonists. If they were, it would violate the Rule of Cool. They're obviously better trained and equipped than your average Star Wars soldier; they have scary armor and big rifles. And they (fairly easily) defeated the Rebel troops on Leia's ship in the opening sequence to Episode IV. But Luke, Han and Leia killed a whole bunch of them during the Death Star escape sequence. ...while constantly running away from them. We know the stormtroopers aren't a threat because they're mooks and the heroes are the protagonists, but the characters don't. That's pretty hard to emulate in a RPG, unfortunately.
  3. Also on the compact sheet, it would be good if items like grenades had use a count column, or showed up in the gear section, so the player knew how many they had.
  4. Thanks for all of your work, OggDude! I love the compact sheet but it's a little wonky with trying to fit specializations and force powers at the same time. Force powers can take up a lot of room and should maybe be pushed off to a second sheet? Skills that have no ranks (and aren't career skills?) but are adjusted by talents or force powers don't get included in the compact skill list, and perhaps should be. Probably not possible, but I wish there was a way to differentiate passive-but-conditional talents/force boosts from "super"-passive talents/force powers (i.e. ones that just modify the character's numbers or dice pools in all cases). Because it would be nice to drop the latter from the compact sheet all together: grit, toughened, etc. Awesome work, thank you!
  5. The link in the first post of the thread works.
  6. Also I wanted to say that I'm really looking forward to the one-page character sheet! The regular sheet is neat and all, but it's got critical data spread out over so many pages that I find it rather unwieldy. It looks like the character files are stored on Windows at Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\SWCharGen\Characters. So you could presumably download the xml file and place it in that directory. I don't know if the filename is important, though.
  7. Thank you for all of your hard work in making the program, but especially for fixing that! It was bugging the hell outta me that I couldn't hit Enter to complete a form.
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