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  1. Yeah the In-flight report was probably one of the weakest I have seen. The only 2 new game announcements were for a quick elder signs spin off it feels like and Marvel champions a LLG but feels off somehow. It didn't help that Fantasy Flight let another studio in on their press conference to show off crowd pleaser the Marvel miniatures skirmish game. X wing just x winged and armada got a bit of what it needed. Compared to last year where we got Arkham Horror 3rd edition, X wing 2nd edition, Keyforge, GOT expansion, a few digital announcements and starwars clonewars settings announcement.
  2. I do feel alot of this is the fault of FFG. Just take a look at the news today. Friday - Runewars no longer tournament supported Monday - 2 hot hot units for Starwars Legion. Sure we had the Lord of the Rings announcement at the same time but that is for an entirely different genre. FFG basically shelved Runewars to Ride Legion high for close to 6 months at the start of 2018.
  3. FFG kinda did this to themselves though. Pushing Legion so hard right after Runewars was building up steam and giving it so little attention.
  4. After watching Rogue one, Last Jedi and Solo its made me appreciate how diverse and storied the characters in Imperial Assault are. It has struck me as kinda odd the way we never really see any main characters as aliens, besides well chewy but that iss a free pass at this point. Rebels did well with both Hera a Twilek and Zeb a lasat. It makes Star Wars feel like its in a galaxy far far way not here on earth. The core set has a twilek, wookie, bothan which is fantastic. One of the big things I love is how each character story is captured with just 2 words that also acts like their class. "Haunted Exile , Brilliant Engineer " also just the visual design is clean and effective. Saska with her numerous data pads around her hip, goggles on her neck and busy fixing a blaster tells so much about about the character. I know Star Wars is going through a messy time right now, but I do want to give credit to the FFG Story and development department for making characters I want to see in Star Wars.
  5. I am hopefully they bring out a new edition soon after seeing the success of Gloomhaven. Even with the app it still pretty imposing for new players who want to get into the game. I imagine a 3rd edition could be a chance to expand on the Terranoth lore that is being built on with legacy of dragonholt and runewars.
  6. Given how successful the Legends App has been, do you think we will see a third edition of Descent Pop up soon? Imperial Assault had quality of life changes done to the system and the modelling process and quality has increased dramatically since its 2012 release. With a ton of expansions out, it is quite unwieldy Is it time for a 3rd edition where the game is built with the app already in mind?
  7. I thought people would like the idea of mercenary units. Seems weird a lot of people are more keen to have more factions but that also means you cant run those units in other factions. Useless you have a certain hero which at the moment is limited to kari and Maro.
  8. I am the same. I can understand not wanting to dilute factions with common units but considering humans can already get elves and undead can get anything with their heros we have some of that already. Those heros still stand out because those are units from another faction. Mecenaries would stand out because they can be used with any faction. Having mercenary units doesn't mean factions will have less choice. Honestly having another faction would already follow a pattern we have. That doesn't mean more diversity per say atleast since there will always be one set of archers, one Calvary, one siege, one infantry, one infantry command, 2 heroes at least. Having tons of factions isnt great either. A big problem with war games is often a faction will be left behind by the developer and is only played because their flavor is cool. Wouldnt the better choice be having a army and then seeing a cool unit and including it without having to get a whole starter set for that unit and start a whole another army.
  9. To get another faction, another set to collect, another army to wait for before building. To get mercenary factions, another set to collect, another unit to add to your army for deck building. Just thinking if FFG did say a dwarf infantry unit would it be better to have it as part of a new faction or as a unit that can be added to any of the four factions so far? Dwarfs for the humans, Dwarves for the elves, undead dwarves when painted for the undead, or chaos dwarves for the demons . Or rather have it just Dwarves for the Dwarves. Just an example, there are other races or just monsters that show up in Terrinoth. Such as Deep Elves, Beastmen, Giants for example.
  10. Just been thinking although I enjoy getting new information every Monday, the fact that demons have yet to be released and we are already getting more units for humans and undead seems a bit well off. I know a few players in my group have a starter set but are really waiting for demons or elves to start spending big and building a army. Honestly I wouldn't mind if we had more Lore flavoured news articles for the next few months while the factions get equal access to units. Especially cause I find the big drawback to the game is the lack of meaningful lore that can grasp players imaginations.
  11. Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.
  12. I really do enjoy Starwars Rebels but mainly its because of the fan factor, those moments when you see a call back or a reference and you feel fulfilled. It has gone from strength to strength each season from very child like to a younger teenager dealing with some of the more darker issues. I still love the characters each and every main one feels fleshed out, I hope to see the rest of the ghost squad and a few select characters make their way to Imperial Assault.
  13. The App delay is probably the biggest reason why we had a switch between the April Small Box announcement and the Gen Con big box announcement.
  14. FFG seriously needs to stop with the tuck boxers for their expansion. It started with arkham Horror LCG and now this. I despise having to store extra stuff in plastic containers just cause FFG is deciding to be cheap and not make a proper hard cardboard lift box.
  15. A Runewars RPG Book would do nicely as a double up for a Lore book, two birds with one stone. Cyberpunk - Netrunner Fantasy - Runewars Weird - Arkham Horror It does cover a lot of their bases.
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