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  1. October 4th from Facebook post. Matt Holland in comments confirmed. Can't attach the screenshot apparently but it's there.
  2. Looks like the closest spot is two hours away, figures.
  3. Just wondering if anyone plays in NH or ME anywhere? There's a group of 5 of us that play in Conway, NH but I have zero idea of anywhere else in the state or neighboring state that Legion is played. Anyone from either of these places? Trying to broaden our horizons if needed. Thanks!
  4. My friend posted a picture in our group chat that Coolstuffinc has updated the core to a September 27th release
  5. Here's another question; I've only gone into melee with Vader which is straight forward this question is about unit cohesion and melee. If I move my unit if Royal guards towards a rebel trooper unit and my unit leader falls short of base contact with them can I use cohesion to have another figure in my unit make contact with the rebels to start a melee?
  6. This is something I've been thinking about for a little bit now that dewbacks have been semi spoiled. An imperial list heavily focused on melee and close quarter combat. Here's the jist, I'm at work so it's very basic. Imperial officer w/ strict orders 3x snows w/ flame and frags 3x Royal guards w/ tenacity electro 2x dewbacks I believe that got me to 766 to see what point costs are on the dew back cards. All casual here just something different I wanted to try and see what others thought.
  7. Either or, I just wanted to make sure how it worked as an action whether I was surpressed or not.
  8. Alright, thanks for the info everyone!
  9. New question, if I perform a recover action with a unit does it get a second action or no? Thanks again
  10. Hey everyone! Just played a game tonight using speeder bikes, haven't used them in a while and had a question. My opponent was very persistent that when I moved my speeder bikes not only do their firing arcs face the same way but they had to be perfectly side by side. No offset, not in a line or anything the had to be side by side at the end of each movement or I could complete the movement and would have to try to move somewhere else. I thought as long as the firing arcs were facing the same direction all was good. Any help is appreciated!
  11. Anyone strip paint off of a Legion mini? I'm just wondering what I should use to strip paint with possibly damaging the mini. Have some Stormtroopers I want to repaint, change my army into an Imperial Royal Army scheme. Thanks!
  12. Ive been flying 4 named X-Wings to great success! Wedge w/Predator Thane w/Crack Shot Garven w/Crack Shot Biggs with or without s foils, i havnt been using the foils lately because I always forget to open them, lol.
  13. I've run Wedge w/Predator Thane w/Crack Shot Garven w/Crack Shot Biggs To great effect, 4 x wing swarm style flying
  14. Alright, cool, good to hear. I do fly them in a pretty tight formation and have been getting pretty good with them. No quadjumper opponents yet though. I had to promise to fly 2 x-wings max in my list next week or go imperial to make everyone feel good, lol. Maybe I'll show them your post!
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