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  1. Back when i was playing d6 Star Wars we had a party on a ship and the core players took turns running some of the adventures. We had a Captain who was a passable pilot, a former fighter pilot & soldier who was the main pilot and a rodian gunner. There was a lot of overlap but we learned some important lessons--we could jery rig repairs until a real mechanic or a droid got to it and we sucked at first aid. My suggestions are as follow: Smuggler (Pilot)--if there is an engine in it he can fly it Colonist (Doctor)--great for interrogations and non-lethal captures Hired Gun (Heavy or Mercenary)--if it has a gun she can shoot it Technician (Mechanic)--walking tool box After that round out with Technicial (Slicer); Explorer (Fringer or Scout); Bounty Hunter(Gadgeteer); Hired Gun (Demolitionist) This should provide a nice range of skilled characters with some backup in essential skills like pilot (any), medicine, & mechanics--just in case someone gets hurt and the party still needs to get away. Hope this helps
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