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  1. If you drop a Conner Net (or anything else that triggers on overlap) and it's overlapping a ship at the time it's dropped it goes off immediately. So in your scenario it would detonate on the ship it was overlapping, apply it's effect, and then be removed. So the other ship that would have moved over it has no interaction at all. In addition though, overlap triggered mines can only affect a single ship no matter what. So even if you were to drop it and have it overlap two ships simultaneously it would still only hit one. In those situations the person who dropped the mine chooses who it hits.
  2. It doesn't say "and suffers the effects" because that would be redundant. If a ship overlaps an obstacle it suffers the effects unless something explicitly says not to.
  3. Based on the rule about abilities being inactive in reserve unless explicitly said otherwise, I would tend to think that would apply for set up as well and as a result he would have to deploy at zero. After deployment it gets much simpler because his ability is not optional it doesn't say may it just says treat your initiative as 7. So the part about doing a cheeky initiative swap mid round or whatever isn't irrelevant because you can't do that. If you are not damaged it's 7 if you are it's 0. No exceptions. The one weird spot is where he could theoretically change during activation. Initiative 1 Tugboat tractors him onto a rock with an action and he takes a damage. Based on first edition precedent I would say he just doesn't activate that round. Ships activate when their turn comes up, if somehow you managed to change initiative mid-activation and your new initiative has already passed then you miss your turn and nothing happens.
  4. Yes, that's also exactly how Feedback worked in 1e too. They just said "Instead of attacking" rather than "gain a disarm token" but functionally it was the same thing. The big change is that in 1e feedback worked out to range 1 rather than just 0. It never saw a lot of play but was used as a counter to Phantoms and Imperial Aces at times since it was unavoidable if you could get range.
  5. Played against a Decimator and got my first hull damage on it as a crit that was Hull Breach. Had 2 more ships still to fire on it and it spiraled oit of control pretty rapidly. Multiple Fuel leaks and Direct Hits which just combined into additional crits because of Hull Breach. I did something like 14 damage with 9 or 10 attack dice.
  6. Well, this is a strict RAW thing but if you go by the listed setup steps in the Rules Reference Beckett has to go first. Setup is: 1. Gather forces 2. Determine Player Order 3. Establish Play Area 4. Place Obstacles 5. Place Forces 6. Prepare Other Components That's how it's laid out in the Rules Reference, so strictly RAW Tobias comes after step 5 and Boba after step 6 so you want an "official" ruling that would probably be it. In practice nobody does setup strictly in this order other than 2, 4, and 5 need to be in sequence. Gather forces usually happens before the players even meet and establish Play Area (put a mat down) is usually first. Prepare Other Components just means shuffle your damage deck and get your templates and tokens ready, that usually is done ahead of time as well. I also can't think of a reason you would want to do Boba first anyway. Sure you could technically put him on that rock and then use Tobias to move it away but he's gonna be flying off it turn 1 anyway and you as long as you don't do a dumb and set him up with overhang in front it won't affect him.
  7. Also, important difference in this edition, ships are at range zero of each other if their bases are physically touching. That is the only requirement. In 1e for ships to be "touching" where they couldn't shoot there had to be an overlap involved, that is not neccessarily the case in 2e.
  8. Sadly no. For a couple reasons. Qi'ra is on the escape craft not the Falcon, so only the escape craft can use the ability. Being docked to the Falcon doesn't change that. Thematically of course that makes no sense, but that's just how the rules work for this mechanic. The lock would stay in place I believe, there's nothing to indicate it should be removed, but you wouldn't be able to use it in any way while the escape craft is docked, only after deploying again. In addition, docked ships, along with their abilities and upgrades, are out of play while docked. They do not function or interact with the game other than (I believe) tokens like Focus still drop off at the end of the round. The only exception would be something that explicitly said it functioned while docked as cards are allowed to override standard rules. ie "While you are docked your carrier ship can do X"
  9. Yeah I don't see where this is confusing at all in regards to Han vs Magva. Magva limits rerolls. Han's ability is explicitly not a reroll (in game terminology, physically with the dice that is what you are doing of course). She has no interaction with Han's ability for the same reason she doesn't affect Focus: it's not a reroll. As far as the rest I agree with the consensus: when Magva is involved on any given attack the attacker may choose exactly 1 die to reroll (assuming they have a mod allowing a reroll of course) and reroll only that 1 die.
  10. Fig is correct. However, if your foils were already closed then Supernatural Boost into open foils would work fine.
  11. Ghostly Hand Play: If your opponent has exactly 1 Ember, steal it. The catch is, it also has 2 Ember boost on it. The rules only specify doing as much as you are able when you play a card. If I'm not able to do anything at all but just want the free Ember can I play it or do I have to wait for the right window? Or does getting the free Ember perhaps count as a thing I can do so the card is actually doing something maybe? I could see it both ways
  12. Nitro is correct. "before X" (X in this case being Neutralize Results Step) always implicitly also means "after everything else that normally comes before X" which would include all standard modifications here.
  13. This has got to be the longest thread for the easiest question ever. Which around here is saying something. Even RAW Rhymer clearly works at zero for reasons already explainrd both by myself and others a dozen times over. Those of you argung otherwise really are just being silly. I seriously can't believe this is still at the top of the page, I wouldn't bump it buy it's already #1 so what does it matter?
  14. Today yes, but first order is going to be a faction again very soon. What I was talking about was if he's running a pure Imperial squad but using a couple FO models out of necessity and then his opponent is running straight FO
  15. The spot where that might get sticky is if you were playing an imperial list with 2 Imperial and 2 FO and then your opponent was flying FOs it could get confusing. So I'd try to avoid it if you can but other than that what everyone said I pretty much agree with.
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