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  1. Hopefully with the new TIE owner's manuel there will finally be conclusive answers to how the TIE functions. Like why are there solar panels if there is a fuel port in the back? There have been conflicting info on the mechanics of the TIE since the beginning.
  2. I still find it weird that the Resistance gets the GR-75 instead of the CR90. Like we have seen the Resistance have CR90s since S1 of resistance, and now the Tantive is in the Rise of Skywalker. I think they did it this to keep every epic ship as only 2 factions, but I still think the Resistance got cheated.
  3. This REALLY bothers me that swarm players do this. I have been flying swarms for years and I never play slowly. In fact, people have thanked me for being efficient when moving all my ships. If you can't execute your maneuvers almost as quickly as your opponents, you shouldn't be playing swarms. The mere idea of slow playing on purpose irks me to no end.
  4. I loved episode 3! Seeing the difference between racing pilots and two trained combat pilots was super fun! Also seeing Tam and Ruckland train with the FO was great. (Elijah Wood is one of my favorite VAs so I love getting more Ruckland. Also, seeing Kaz, a trained fighter pilot, actually be better than the Aces was nice.
  5. OMG I love Lost Stars! I was so happy to see Thane and Ciena get added to Xwing!
  6. I think Han's death was great. It served the story well, set up Kylo's arc really well, and Harrison Ford was totally for it. Luke's on the other hand... not so much. Luke didn't really do much, and Mark Hamill doesn't seem satisfied with where his character's arc has gone. Overall I think Han was handled much better than Luke, but that's just like, my opinion man.
  7. Who cares about the ship! We got Poe and Finn back together!!!😃
  8. I like the T-85 design overall, it's just the S-foils not lining up properly that bothers me. I love EC Henry's version where they do.
  9. The TIE Silencer is way cooler than the Kylo's new TIE, would have liked to have seen more of it oh well. Also the TIE Whisper is just an uglier TIE SF.
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