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  1. Ok great, that only leaves me with the fear of no reprints coming (and no new stuff announced). I really hope they continue developing and fixing more and more stuff. I guess I'll panic again if they announce the next X-Wing Wave and no IA stuff
  2. I'm sure at this point I'm not the only one that believes that something is going on with IA. I know that many of us believe that the next release will be the app, but I'm starting to be really concerned with the future of the game. I'm aware that we are going to face at least one more season of organized play, since regionals are already being planned, but I noticed a few days ago that the Upcoming queue doesn't have absolutely anything for Imperial Assault, not even a sad reprint. At first I didn't really took it into account, since it could be that they had stock of everything (weird, but not impossible). However I was reviewing the official IA site and there's absolutely nothing on stock, everything is "Not available". Sooooooooo has FFG stopped production? Does this mean no more expansions for IA? Am I doomed to suffer the wrath of the hunters forever? My guess is that they're going to use this months to release the app and see how Legion behaves, and then abandon for good IA (or return to it if Legion doesn't sell as well as planned). Any thoughts? Am I seeing things? If anyone could provide any info (specially FFG staff) it would be great. That being said, I'm not joining Legion no matter what, so FFG, keep IA alive and healthy pleaaaaaaaase (you still have to fix that mess you created with hunters :P)
  3. Does this map have special corners? IE: the tile just above the red deployment zone has different shapes in it's inner corners than regular tiles (same happens in other places of the map). Does this corners provide extra cover compared to regular ones and prevent LOS or is it just the drawing and my mind has blown for no reason? In my opinion this is, by far, the best map to join the rotation, so much fun playing it.
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