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  1. I played against a BTA list in Nordics tournamnet, my opponent charged in his BTA ISD in one turn on my previously activated Liberty to be at close range for the beginning of next turn, he ended up just a bit outside of close range on my Liberty. Then my Yavaris double B-wing combo made a Last first Activation on it... +30 attack dice later and the BTA was eaten up as BTL sandwich. True story To be honest it was a bit dicey charging head on a BTA, especially when its ISD brother was comming charging right around behind it.
  2. Its a compromise, on a 400pts budget and the Assualt variant cost just those 6pts to much, when you consider that the other ships and SQD minimum requirements that needs to be sqeezed into the list.
  3. The MC80 is as tanky as possible, without being to expensive. Navigate spam the CR90 so they always are in position to support the MC80 with long rang fire.
  4. That's the beauty, Keep the the sqds near one of the GR75, it can activate it in ship phase. Hera and Rogue Sqd are Rogue, and Hera can make two of the non- Rogue Sqds Rogue. And since eventually at least one or two of them gets tied down by being engaged, they wont need to be Rogued around by Hera. In other words Your sqds are more autonomous wwith Hera.
  5. Leading shots is better as it allows you to re-roll, dice, it helps get that Accuracy you need, and in case you have multible blank red dice
  6. Try this http://armadawarlords.hivelabs.solutions/view_list.php?token=142066&key=31cc660304cc62193ffcf51040b10de1
  7. I can imagine how the massive WTF!!! would look like, if SWM20 turns out to be a Wingless Liberty or AF1
  8. I want Han Solo released as a fleet commander together with Mon Remonda Special skill: Friendly ships may end their movement on either side of the manuevre tool, as long as they don't overlap the manuevre tool.
  9. Legion looks great with painted figures, but I've just reached a point in my life that I prefer as much as possible to be prepainted. Legion looks more like a re-inforced platoon size game, with the odd 50 individual figures. If you have to go Company or god forbid Batallion size game, you are looking at 150 or 450 individual figures, which would make the game very longer to play.
  10. Taking inspiration from the old PC Rebellion game, one could make event cards (Or use the unique Sqd cards themselves), that is drawn at the end of each round, where one could say, "You have Recruited Wedge Antilles" Thereby you can unlock Unique sqds progressively. And event/Unique squad cards could be drawn, based on how many Campaign points one side has earned per round.
  11. We are playing CC, with 4x guys on each team. This means that the resource points the team earns, in every round is divided by four instead of three, making it a bit harder for players to reach 500 points. We still play 3 games per round. Which allows one player on each team to recover a bit from very bad losses, but as the Resource points is divided by four and he cannot skip a round twice, its not overpowered alot he gets, before he has to play another game round. The experience I have with this system is, that I'm speculating that a 5x man team on each side, could work. And that it opens up the posibility to play with 5x games per round, so the side with fewest Campaign points still have the advantage of attacking 3 systems, while the opposing side can only attack 2 systems. But as the number of bases and and outposts from the begining of the Campaign is the same as a three man per team Campaign, the resorce points, will be even fewer to around with, when its divided by 5, this will by large prevent anyone from having a +450 point fleet in the beginning of round 2.
  12. When someone say "trying" or "doing" their "best", I always think of this scene from the Rock In Star Wars parlance the "Prom Queen" is Princess Leia in a slave outfit
  13. If made out proberly an SSD should have the following layout to fit in Armada 6x hull zones on a Epic scale base The hull zone layout should be that, you can only triple arc another Epic scale based ship, Large base ships cannot. Front hull zone has no more than 8x attack dice. the other hull zones no more than 6 attack dice. No Weapons team upgrade slot Be allowed to attack 3x times. The 3x attacks distributed on three of six hull zones would give relatively alot of firepower, however it would be spread out, amongst multible targets, if the opponent only has large base ships or less in his/her fleet. I hope you guys can see where im going with this.
  14. So the "So will one hit from Dutch against an activated sqd with Brace, always generate two hits?" Is then correct, I guess. We have then played it wrong on occasions here in Denmark, so I just wanted to check what was right and wrong. Thanks Dras
  15. When reading Dutch Vanders rule about what happens to a activated sqd when getting atleast one damage it gets an additional damage. Can Brace Mitigate it down to one? Or can it not, since the extra damage received is after any Defence tokens has been spend? So will one hit from Dutch against an activated sqd with Brace, always generate two hits? Dras can you clearify?
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