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  1. Lykandros

    Mandalorian Subfaction

    The StarViper is MandalMotors made as well, and I believe the Mandos used them at some point.
  2. Lykandros

    ARC 170s (again)

    Clear domes, man. It's all about the clear domes.
  3. Lykandros

    Naming convention (What do we call new and old poe?)

    I say "Pro" Dameron for the PS 9 version.
  4. Lykandros

    STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion Thread!

    I believe it was "two Jedi and a part-timer" if i heard it correctly.
  5. Lykandros

    29-Point Gap in Rebel List: What Do You Pick Up?

    I do a Red Squadron Vet with Predator. Add on a R2 with Integrated if you have a point to spare.
  6. Lykandros

    What is your favorite ship to fly?

    For me, it's a tie between the T-70 and the E-Wing. With the K-Wing coming in a close second.
  7. Lykandros

    Is XWing an expensive hobby???

    As someone who comes from hobbies like Warhammer, Hell No! One of the main reasons I got into X-wing was it's low cost. Well, that and the ships, it's easy to learn, I don't have to cart five tons of models to the FLGS, and a dozen other reasons.
  8. Lykandros


    Here ya go... Wait, that said sig, not Stig? My mistake.
  9. Lykandros

    YOUR Ship IN STAR WARS... for real.

    Venator-Class Star Destroyer. The best parts of all capital ships, with those nice Republic-red stripes.