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  1. The StarViper is MandalMotors made as well, and I believe the Mandos used them at some point.
  2. Lykandros

    ARC 170s (again)

    Clear domes, man. It's all about the clear domes.
  3. I believe it was "two Jedi and a part-timer" if i heard it correctly.
  4. I do a Red Squadron Vet with Predator. Add on a R2 with Integrated if you have a point to spare.
  5. For me, it's a tie between the T-70 and the E-Wing. With the K-Wing coming in a close second.
  6. As someone who comes from hobbies like Warhammer, Hell No! One of the main reasons I got into X-wing was it's low cost. Well, that and the ships, it's easy to learn, I don't have to cart five tons of models to the FLGS, and a dozen other reasons.
  7. Here ya go... Wait, that said sig, not Stig? My mistake.
  8. Venator-Class Star Destroyer. The best parts of all capital ships, with those nice Republic-red stripes.
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