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  1. Hey. I'm new to this game and RPGs in general and I have some questions about psykers in BC. For all intents and purposes let's say the psykers is devoted to Tzeentch and has his mark. 1. When do you apply a WPB? (Does it add to damage for psychic powers) 2. I have not found anywhere you add the WPB so what is the use of Unnatural Willpower? 3. Best talents to buy? 4. Best psychic powers to buy? 5. A basic run down about force weapons and channeling psychic power through it. 6. Wartime gives Unnatural WS does that bonus apply to my initial weapons attack? 7. Anyways to lower chance of psychic phenomena? If you have any other wisdom or tips about playing pykers in BC I would love to hear it. Thanks everyone
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