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  1. Where are you shopping? I have multiple local stores in Canada selling the core for ~105 and the ISD for ~50. Even if you have no local stores, you can order online from http://www.meeplemart.com, http://store.401games.ca, or even https://www.bookdepository.com/ which is a UK based store that has free shipping to Canada and decent prices. More expensive than the US online stores but still reasonable.
  2. It doesn't just flip a card up you've already dealt like the regular critical effect, it adds a new faceup card, so it's +1 damage. Unlike the ACM that extra damage isn't spread out, it goes right to the hull AND gets you the critical effect which you can't get with ACM. It's at the very least competitive with ACM and imo might be better, especially against ships with lots of shields who can absorb the ACM damage (like I dunno, a mon cal ship!).
  3. I like how, once again the preview does something illegal: they have a frigate cancelling 4 dice by spending two evade tokens but you can't spend two evade tokens in one attack.
  4. Assault proton torpedoes is insane, even better than ACM (imo) for even fewer points. Only one extra point of damage but it goes right through to the hull and it's faceup.
  5. See, that's how I read Vader too, others said he spends the token, IE flips it over to red and it will reset and the end of the round. The RRG says "spend" a defense token, when reffering to evades, braces, etc... during an attack. SO based on that wording, spend =/= discard. The ability being so powerful would make me thing it did mean discard though. He isn't agreeing with you, if you use Vader's ability to spend an already-exhausted token, it will be discarded. If it was not exhausted before, using Vader will just exhaust it. This lets you use Vader to power up Devastator more quickly if you want, but you don't have to discard tokens as long as you only spend unexhausted ones. What the card does, and what it was intended to do, is extremely clear. It spends a token. If they wanted it to discard a token they would have said so.
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