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    Felswrath got a reaction from nitrobenz in Expansions...   
    I agree that I don't think this game should or will have tons of expansions. That said, I could very easily see one or two that allow for 5-6 players plus more characters and purchasable items (blasters, ships, etc.).
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    Felswrath reacted to MikeGracey in Optimistic about LOTR LCG’s Future   
    The problem is you can say that we haven't been here yet or explored this archetpye to its fullest yet, but at what point will the community be satisfied? It seems to me like they will never really will be. No sooner is the latest cycle 'spoiled' than people are talking about things they don't have, rather than the things we did get. 
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    Felswrath reacted to DunedainLoreKeeper in THE FORTRESS OF NURN Player Cards   
    Sparagorn is definitely more powerfull than he is given credit for right now. If you compare him to Argalad you're on the wrong track. I would argue he is a superior Coragorn.
    Argalad is a lore hero that can quest using his attack power, but only under the condition that an enemy was revealed/is in the staging area. And he then deals 1 damage to that enemy. But if no enemy shows up Argalad is just sitting there and if an enemy does show up, you might need his attack power more. Therefore he really needs direct damage support to truly shine.
    Coragorn is a leadership hero that you can spend 1 resource on, to send him on the quest without exhausting. His main role is attacker/defender but by spending 1 resource you can get 2 more willpower this turn. That is an ok ability. However if you do not reveal an enemy then your resource was jsut spend for ensurance. Coragorns weakness is that you have to decide before the reveal.
    Sparagorn has this last part as innate ability. You can simply reveal the encounter card and then decide if you want to use him for willpower or combat. If you reveal a location you use his ability, if you reveal an enemy you keep him ready. That is very powerful in the first 2 turns of the game. Coragorn can of course do both if you pay a resource, but the Sparagorn player can pay for unexpected courage with the same resource cost as 2 activations and blow Coragorn out of the water. Sparagorn with UC can double quest (send him to the quest, ready him, reduce threat of location) or quest and combat or double combat. This makes him increadibly flexible with only 1 in-sphere card. Better yet, every Willpower enhancer on him is twice as effective because you can use his willpower twice a turn, making cards like silver circlet 4 WP for 2 resources. And that's ignoring the 1 progress token bonus.
    His flexibility makes him a great target for crazy combo's too. Sparagorn + Unexpected Courage + Silver Circlet + Idraen + Spare hood and cloak + Northern trackers/Rhovanion outriders. Quest with everybody, ready Sparagorn, have him clear a location in the staging area, trigger Idraen to ready, have her give the cloak to ready Sparagorn, clear the active location, ready Idraen again and you end up with two competent fighters for the combat phase. 
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    Felswrath reacted to Crabbok in What if FFG created another brand new ship?   
    For the record I'd be down to see another rebel Medium ship.  
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    Felswrath reacted to dalestephenson in THE FORTRESS OF NURN Player Cards   
    While Loragorn's card leaves play, the actual Aragorn wouldn't, so if he gets the text restored that says "once per game", it's still just once a game.  It's no different than if he lost the once per game text to a text-blanking treachery and subsequently got it back -- it doesn't reset a per game counter.
    I'm also reasonably confident that if the original Loragorn were killed and brought back, it wouldn't reset his once per game counter -- if it worked that way, Caldara's once-per-game errata would be pointless.
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    Felswrath reacted to Distractionbeast in THE FORTRESS OF NURN Player Cards   
    I'm excited to run Aragorn with Unexpected Courage to do some super-questing.  Mildly underwhelming pack, but not bad.  It's been a good run.
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    Felswrath reacted to Preotet in The Land of Sorrow Play-through (There Be Spoilers)   
    I think I did correctly. 1 normal + 2 for the Camp locations in the staging area.
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    Felswrath reacted to MikeGracey in THE FORTRESS OF NURN Player Cards   
    I just thought of a great use for Sp Aragorn. He would be great in a grey wanderer deck, having strider lets him quest for 4 and use his ability should a location come up. If its enemies, just keep him up for that 3 att or sentinel for someone. 
    In solo if you have a few locations come up in the 1st couple rounds he will be able to contribute a lot to the quest and failing will be unlikely.
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    Felswrath reacted to General_Grievous in THE FORTRESS OF NURN Player Cards   
    My initial review on the cards:
    A desperate path is very interesting, potentially super powerful or game-ending depending on scenario, and you can’t cancel it. Maybe the best side board card card in the game?
    Woodman Lore, how easy is it to get a ton of locations in play and have attachments on them all? At most I can see this readying one or two stronger characters, not the most impressive but it fits their style and with Burglar you’ll always get one ready out of it so costed appropriately.
    Knowledge of the Enemy, now this was what Dunedain needed! Great resource acceleration rewarding you for accomplishing the finicky task that engaging a bunch of enemies is.
    Shining Shield, amazing, my second favourite card this pack. Simple but stackable with Gondorian Shield on Boromir or other high cost noble Gondorian defenders like Eleanor that will pump them up to +4 cheaply and easily.
    Tireless Thoroughbred, another mount is always welcome, and what a great boost for warriors. You have to consider the restricted slot as well but if you are running a tactics hero in an Eagles deck where support of the eagles can be in play this card is a great mini-gwahir hero card.
    Thorongil, this is an excellent card and one of the more exciting ones in the pack. There are so many cool options that look like they have been broken down in this thread already. I’m most excited for MOTK Legolas being able to get Tactics Legolas’s ability. The MOTK interactions are great!
    Misty Mountain Journeyman, any Dunedain support was direly needed so happy that this helps cover a weak point.
    Westfold Lancer, one of the best Rohan allies and very fitting with their new heroes and an always useful effect.
    Haleth, she is the ally Lore Anborn equivalent for Woodman decks, with some use outside of them if you are running heavy attachments. Solid stats and MOTK candidate too. The art is a bit weird in my opinion as she looks like she gave herself a self-Quarantine haircut and we have never seen anyone else in LOTR sporting modern hairstyles so why start now? Where are our crew-cut Gondorians? Or Mohawk Dunedain? Just kind of kills the theme a bit for me. But stats/ability she is fine.
    Spirit Aragorn, reviewing him here to end on a high note. Honestly disappointed. His ability isn’t bad on a hero, argalad sees some fringe use and this will as well. It’s nice to be able to adjust your questing post staging, and you can use it as really costly location control as well, but it’s not a final Aragorn ability. There is no synergy with Arwen/the elves, or the Dunedain, or Gondor or really anyone. It’s not a very flashy or exciting ability unlike the other Aragorns, it has no synergy with Aragorn having many spheres (which many, myself included were all hoping for) and other than Sword That Was Broken (something out of sphere) it has no synergy with most of the Aragorn-specific attachments. I can get that they were maybe trying to stick with pre War of the Ring Aragorn, but the missed opportunity to ever have King Elessar in the game and unite the spheres while boosting Gondor/Arwen is almost unforgivable. I’m really hoping there is more after the break now to rectify this. 
    Also that artwork is atrocious. Not that it was badly done skill-wise, so no discredit to the artist if they were going for this. Also he has shown he can create amazing artwork including solid takes on heroes (Lanwyn, Cirdan) and not so solid art (Spirit Legolas, Radagast). So if the intent was to create an homeless drunk it has succeeded. Creepy unkempt beard, bad sex eyes, quite overweight for being an athletic wingfoot, and doesn’t know how to hold a torch despite supposedly being an experienced scout. If I saw this Aragorn in a cave I would carefully set my bag of gold on the ground and back away slowly. Compare it to literally any of the other Aragorns and even Hercules-build Aragorn from the core set is way more kingly and noble than this cave dweller. I would vote this as being the worst art in the game and if I get around to overcoming my disappointment with this Aragorn I’ll definitely be using an Alt-Art. It doesn’t help that there is no Anduril guarded attachment either. My wife has loved playing with all the Aragorn’s before and is outright disappointed that this is the latest and potentially final iteration. Alright rant over and moving on. 
    Bond of Friendship, now this card is exciting. Many decks are already tri-sphere, Hobbits, Rohan, Silvan, Gondor to make a few so being able to add a fourth hero in exchange for some deck-building restrictions is an amazing deal. Absolutely love the possibilities with this card, and while it may feel geared towards hobbits and low threat heroes I’m much more interested in taking it into the 40s and starting out with 4 powerful characters ready to crush the forces of Sauron. Bring on the valour abilities and easily my second favourite contract behind three hunters.
    Overall player cards 7/10
    Hero 2/10 
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    Felswrath got a reaction from General_Grievous in THE FORTRESS OF NURN Player Cards   
    I love Spirit Aragorn (Ladagorn)! He may not be the most powerful hero, but he is definitely better than Argalad who he is obviously has a similar ability to. Argalad is in effect questing with attack, while Ladagorn is using willpower. So you can give him a Silver Circlet and Unexpected Courage to have him be a beast of a quester! 
    Thorongil is great with MotK! Bilbo can come in for 4 threat and grab a spare pipe for the hitpoints and an attachment. Then either of the hero abilities are great additions!
    Pippin with Lore Pippin's ability is great for card draw and ensuring his abilities work.
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    Felswrath reacted to MikeGracey in THE FORTRESS OF NURN Player Cards   
    A little late but here are some of my thoughts.
    Aragorn - I think he is actually good despite some of the communities disappointment. His threat is high and his ability is exactly mirrored by Argalads, making him less exciting. But he is splashable and I love that. His traits are good too. He is in sphere for silver circlet and unexpected courage, which can make him a questing beast.
    Shining Shield - love it. Fits right in my gondor valour deck. Put this and valiant sword on boromir and Imrahil. Also great for gimli and Theoden.
    KotE - great in a dunedain deck. People have said the dunedain allies are too expensive; I wager this card will fix that. 
    Rohirrim Lancer - 2 willpower for 3 cost on a non-unique? Great, but amazing with Lothiriel. Put Gamling out and do it every round.
    Valiant Steed - a little pricy, not too many good targets. Gimli maybe.
    Haleth - very good, 2 willpower and some card draw. If you can afford it, play it.
    Woodman lore - its ok. Nothing too great.
    MM journeyman - hes good. That 1 htp makes me nervous but he is easy to play.
    Perilous Journey - so cool. Risky, but the effect is powerful. Love the high risk, high reward feel.
    BoF - this contract looks good. I am surprised at how many people think its not that powerful. Hobbits will be best with it, followed by Dwarves. I don't think the limitations are hard to build around at all.
    All in all, a good pack. Not quite what I expected for the final, but I think Caleb Grace has done a great job on this cycle/game, and I applaud his hard work.
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    Felswrath got a reaction from Paladin Ignatius in Expansions...   
    It also seems like it wants to have a The Mandalorian expansion.
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    Felswrath reacted to EBerling in Land of Sorrow - Remaining Cards   
    I've played a lot of Radagast-Eagles prior to Gwaihir being spoiled, and I've played a lot of Gwaihir-Hero since.

    He's definitely a solid hero, and the eagle archetype is potent, though I too was really really hoping for a Tactics Eagle attachment to help out (I would have bet big on a "The Wind-Lord" title). 

    Elrond/Hirgon + Radagast + Gwaihir  are the builds I've tried most.  I've only had a problem readying Gwaihir in one game out of about two dozen, but quests that are particularly harsh about discarding your hand and/or your resources have the potential to leave Gwaihir totally out to pasture.  Otherwise, I've found he's very easy to ready 2-3 times per turn (ready in Planning Phase by playing an Eagle, Ready after questing through Hirgon/Vilya/Emmissary, then ready during combat as a Winged Guardian or Vassal leaves play.  Then sprinkle in Meneldor's Flight / Flight of the Eagles / Born Aloft / Gwaihir's Debt / (Sneak Attack if you want to mess with getting Leadership access) as needed for extra readies.

    The basic archetype is good. though the deck does basically build itself for better or worse (e.g. I use the exact same 3x every eagle ally except for a singleton Landroval as has already been posted here).  It can really struggle with Threat if it doesn't set up some plays of Gandalf, it can be a bit lacking in questing Willpower, and it has no cancellation/control against Treacheries (unless you go the Elrond+Vilya for Test of Will route).  As such, it's got some weaknesses in particular quests, especially 1-Handed.

    But it's certainly a viable archetype, and Hero-Gwaihir is nice as a hero.  With Gwaihir + Radagast, you basically have two heroes that will almost always quest and still be readied for combat.  It's viable.  But I don't really find Gwaihir Hero versions to be a lot more powerful than versions with some other Tactics hero (e.g. Legoas/Eowyn/Beorn/Grimbeorn) and Gwaihir ally, since Gwaihir Ally is a great ally that is the only way in sphere to get recursion on eagles that have discarded themselves in the early game.  Eagles are still probably much less powerful and less flexible than, say, the Silvan Archetype which is probably it's closest relative, so it'd be nice to see an attachment someday in the vein of something like the Elven-King or O Loien!, especially since so many themes have something (even Harad has Khaliel's Headress).
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    Felswrath reacted to MikeGracey in Land of Sorrow - Remaining Cards   
    Yeah Horn of the Mark felt big for Rohan. When I listened to that episode, I thought he was referring to the Horn of the Mark specifically, and also the muster of Rohan
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    Felswrath reacted to dalestephenson in Land of Sorrow - Remaining Cards   
    It'd be downright great against Assault on Osgiliath if it worked on unique locations too.
    There's some decent targets in Emyn Muil.
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    Felswrath reacted to Alonewolf87 in Land of Sorrow - Remaining Cards   
    Assault on Osgiliath could also be good since all the locations have only 1-2 threat.
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    Felswrath reacted to dalestephenson in Land of Sorrow - Remaining Cards   
    Fate of Numenor might be a good target for this card.  The mechanics replace the Lost Island in staging when they become active locations -- but this *discards* the location, permanently reducing the number of Lost Islands in staging.  At 2 threat, the Lost Island will hit on anything but the two 1-threat surgers.
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    Felswrath got a reaction from Adaepholn in How good is...? - A new youtube series   
    The Red Book is insane! That is totally going to revitalize Hobbit decks and make them fantastic at questing. Bilbo's Plan seems like a cheaper, but more situational form of Wait No Longer.
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    Felswrath reacted to Alonewolf87 in How good is...? - A new youtube series   
    Cool, lucky you!
    Speaking of the not already spoiled cards Hobbit Archer (with a return of the old Archer trait not seen since the Core Set, a blast from the past) and The Red Book are quite good I think. Bilbo's Plan on the other hand seems too convoluted and possibly negative as an effect. Smoke and Think could be a really good card making Pipe decks kinda viable since getting to 2-3 pipes is not so hard especially with the new Spare Pipe going on any character (and searching for an event to get Smoke and Think even faster).
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    Felswrath reacted to Zura in How good is...? - A new youtube series   
    I got the Land of Sorrow and for a change i decided to try doing an unboxing video. Enjoy!
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    Felswrath got a reaction from RogueSeventeen in Think we'll get the last spoiler article anytime soon?   
    Obviously things have changed from the way they had been being released, but the articles were usually coming out a little before or after the expansion two before it came out. At that rate, we should expect it within a week radius of the official release of Under Ash Mountains. If that still holds, we could see it anywhere between late May and early July.
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    Felswrath reacted to Bertie Wooster in Wave 4 Confirms that Armada is Dead   
    My favorite necro is when someone asked a question in 2015 about spending engineering points then posted again 4 years later, thanking everyone for answering his question. 
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    Felswrath reacted to player3351457 in Possible Vengeance of Mordor Player cards spoiled?   
    I have on good authority that...
    1) is coming in pack 6 and that it is radically different that what anyone has been proposing so far.
    4) is coming in pack 6 but people have correctly guessed it
    8.) no word on this one either way
    2,3,5,6,7 have been resolved.
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    Felswrath reacted to GreenLeader in My rebel fleet, sector France   
    Thanks/Merci Kaashifar! 
    Not so many reactions. 🙄 I may have stunt you all guys ! 🤣🤣 I admit that pictures are not in my favour. I'll make new ones  when all will be finished.
    Anyway, it won't stop me !
    My job of the last week :
    The CR 70 Sundered Heart from Mel miniatures. Blue, like the sky since the Covid has come...


    The corvette DP 20. (Same)


    My second MC 30.


    Hammerheads task force GreenLeader : (Still from Mel.)



    And all these ships together:

    And my job of this Week : (Yeah, two weeks without update but it took a moment for the moderation to authorize my thread)
    The space station : (from LinoB's Corporation Shipyards ^^)


    And Dutch, Gold, Luke, Wedge, and Rogue squads



    Enjoy ! 🙂
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    Felswrath reacted to Fantasty in Top 5 player cards you still want   
    I'm incredibly happy with the card pool we have at the moment and there aren't a whole lot of deck types I think are still severely under supported. That being said, there are two themes I think could still use some love: Rohan and Dunedain.
    For Rohan, while The Muster of Rohan is already a step in the right direction, I think the Mount theme within Rohan is still not visibie enough. It would be really cool to have a Mount attachment that could go on allies, so you could run more Mount cards in a Rohan deck and get more value out of flavourful cards like Charge of the Rohirrim. I would therefore love to see the following cards:
    Since it's highly likely that the hero in the last pack will be Spirit Aragorn, I think the above cards would fit in nicely in terms of lore and mechanics. Speaking of Spirit Aragon, I would love for him to be as follows:
    This is supposed to represent Aragorn after the events of the Return of the King when he is crowned King of Gondor. I think his change in traits reflects that, and his ability also signifies how he is able to potentially bring all races and factions together. It's also nice support for Dunedain decks, whose allies are notoriously overpriced.
    To play into the high cost of Dunedain allies, and to represent their elite status and versatility on and off the battlefield, I would also love to see the following card:
    I think this helps make some of the Dunedain allies feel as powerful as they are meant to be, plus it rewards you for playing those high cost allies in the first place. Additionally, it makes Dunedain decks worth playing without having to fit in 10+ cards just to keep enemies engaged to trigger all their abilities, as this card is reward enough on its own.
    I think a lot of these cards would thematically fit the last pack of this cycle so I actually have good hope that some of them are printed in some form or another. At the very least it would make sense that we would get some final Dunedain support if Aragorn is indeed the last hero.
    Curious to hear your thoughts!
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