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  1. I'm looking to start a game up in the next couple of months. I've got people from all around and was wondering what is the best platform to use. I initially just thought of FaceTime or Skype or something along those lines, but that doesn't allow for a map. What is the best system for online play?
  2. Felswrath

    The Fate of Wilderland

    So now that we have an Istari with a sphere, what do you think Hero Saruman would be? Tactics I'd say is right out. Lore seems like the perfect sphere for Istari, but Radagast has that sphere already, so I think that decreases the chances. Leadership could make sense as he is the head of the Istari and the White Council. Spirit could potentially work as well, but I think the fact that he will likely raise threat like his ally card will rule this out as Spirit is great at threat reduction. Neural could still work too.
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    I agree that I don't think this game should or will have tons of expansions. That said, I could very easily see one or two that allow for 5-6 players plus more characters and purchasable items (blasters, ships, etc.).
  4. Felswrath

    Young Han and Chewy

    I actually really like how they look like a cross between Solo and the OT versions of the characters.
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    It also seems like it wants to have a The Mandalorian expansion.
  6. Felswrath

    Interdictor on Sale!

    First I got the Victory for about $18 (I still needed that expansion) Then I bought an Interdictor for $16 which I traded at my flgs for a Profundidty, then I got an Interdictor for $13 for keeps!
  7. Felswrath

    Have We Sunk to a New Low?

    I understand that things don't always make sense here. I only made it through Ithilien thanks to Treebeard crushing Haradrim! I was just having some fun. I also misread Thror's Ring as Thorin's Ring, so I figured that the heroes had hired Gollum to bite it off Thorin's dead hand or something like that.
  8. We are now desecrating tombs of our heroes for their gear! In this current wave we have received Orcrist and now Thorin's Ring. Is this not really disturbing and dark? Now admittedly they are guarded by enemies and locations, so presumably they were stolen by orcs and the likes. Which begs the question: What have the dwarves of Erebor been doing? Why has the King Under the Mountain's casket been stolen and the possessions buried with him drifting around Middle Earth? It bothers me leastwise!
  9. I don't own all of the books, but I don't think this mod exists (please correct me if I'm wrong). My thoughts Attach to a pistol or carbine with the Inacurate ability. Ability: Reduce the Inaccurate ability of this weapon by 1. Mod options: 1 reduce Inaccurate ability by 1 mod. 1 Reduce Cumbersome by 1 mod Rarity: 3 Cost: 500 credits Too overpowered? Too expensive? Thoughts on a better representation?
  10. Felswrath

    Removable Stock

    What about changing the cumbersome quality to accurate +1. Or any other mods that make sense?
  11. I have an idea for an interesting campaign set approximately 4 BBY. I want the overarching villain of my campaign to be the Senator that is sympathetic towards the Rebel Cell that the PC's will be in. I want him to truly be rebellious, but I want him to also be free of much Imperial suspicion. The idea began with Saw Guererra and the Partisans who have no problem doing whatever it takes to harm the Empire, even endangering civilians. I figured that worked well, so let's go even further, I want a character who is totally amoral!! So here's my thought, the Senator is a major figure in the cell, of course because of his position, he can not have any direct contact, but the Cell members know where the money is coming from and who's pulling strings, and leaking info, etc. The Empire also knows that he is doing this, but they think that he is a double agent, because the Senator has no qualms getting the PCs' friends in the cell arrested or killed, or even informing the Empire as to the secret whereabouts of the PCs' wives and children so the same can happen to them! In reality, the Senator is not a double agent, but he is totally amoral and knows that he can stir up enough outrage against the Empire and spark rebellion that he doesn't care what eggs he has to crack in the process. And whenever an Imperial starts to suspect the Senator, the Cell knows when, where, and how to eliminate a prominent Imperial! What do you think, could this work?
  12. Is that a Dreadnought right below the CR-90 under the Falcon?
  13. Felswrath

    Do we really want a 2.0?

    Armada Legacy! Who else wants to buy Liberties across the faction line just so that we can rip up Spinal Armament!!!!
  14. Felswrath

    Is This Believable?

    Okay, so I don't want to drop the whole amoral aspect, and there is a clarification I'd make. The Senator is interacting with local Imperials he isn't garnering attention from the Empire at large. As the story goes along, the cell learns who it is that's betraying them and distance themselves from him. As a result, the Imperials that were receiving rebels from him can no longer please their higher ups and so they turn on the senator. So the senator reaches out to the cell. Now the PCs have a tough decision. Do they rescue this man who has caused them such pain? Do they leave him to the Imperials and risk that he talks to save his skin? Do they assassinate him to prevent him from talking instead of rescuing him?
  15. Felswrath

    Is this a Dreadnought Cruiser in ROTJ?

    I guess it was just the "overbite" that I was noticing.
  16. Felswrath

    Is this a Dreadnought Cruiser in ROTJ?

    If you are referring to the one behind the Home One, I'd agree with you. I'm talking about the one that's "North West" of there.
  17. Without considering how good or bad the content of the books is, what are your favorite book titles in the full RPG Line? For me it's: 1. Under A Black Sun 2. Forged in Battle 3. Friends Like These 4. Age of Rebellion Edge of the Empire would have made the list with one change: Edge of An Empire would have been a much better title in my opinion.
  18. Felswrath

    Is this a Dreadnought Cruiser in ROTJ?

    I don't have a way of editing the photo. It's the one closest to the bottom left corner. I'm not so sure myself, but it is interesting. Could have possibly been an inspiration for the Dreadnought.
  19. Felswrath

    Rise of the Separatists Era Book

    What are the droids that we saw from the Republic and Seperatist npc card pack?
  20. Theorizing and maybe wishful thinking here. 2017 got us Force Awakens Starters. 2018 got us OT starters. Following the pattern, 2019 would be Prequel starters. Additionally, with no new content coming out late 2018 for either OT or ST, and with the final season of Clone Wars coming, this may not be a bad time for PT. From what I've seen, CW is better liked by the fans than the PT was, so if we get CW boxes my guesses for characters are: Obi-wan or Ahsoka and Rex or Cody. And for Villains: Count Dooku or Ventress and Super Battle Droid If we get more of a traditional PT theme, I could see Anakin or Mace Windu and Clone Officer. With the Villains having Dooku or Darth Maul and Battle Droid Officer or Super Battle Droid. Thoughts? Are these accurate? Is PT/CW totally off? What would you like/think we will see?
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    I am about to start a campaign set at the end of the Clone Wars about a squad of ARC Troopers. Most of the era weapons have been portrayed with the exception of the DC-17 (Captain Rex's pistol). Wookieepedia says it's a heavy blaster pistol and better than the DC-15c Carbine in every respect. This is due to its portrayal in BF 2004 as the commando pistol. Based on the use in The Clone Wars, I'm thinking it's more of a light blaster pistol with accurate (How much would it cost to add that trait? I don't own Special Modifications yet.) . What do you think? How would this weapon be portrayed?
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    Just saw Red's profile in DoR. Blaster pistol with superior! I'm not paying 10,000+ credits for a pair of these! Sheesh!
  23. Felswrath

    Less iconic Imperial starfighters

    V-wing is your best bet. If there are stats for them, Eta 2s were used by regular pilots, unless it was common practice to have 192 Jedi on a Venator!