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  1. In theory, the scenario packs would be a really easy way to continue going forward, but the problem is I don't think there are any places explored in the game as well as Mirkwood and Moria were.
  2. From my memory, Caleb said in a Cardtalk episode that they were planning on doing a Rhun cycle when they were told that it would be the final cycle. So it is entirely possible that some things were already planned, but it seems unlikely to me that this ability was on another Dunadan and just stitched onto Aragorn. It just seems to generic of an ability. But who knows?
  3. Spirit Aragorn is not one of the most obvious heroes to use like Saruman and Lotheriel, but with the right build, he could be a phenomenal hero! He wants Silver Circlet, Unexpected Courage, Thorongil could be good. In a Grey Wanderer deck, Strider is great too. I could see Silver Lamp being really good too.
  4. Was it just me, or were you not raising your threat by 1 at the beginning of the refresh phase? Thank You, though, I love hearing other players' games!
  5. I love Spirit Aragorn (Ladagorn)! He may not be the most powerful hero, but he is definitely better than Argalad who he is obviously has a similar ability to. Argalad is in effect questing with attack, while Ladagorn is using willpower. So you can give him a Silver Circlet and Unexpected Courage to have him be a beast of a quester! Thorongil is great with MotK! Bilbo can come in for 4 threat and grab a spare pipe for the hitpoints and an attachment. Then either of the hero abilities are great additions! Pippin with Lore Pippin's ability is great for card draw and ensuring his abilities work.
  6. That episode came out 4 weeks after Challenge of the Wainriders. It's possible, but I feel I'm at least reasonably hopeful that we'll get at least 1 more card. Now he could have been talking about MotK which gave us Hero Gamling as well as a bunch if other Rohan heroes.
  7. The last time he was on Cardtalk, which was after Challenge of the Wainriders hit, he said that they are really trying to make Rohan a top tier archetype this cycle and that the new cards that are yet unspoiled will help with that. At the moment, the main thing they need is healing. We got some needed card draw already.
  8. Unless we get them both in pack 6, it also appears that we will not be getting leadership and spirit guarded cards. A leadership guarded enemy card that focuses on defense could have really helped out Dunedain. We also still don't have any more Rohan cards as Caleb said she would. Pack 6 will have to have it.
  9. The Red Book is insane! That is totally going to revitalize Hobbit decks and make them fantastic at questing. Bilbo's Plan seems like a cheaper, but more situational form of Wait No Longer.
  10. Obviously things have changed from the way they had been being released, but the articles were usually coming out a little before or after the expansion two before it came out. At that rate, we should expect it within a week radius of the official release of Under Ash Mountains. If that still holds, we could see it anywhere between late May and early July.
  11. That could become a little too overpowered I feel. I intentionally designed the card to get better with multiple players using Rohan. Rohan can be very powerful by virtue of having lots of effects that spill over to other Rohan players like Hero Elfhelm, Astonishing Speed, Eomund, and Spirit Eowyn. Astonishing Speed paired with Eomund can result in insane amounts of willpower because all Rohan characters in play get +2 willpower and are then ready for the combat phase. If Veteran of the Fords drew one card for each Rohan character, one layer could easily draw a tremendous portion of their deck very quickly.
  12. In his last appearance on Cardtalk, Caleb said that there would be more in this cycle to help make Rohan a top tear archetype. Their main problems have been lack of card draw and healing resulting from the fact that they have virtually no Lore cards. Here's my guess at an ally who would help with card draw, and resulting from lack of healing. Veteran of the Fords Cost 3 Leadership 0 willpower 2 attack 2 defense 2-3 hitpoints Response: When Veteran of the Fords enters play, choose a player. That player may draw 1 card for each damaged Rohan character. Thematically, this would represent Grimbold's forces who stalled Isengard while the rest of the Rohirrim traveled to Helm's Deep.
  13. It wouldn't be the most exciting, but I kind of want to see them do a reworking of The Morgul Vale. "We've done this once before, Ulchor, let's do it again!"
  14. What do you suppose we'll actually see? I'd say it's definite that we'll defeat Thane Ulchor and use the encounter set that includes his guards. It might be interesting to see Khamul the Easterling again, too. I'd imagine the setting would be Ulchor's fortress, but Barad-Dur would be a close second for the final location. Any ideas as to what the mechanics might be?
  15. I would love to see a goofy Shire mission. Back in the day, I had suggested (and I'd still love to see it) a scenario in which we have to help Farmer Maggot guard his fields from thieving young Hobbits. The Big Bad of the scenario would be a young Frodo Baggins!
  16. I wonder if Beorn would let people ride on his back in bear form? lol
  17. I was thinking that an idea like this would be great seeing as we have only one non-Saga quests in Rohan. I'd personally prefer the battle at the Fords of Isen where Theodred dies, though.
  18. What would be the top 5 PODs that you would want to see, but probably won't because of the hiatus. GenCon 2020 The Citadel of the Stars: First Competitive Gondor pack (Focus on Osgiliath) Alt Art Tactics Beregond Fellowship 2021 The Contested Forest: Second Competitive Gondor pack (Focus Ithilien) Alt Art Spirit Frodo GenCon 2021 The Scouring of the Shire Alt Art Sam Gamgee Fellowship 2022 The Battle of Dale (Epic mode quest) Alt Art Dain Ironfoot GenCon 2022 The Assault of Cair Andros (Epic mode quest) Alt Art Gandalf
  19. My mistake, I thought it was only for playing mounts on Eometh.
  20. I love the look of this guy! I always include Leadership Elfhelm in my Rohan Fellowships, and this guy fits right in the build! Only thing that I would note is that his second ability (with the current card pool) has no effect. All mounts can attach to either Rohan, Spirit, or Sentinel heroes with the exception of Trait specific Mounts like Asfolath or Hobbit Pony.
  21. These would somewhat be more aimed at the less devoted player. Such as the one who wants to run the very effective 3 Hammerheads without having to buy 2 packs of the Hammerhead expansion to do so. I also paint my ships, but that doesn't mean that all players do, and they may want alternate paint schemes. Ultimately, I doubt this will ever happen.
  22. One of my favorite expansion types from X-Wing 1.0 was the Aces packs. These would take old fighters that had fallen behind in usability and offer them some useful upgrades to make them better suited for the current game. They also had new paint schemes. I know we'll never get them (They have done a much better job of adding upgrades to new content like RitR, Arquitenz, and Imperial Light Carrier, expansions.), apart from the Chimera Expansion that effectively was this. But what would you include in an Aces pack? Rebel Aces 1 Hammerhead with a blue and white paint scheme like the CR-90's from Sato's fleet. 1 MC-30 with a paint scheme like the MC-75. 1 copy of each of the generic titles: TFA, TFO, and MCDF (THis would make it easier for players to get three copies of these titles without having to buy repeats of content. About 17 other cards that are a mix of unique titles and other helpful upgrades. A more expensive beefed up ship card for each to add a third variant. Imperial Aces 1 Arquitenz with battle damage paint scheme. 1 Gladiator with markings to designate it as being part of the 7th Fleet. 1 Copy of 7th Fleet 3 Copies of a generic title called Outer Rim Defense Force that hurts ship to ship combat, but increases Anti-Squadron Combat. About 16 more Upgrades A Stripped Down, Remnant of the Republic/ Backwater variant of Arquitenz. A Prototype Gladiator with more dice in the sides, and fewer in the front.
  23. We always said @@ growing up, though I see the logic behind AT-AT. In Rogue One, Pao says, "Karabast! @@!" when he sees an AT-ACT. Ultimately, I see it as AT-AT is the official Imperial abbreviation, while @@ is a slang form.
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