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  1. It seems like a good place to end the game to be honest, but I hope they at least continue releasing reprints for a bit. Do others know what the precedent is for that? Did Star Wars LCG continue getting reprints for a bit after it was discontinued?
  2. The PODs have given us some of the most unique scenarios from grand sieges to murder mysteries to dungeon crawls. Now with what appears to be the darkest cycle on our hands, I think that next years GenCon POD should be a total juxtaposition. Here's the image! The year is somewhere between 2978 and 2988 (certainly within the timeframe of the game). The setting Farmer Maggot's Fields. Your quest: help Farmer Maggot stop rabbits and crows and pesky young hobbits from stealing his crops! And the big bad at the end of the scenario is young Frodo Baggins!
  3. I won't be getting my copy till Saturday when I'll be teaching a friend. Do any of the scenarios seem like they could work as intro scenarios, or are they pretty rough?
  4. Yes I feel the same way! I came into the game during the Haradrim Cycle, but didn't start collecting the Ered Mithrin Cycle till Ghost of Framsburg.
  5. I know almost all the packs I'm looking for are either shipping or on the boat. I'll have to wait till a further reprinting because there's no way I can afford these all now!
  6. I use penny sleeves... DON'T HIT ME!!! I'm on a limited budget, and I want to be able to sleeve everything including encounter cards, so I don't have many other options. I know I could do a binder and just sleeve what i'm using, but I really hate using binders for cards.
  7. Does anyone know what Cirith Gurat means? My best guess from what research I've done is Pass of Death. Presumably Gur comes from Guru (death).
  8. "Master of the forge reads, "Action: Exhaust Master of the Forge to search the top 5 cards of your deck for any 1 attachment and add it to your hand. Shuffle the other cards back into your deck." This strikes me as an odd phrasing. Does this mean that you get to look through the top 5 cards of your deck and if there are any attachments, you can add 1 to your hand? Or does it mean that you can search for 1 specific attachment (Forest Snare, Burning Brand, etc.) if it is in the top 5 cards you can add it to your hand?
  9. There will likely not be a contract in this set. The announcement article for A Shadow in the East stated that there will be 29 player cards (this does not include heroes). This would be 9 sets of three plus two more cards. One is the Ring, the other is presumably the contract. This would suggest that contracts do not come in sets of three. We know of 4 allies, and 3 events so far. We'll see what the other cards are.
  10. Female dwarves do exist. So it is a possibility. If we get ent wives, I'd prefer them as objective allies. Since they were seemingly missing, I wouldn't want them in regular play. That's just me, though.
  11. It seems to me that there'll be some Fond of cards here based on the cover art. We'll see. Maybe a tactics ally or hero? We haven't had any FFG created male Gondor hero have we?
  12. Mountain of Fire is what caught my eye. That's the last one I need for the LoTR Saga!
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