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  1. Felswrath

    What SHOULD Royal Guards Fly?

    I agree with the Defender, I just view those as extremely rare. Not that Royal Guards are a dime a dozen.
  2. The lore has had the Emperor's Royal Guard in Tie Ins (Tie Interceptors). To me this doesn't feel right. These fighters are very fast, and deadly, but kind of Squishy. To me the ship that fits them more is the Tie Advanced. It can take a good beating and is still deadly. This feels more like what Royal Guards would fly to me. What do others think?
  3. Felswrath

    Next week will be our week!

    It may not be next week, but I think we're being ridiculous if we think that the game's dead. X-wing, FFG's biggest game, is getting a redo and they definitely want Legion to rival it, and it honestly is probably the only game they've released that could. Ramada is a great game, and they know that. But it doesn't bring in the money that the others have the potential for. I would say as long as Piett is not in Armada, FFG won't be done with the game.
  4. Felswrath

    New Core box, and more

    Looks like it was that page. It was quoted in Lord of the Rings LCG Players.
  5. Felswrath

    New Core box, and more

    Everybody on the FB page is convinced it's a joke at any rate. I think it's the sizes of everything that's not real.
  6. Felswrath

    New Core box, and more

    This is a hoax everyone! It was all Photoshop!
  7. Felswrath

    New Core box, and more

    My flgs has the old sized boxes. Should I pick one up as an investment, or will this not affect the price of the last edition?
  8. I just got this scenario and I'm having a lot of fun with it! But I came to an interesting result. After I finished the quest, I had 10 villagers on each objective. Rescued villagers says you win if you have more tokens on it than on Dead villagers. Dead villagers says the opposite. So what happens if there's a tie?
  9. Felswrath

    Bucket List

    Well we just had a return to Mirkwood, so I can keep my hopes up!
  10. Felswrath

    Bucket List

    In addition to Istari and Eagles, I want: 1) Easterling Enemies (like a whole bunch instead of a couple here a couple there) 2) Half Trolls from Far Harad 3) Allies of Aragorn, Eowyn, Eomer, Merry, Pippin, and Beregond's son. 4) Scouring of the Shire 5) Stand alone $40 box where you get to be Nazgul and Black Numenorians terrorizing Middle Earth. 6) More Osgiliath!
  11. Felswrath

    Bucket List

    Let's put it this way. I held off on this game (which I love) because of how bad SW LCG was! My main complaint was the use of sets. Instead of choosing 50 cards or however many most CCGs use, a deck consisted of 10 sets of 6 cards each. So if you want to take Darth Vader, then you have to get the three cruddy cards that come in his set too!
  12. Felswrath

    New Amazon Show

    Threw me off there Shipwreck! I didn't think anybody else used this avatar!
  13. Felswrath

    Clone Wars pbp

    I honestly don't recall the rationale behind that. Because they were controlled by Dooku maybe?
  14. Felswrath

    Do we know the exact content of the core box?

    Very true. I was writing from the standpoint of trying to be somewhat pared back in spending.
  15. Felswrath

    Do we know the exact content of the core box?

    Impact Grenades and Grappling Hooks are in the Snowtrooper, and Rebel Navy Trooper expansion. Id just wait for those.