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  1. It's easy! Kill a scout trooper. They have sniper rifles.
  2. Norse Hound, I wouldn't change a word! I think the Separatists would have joined the Rebellion, but have been more like Garm Bel Iblis in that they would only have been loosely attached.
  3. Cluster Bombs!
  4. We would have to have more ships released in option 2 manner first, but when enough are released, I could see them releasing some thing like Most Wanted from X wing. An expansion that had all of the cards necessary to convert old ships to the new faction. So Imperials could use Arquitens, but so could the Republic.
  5. They would be used at Jakku for the same reason Thrawn used Victory SDS in the old EU: we'll take what ever we've got!
  6. Technological advances are a common discussion here. About a year ago there was an entire thread based on the subject. The conclusion that was reached was that there have not been a lot of technological advances in the sixtyish years that the saga has been spread across. In all probability, an Arc 170 from the Clone wars era and a T-70 X wing would be able to duel without a land slide for the one. Technology hasn't changed much, but design paradigms have. The Republic allowed for individualism in its army. The CIS focused on mass production. The Empire wanted to have uniformity and a lack of individualism. The Rebels wanted Hit and run type capital ships, but understood the value of their snub fighter pilots, and for this reason gave them better fighters. And I hated TFA, so I never researched their stuff.
  7. With 33 Rebel Squadrons and 35 Imperial Squadrons (once wave 7 hits). I don't think we're going to need squad packs for a little while. While I fear Sequel Trilogy ships are coming, I sure hope they don't. I'd like to see either a Vindicator or an Acclamator Class SD in Wave 8. Something that is in the same class size as a Gladiator, but with more range. For Rebels, I want the DP 20. Excluding the GR-75s (which are their own thing as flotillas) the Rebs haven't had a $20 ship since wave 1!!!
  9. There are a multitude, probably more than can be counted, of threads about what ships people want to come to the game. They usually all end the same way: Super Star Destroyers, Wingless Liberty, Vindicator SD, Corellian Gunship, etc. So lets turn the tables! I'm going to ask the exact opposite: What ship do you wish had never been produced by FFG? I am not a competitive player, so for me appearance is huge! While it makes itself into almost all of my fleets (mainly due to a small collection), I hate the Assault Frigate mk II. It is a ship that had almost no appearances in EU, so no points there. It looks like a potato, or 'Space whale' as my opponent often calls it. The Rebel mindset is typically Hit and Run, so when I think Rebel ships, I think slim, sleek ships, not lumbering starches! Had FFG gone with the AF mk I (one of my favorite Rebel ships), I would have been more than happy, but Gosh do I hate the Space Whale!
  10. So I came to the realization that I am spending way too much on games. Therefore, I promised myself that I will not buy anymore for myself this calendar year. On top of this, I will put whatever I spend on games in my savings account next year. So if I get 2 flotilla, then I must also put $40 in my S. Account, etc. And then my FLGS has to go and restock on Armada plus offer a buy one get one 50% off sale. Why?!! And on top of this I am way behind and actually able to get where I want to be! Why now?!!!!
  11. In character creation, one of my players decided that his Duros is allergic to clothing and must be a nudist as a result. On top of this the character has the same physic of the player's girlfriend's brother! We never let him live this down! Admittedly the clothing allergy has gone away since creation.
  12. Sure, it's easy it play's just like AoR except more organized and uses the black sides of the DPs! In my campaign (3BBY) the remnants of the CIS are largely "Rebels" and my cell uses a lot of B1s to man their fleet!
  13. I flew an Ackbar MC 80 Assault cruiser between an Imp II and Demo. I one shorted the Demo and would have gotten the Imperial had I taken a blue die instead of a black from Defiance. Then it colored head on with a Vic 1. Needless to say, it didn't last very long!
  14. This is my first rpg game, so I'm not sure how to GM well. My pcs liked it though, apart from the incessant space mosquitoes!