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  1. Felswrath

    Rise of the Separatists Era Book

    What are the droids that we saw from the Republic and Seperatist npc card pack?
  2. Theorizing and maybe wishful thinking here. 2017 got us Force Awakens Starters. 2018 got us OT starters. Following the pattern, 2019 would be Prequel starters. Additionally, with no new content coming out late 2018 for either OT or ST, and with the final season of Clone Wars coming, this may not be a bad time for PT. From what I've seen, CW is better liked by the fans than the PT was, so if we get CW boxes my guesses for characters are: Obi-wan or Ahsoka and Rex or Cody. And for Villains: Count Dooku or Ventress and Super Battle Droid If we get more of a traditional PT theme, I could see Anakin or Mace Windu and Clone Officer. With the Villains having Dooku or Darth Maul and Battle Droid Officer or Super Battle Droid. Thoughts? Are these accurate? Is PT/CW totally off? What would you like/think we will see?
  3. Felswrath


    Just saw Red's profile in DoR. Blaster pistol with superior! I'm not paying 10,000+ credits for a pair of these! Sheesh!
  4. Felswrath

    Less iconic Imperial starfighters

    V-wing is your best bet. If there are stats for them, Eta 2s were used by regular pilots, unless it was common practice to have 192 Jedi on a Venator!
  5. Felswrath


    @Ghostofman, it's not that I think All Clone Wars gear is superior, I just find the generic weapon system to be kinda boring. I'd rather find ways of distinguishing say the A280 and E11, even if they both qualify as blaster rifles. I just want the DC-17 to be unique.
  6. Felswrath


    I am about to start a campaign set at the end of the Clone Wars about a squad of ARC Troopers. Most of the era weapons have been portrayed with the exception of the DC-17 (Captain Rex's pistol). Wookieepedia says it's a heavy blaster pistol and better than the DC-15c Carbine in every respect. This is due to its portrayal in BF 2004 as the commando pistol. Based on the use in The Clone Wars, I'm thinking it's more of a light blaster pistol with accurate (How much would it cost to add that trait? I don't own Special Modifications yet.) . What do you think? How would this weapon be portrayed?
  7. Felswrath

    New ship, new objective?

    I'd love to see new obstacles in expansions. I don't think any of us need more objective and ID tokens.
  8. Felswrath

    What SHOULD Royal Guards Fly?

    I agree with the Defender, I just view those as extremely rare. Not that Royal Guards are a dime a dozen.
  9. The lore has had the Emperor's Royal Guard in Tie Ins (Tie Interceptors). To me this doesn't feel right. These fighters are very fast, and deadly, but kind of Squishy. To me the ship that fits them more is the Tie Advanced. It can take a good beating and is still deadly. This feels more like what Royal Guards would fly to me. What do others think?
  10. Felswrath

    Next week will be our week!

    It may not be next week, but I think we're being ridiculous if we think that the game's dead. X-wing, FFG's biggest game, is getting a redo and they definitely want Legion to rival it, and it honestly is probably the only game they've released that could. Ramada is a great game, and they know that. But it doesn't bring in the money that the others have the potential for. I would say as long as Piett is not in Armada, FFG won't be done with the game.
  11. Felswrath

    New Core box, and more

    Looks like it was that page. It was quoted in Lord of the Rings LCG Players.
  12. Felswrath

    New Core box, and more

    Everybody on the FB page is convinced it's a joke at any rate. I think it's the sizes of everything that's not real.
  13. Felswrath

    New Core box, and more

    This is a hoax everyone! It was all Photoshop!