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  1. No, but there is a space Netherlands.
  2. I have a minion question. If 1 storm trooper has a frag grenade (limited 1)he throws it end of story. But if I have a squad of 4 stormtroopers, would they all throw their grenades at once, or would they be able to make 4 YYY grenade attacks?
  3. Canon actually is moot. Ten years ago we "had to accept" that the galaxy was attacked by outsiders after RotJ and that Boba Fett kept Greedo's Head in a jar of Bacta on Slave One. Now we "have to accept" that the Empire uses Giraffe-class Star Destroyers and that Boba Fett tracked down Ben of Tattoine. And when the rights to Star Wars go to someone else. All of the stories will be "Legends". Canon is simply a money grab. It's like saying you should buy a new set of encyclopedias every year because there is a new edition. As long as there are Star Wars tie ins, there will be a resetting Canon. Which is ironically oxymoronic!
  4. In regards to sex, I think to keep the Star Wars feel, the old precept "show don't tell" is the best route, we didn't have to have a rated R Return of the Jedi to understand what was going on in Jabba's palace. If you want to have a Crime Lord or Imperial who has a weakness for the women, having some scantily clad Twi'leks in the room will serve to show this to the same extent and keep the Star wars feel of a Family movie that isn't immature. As for the poop jokes, they are only in Episode I, which is undoubtedly the most kid-like of the movies.
  5. Thank you so much Kausoe! I have been looking for a list like this!
  6. I have now had a request for Muuns. Does anybody know of any sources that list where to find species and this one in particular?
  7. If you pay attention, when Obi Wan is escaping Utapau after falling into the sinkhole, you can see the clones arresting the pau'ans. It apparently didn't take the Empire that long!
  8. Thanks! I hadn't caught that wound threshold is also multiplied by 10.
  9. I purchased the AoR core book last weekend and have been looking through it a lot. Today I focused on vehicle combat. FFG did a good job of vehicle vs vehicle combat and vehicle vs infantry combat. However, I could not find infantry vs vehicle combat. They explain the x10 aspect in weapons and armor, which I thought was great, but they don't say one way or the other about hitting a vehicle. If you've ever played Battlefront, you know how hard it can be to hit a fast moving vehicle like a speeder bike or Tie/ln without smart weapons, yet I could not find this in the book. Generally speaking, it won't make much or a difference as shooting one of these with a blaster will barely put a dent in it. The one exception is the speeder bike. It does not benefit from the x10 rule. Therefore, if a pc can get close enough, he should have no problem blowing up a speeder with a punch with brass knuckles! Am I missing something? If not how, as GM, should I fix this, should the situation arrise? Secondly, can a character shoot a pilot of a speeder bike, land speeder, or other similar vehicle?
  10. Thank you very much.
  11. I purchased the AotR core rulebook yesterday. I've been trying to understand duty. It says that when a groups combined duty reaches 100 they get a reward, yet I have not been able to figure out how they gain Duty. Could someone direct me to where I can find this information?
  12. I'm in the exact same boat, except their friends not students. I've found mixing both games works fine. I would play the RotE story, but let it be a little looser. Currently Pash has been captured by Imperials after a failed attempt to shoot up Space Port Control, and the Wookiee has been Shanghaied by the Rebels! If there's any problem with this number of players I don't know what it is?
  13. I am new to the game and roleplaying in general. I have recently purchased the beginner games for EotE and AoR. My group will keep a story going with these for a month or two until I can save up for the books to be able to play actual the game. My initial purchase schedule would have been both of the core books out of the get go and the respective career books down the road. However, one of my players wants to have a Mando character. Do I have to buy any source books for this, or will I be fine with just the core books?
  14. We might get some transition pieces, bit otherwise, I expect it to remain with those two types.
  15. I think you're right. FFG is most likely going to release something that casual fans can buy at the store and not have to purchase another box to buy. This means either a stand alone or a core set.