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  1. What will Wave 8 bring?

    I know we won't, but I'd love to see the DP 20 Corellian Gunship. I don't know how they'd differ from Hammerheads though. Maybe longer range?
  2. What will Wave 8 bring?

    I'm not going to argue about how it would fit scale wise in the game, but I would put money down we'll see the Executor soon. My reasoning being that we do not have Piett yet. We have blink and miss officers, but not one of the most famous who commanded the aforementioned ship. Suspicious! On another note, I would like to see an Aces pack like X Wing has. Especially one that makes some of the less played ships more viable. Ie. A title that makes raiders more anti squadron oriented either through inclusion of better defense tokens or some other means. And the same for Neb Bs which I am told only really see play with either the Salvation or Yavaris title.
  3. Home One Model

    I respect that! I usually hate this troll. I just couldn't help myself this time! The title called for it.
  4. Home One Model

    That's what she said! It was inevitable!
  5. Politicians have to be dark side users. Sorry.
  6. Pick a ship for an Inquisitor

    X wing. It's the last thing their expecting!
  7. Does blast effect your original target?

    If I throw a grenade at a squad of three minions, could I use blast to add more damage to the group since they are engaged with the target? Or is the entire group considered a target?
  8. What are cluster missles as the Raider 1 is said to have?
  9. After reading the description of Heavy Blaster Rifles, I feel that it doesn't match the mechanics portrayal of the weapon. Unless I'm reading it incorrectly, this blaster is a semi-automatic weapon with high damage output. Therefore, wouldn't accuracy or pierce make more sense on the weapon than auto fire. Now someone will likely say that DLT 19 and RT90c are heavy blaster rifles and they are fully automatic. It should be noted that this game uses the old portrayal of the weapons in which the aforementioned weapons are more like the T 21 in Battlefront, and the T 21 is like the DLT 19 in Battlefront. Am I missing something? And if not what ability would be a fair balance for autofire on this weapon: pierce 2? Accurate 1?
  10. Taming Creatures

    It is in Stay on Target. A hard Survival check upgraded x times where x is the creature's willpower. It takes about a week with advantages, triumphs, disadvantages, etc. changing the time required.
  11. Rebel Variety

    I've never modded these kind of things, but it looks to me that it would be really easy to chop and recement the heads on these guys. So you could have a Duros Z-6 guy or a Duros At-rt driver. Plus don't Duros have a bit of variety in skin color from blue to green?
  12. Vests over armor.

    So as a house rule would be op?
  13. Vests over armor.

    Where are you citing this from? I thought I had rembered hearing that, but I couldn't find it in the AoR CRB.
  14. Obviously characters can't be wearing two sets of laminate armor, but can pcs wear a vest over another non-vest armor and combine their abilities and soak at the loss of encumbrance reduction?
  15. Black and White Cookies

    So a dark side user can use either and a light side user can do the same?