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    eliteone reacted to codytx2 in Happy Friday you crazy Wookies   
    Boarding party. Sabotage a turbolaser, ordnance, or ion cannon upgrade.
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    eliteone reacted to ISD Avenger in The Phantom Squall   
    I’d probably drop something to fit in flight controllers. May as well win that squadron fight!
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    eliteone reacted to Muelmuel in Star Wars Armada fleet fairness   
    I always felt the Assault Frigate II suffered from a bad paint job. If you find some white and black lying around..

    I agree that it is disproportionate to the rest of Armada though. It's wider than the Home One..
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    eliteone reacted to Cleto0 in Optimal BT Avenger setup   
    General ISD stuff: 
    Start them at speed 2 always. You can change your speed round 1 with a nav command that you will use to get an extra tic, so you can go to any speed except 0. I normally stack my commands as either Nav-Nav-Nav and then Con-Con-Nav for both ships. I run Thrawn, so I end up with some squadron commands there.
    Use ECMs. Yes your tokens will eventually get stripped, but you need to have them available even if there is an acc.
    BTA Stuff:
    Pryce turn 2 100% of the time for me now as turn 3 is too late no matter what the setup. 
    drop strategic advisor for either brunson, needa or tua. Run the Cymoon just as fast as the Kuat. Creating differing ranges will not help your kuat live, but if there are 2 ISDs at range, you might get some shots on the Cymoon. Do not run Devestator with the Cymoon as your tokens will be locked out the whole game (if you get shot). You will only be able to spend (most likely) 1 redirect and your contain. I do not think that it is worth the 10 points. You do have vader, but vader wants tokens to spend other than the brace, so most likely you will keep tokens around for vader to spend, rather than destroying them for Devestator. 
    Use ICB over HIE because you are focusing on dealing damage straight to hull, and the redirect power is minimal. 
    Vader is one of the best commanders, but he is really expensive. Can I tempt you to move to double Kuats and a different commader? Leading Shots is a 4 point upgrade, so 8 points for 2 Kuats, and gives you a slightly weaker vader. Thrawn gives you a Con fire dial every combat turn, which means he basically negates the loss of leading shots( and sometimes adds a damage as he gives you a black die! Thrawn is 32+8 is 40 points, which means you *gain* a damage to your pool, and you do not spend your own tokens. You do not have to give Con fire, that is just the easiest one to compare with. Squadron commands can Shift the game into your favor, weather it is MMJ at 68 points, or just MJ to get 4 damage on the ship you are dealing with, that stuff adds up. Double Kuats appeals to me more as well because they both can take ECMs, which is one of my core rules on ISDs. I also like that my ships do not feel like they are trying to be at different ranges, so the continuity feels good. The damage output of the Kuat is considerably higher than the Cymoon because it has so many close range dice. 
    If you do not switch, I recommend staying with vader and only making minor changes to the list becuase for the most part, it is really solid. How do you plan on filling out the rest of the list?
    Here is my fixed version
    Assault: Advanced Gunnery
    Defense: Jamming Barrier
    Navigation: Solar Corona
    ISD Cymoon 1 Refit (112) (an ungodly amount of dice at long range, and the consistency between Vader and Intensify! is great. Brunson Keeps you alive)
    • Darth Vader (36)
    • Captain Brunson (5)
    • Intensify Firepower! (6)
    • Gunnery Team (7)
    • Quad Turbolaser Cannons (10)
    • Spinal Armament (9)
    = 185 Points
    ISD Kuat Refit (112) this Kuat is terrifying and can really mess up anyone's day. ICB gets rid of token usage for squads or BTA on their own ships, as well as potentially just dealing damage. Everything else is standard, and just as brutal. 
    • Governor Pryce (7)
    • Boarding Troopers (3)
    • Electronic Countermeasures (7)
    • Ion Cannon Batteries (5)
    • External Racks (3)
    • Avenger (5)
    = 142 Points
    Gozanti Cruisers (23) Give Cymoon Fire tokens and keep the kuat happy with a squadron token from hondo on round 3. 
    • Hondo Ohnaka (2)
    • Comms Net (2)
    = 27 Points
    Squadrons: slightly better IMO than Valen+Ciena, but 2 points more expensive. the problem is that you need a cheap fighter force to protect against sloane and the like, but you want them to do something against a non squadron heavy list as well. This variation can handle TIE swarms and lighter Biggs balls and A-wing swarms. I like to be able to get some points back on them in games where they normally cannot do much. 
    • Ciena Ree (17)
    • Mauler Mithel (15)
    = 32 Points
    Total Points: 386 weak bid in this list, could cut Mauler to add 15 points or drop Mauler and add Suppressor for a wack turn 2 Pryce anti brace. 
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    eliteone reacted to DwainDibbly in First attempt at Rebel Troopers   
    Having finally finished off the two core set's stormtrooper's and speeder bikes and an earlier attempt with the AT-RT, I've finally gotten around to the Rebel Trooper leaders.
    Had great fun painting these (not sure how I'll feel when the other 24 are done..), also more enjoyable using all the colours compared to the storm troopers.  I'm very happy with the result even if it did take me a little over 4 hours per mini (batched) spread over this week.

    I followed Sorastro's tutorial (really appreciate them) although substituted several colours, notably the base camo was Camoflage Green and seemed far too pale/bright at first. Fortunately by the time the Black Green, Charred Brown and German Cam Bright Green were added plus the wash, it darkened down considerably.
    Still to decide on basing. Criticism welcome.
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    eliteone got a reaction from Bertie Wooster in Overlapping Ships and Obstacles   
    If a ship were to bump another ship causing it to finish on an obstacle while also displacing squadrons, and the damage from that obstacle would kill the ship would your first move the squadrons around the base or just say nah?
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    eliteone reacted to Church14 in Happy Friday - May the 4 be with you.   
    Nigh-impossible reveal: Mon Remonda
    Unrealistic reveal: Clone wars teaser article  
    Realistic reveal: Rebellion on the Rim detail dump. 
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    eliteone got a reaction from JauntyChapeau in Make Armada digital for points and slots...   
    As it should. Makes things easier to balance after nerfing, buffing, or under/over costing initially. Not something to do lightly, maybe twice a year for a points balance. 
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    eliteone reacted to TauntaunScout in Too much terrain?   
    That's way too much terrain. You should mail half of it to me.
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    eliteone reacted to JauntyChapeau in Make Armada digital for points and slots...   
    No one was incorrect, but my estimation would be that 95-99% of people do.  In fact, I've never personally encountered another player that sits down with a notebook to make their fleets.  The switch to an app-based, points-fluid environment *is* coming, so be prepared.
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    eliteone reacted to Kristjan in Make Armada digital for points and slots...   
    I think this would be great for the game, an app is not even necessary, just put points in a PDF. It would only be for competitive events anyway.
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    eliteone reacted to Ling27 in BOO Epic but HURRAY Armada!   
    I havent seen Necromancy this strong since Nagash.
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    eliteone reacted to Touston in BOO Epic but HURRAY Armada!   
    Admitting that you're resurrecting a dead thread doesn't make it ok to resurrect a dead thread.
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    eliteone reacted to Scopes in BOO Epic but HURRAY Armada!   
    How propheic...
    Also, necro'd
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    eliteone reacted to riplikash in BOO Epic but HURRAY Armada!   
    I tend to agree with VandorDM on this one. I could go over the arguments why mechanically and scale wise it wouldn't fit, but you all know those arguments. That isn't what the question is, the question is: is FFG willing to ignore gross inconsistencies in the fluff to give their customers what they want. We're not talking about small fudges in scale here like they seem to be doing with this system, and like they did with Huge ships in X-Wing. We are talking a change of an order of magnitude, the same as we would have needed for an ISD in X-Wing. Certainly many companies have done that with the Star Wars license in the past, because they knew people wanted X-Wings, ISDs, and SSDs, so they shoved them all into the same game.
    I simply don't believe FFG is willing to do that. Let's look at their history of releases.
    FFG appears to be strongly dedicated to maintaining consistency, both in the rules and with the fluff. That doesn't mean 100% accurate scale and rules, but consistent rules and a consistent feel. 
    They have been CONSISTENT at this too, for several years now. People wanted Space Marines in their 40k games, but they didn't give in. Can you imagine that? Two 40k RPGs with NO Space Marines!? That was unthinkable. They waited until they could release a game that did them justice. Same thing with the ISD in X-Wing. People have been screaming for it for a couple of years now, but they resisted until they could put them in a game that did them justice. And no Jedi in Edge of the Empire OR Age of the Rebellion? When everyone knows Star Wars is all about Jedi (except me, but that's neither here nor there).
    I really don't think they are going to cave at this point, guys. Respecting the fluff of the source material is an integral part of their company and design culture. It's one of their defining features.
    If they put an SSD in this game it could not be an SSD. It would be something called an SSD, that shared the same silhouette and general look of an SSD, but was not, in fact, an SSD at all. And that isn't necessarily a bad thing (even if I don't personally like it). Many games have done that.
    But it obviously isn't how FFG does things. They have created a reputation (and cashed in on said reputation) for consistency and accuracy. They've built it up over years of work. I just don't see them throwing it out at this point. An SSD is no bigger a temptation than the ISD was for X-Wing, the Jedi class was for EotE, or Space Marines were for Inquisitor and Rogue Trader.
    It is part of what defines them as a company, and part of what I love about them.
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    eliteone reacted to VanorDM in BOO Epic but HURRAY Armada!   
    I'm well aware of that. In fact if they don't make ISD's at least in the 9-10 inch size, I won't buy any. I can accept some sliding of the scale, like the CR-90. Which I wish was a bit smaller, but I can accept it at the current size.
    But a 8 inch ISD next to a 5 inch VSD... Just won't look right IMO, and as such I don't plan on having it seen on my table. That of course means a 15 inch SSD is completely out of the question.
    Now if FFG wants to make a 2.5 to 3 foot SSD, and people are willing to spend $250 or so bucks on it, I say go for it. But either way I don't see myself buying such a thing.
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    eliteone reacted to VanorDM in BOO Epic but HURRAY Armada!   
    A 8" ISD and I'll likely get out of the game. A 15" SSD on the other hand is completely laughable. It would look so wrong on the board.

    Again a 1-1.5 foot long SSD is just not going to look correct on the table, not next to a ISD... Unless FFG completely destroys any sense of scale with those.
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    eliteone reacted to xero989 in Article Predictions. Mostly General Discussion. But there's definately some Predictions scattered throughout.   
    The Road goes ever on and on,
    Down from the door where it began.
    Now far ahead the Road has gone,
    And I must follow, if I can,
    Pursuing it with eager feet,
    Until it joins some larger way
    Where many paths and errands meet.
    And whither then? I cannot say.  😁
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    eliteone reacted to Tayloraj100 in How will Armada handle the Clone Wars?   
    Cross era play will surely be allowed. So, we’ll just have to rely on everyone’s strict adherence to canon to avoid aesthetically-unpleasing cross-era matchups.
    Remember: friends don’t let friends have fun incorrectly.
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    eliteone reacted to Admiral Deathrain in Citadel Paint Sets   
    Quite frankly, no. Citadel paints cost more and come in smaller bottles than their rivals of equal or greater quality. Those include Vallejo, P3, Army Painter, Reaper, Warcolours, Coat'd Arms, and many more. We really are spoiled for choice! Citadel still is a valid choice, but not for best value. Depending on your retailer, Vallejo and Army Painter compete for that spot.
    I will always recommend the Army Painter starter set for new painters. It comes with 10 colours and a brown wash, which can be enough to paint a lot of things with some colour theory application (technicaly you only need white, black, red, yellow, and blue to mix everything you need, but that becomes a bit fiddely and hard to keep consistent). Also comes with a decent (but way too small, get a proper one for large areas, too!) brush. Along with that set I'd recommend a light grey (i.e. Army Painter Ash Grey or other companies close equivalents), a black wash (i.e. Citadel Nuln Oil or equivalents), and whatever colour you want your rebel troops uniforms to be if it isn't part of the set.
    One thing to keep in mind with that set is that they tend to stay in storage for a bit too long, making the paint seperate. Before you use them the first time, you should pull away the dropper ends and stir them using cocktail sticks. After that proper shacking usually is enough.
    I'd never recommend full range sets, they come with way too many colours you can easily mix and don't need anywhere near often enough.
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    eliteone reacted to ScottGilbert25 in Armada and Legion?   
    Once you have had a couple of games played and the rules down games last about 2hrs. Imperial Terrain has files you can download for your printer. Playing Boba Fett and Vader is a ton of fun. The measuring devices can be annoying sometimes and the lack of dice in the core.
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    eliteone reacted to RyonOlson in Armada and Legion?   
    I'm really going to second the lack of dice part. The core comes with a Z-6 trooper for the rebels, and requires 6 white dice to fire... The core only includes 3.
    To answer the questions, though,
    The game does take a couple hours or more, depending on army sizes and familiarity with the rules.
    I'm also going to suggest Imperial Terrain. They have tons of stuff available for print. Thingiverse might also have some good stuff, but I haven't checked into it yet.
    Favorite thing is that the game is about playing the objectives, and not the usual deathmatch. Sure, you can win by wiping out the entire enemy team, but you are more likely to succeed by playing the objective. Also, there are tons of expansions both available and upcoming, so you have plenty of choices for army building.
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    eliteone reacted to Darth Sanguis in Armada and Legion?   
    Time to Legion post!

    I play play legion a little more than Armada lately. See the posts below for all my paint and terrain work!

    I will say this. To me the ships and squadrons of Armada, their formats, special abilities, and even the dice play feel MUCH more diverse. In some sense Legion can have a very "samey" feel when it comes to the dice play. That said Legion has an advantage over armada that I thoroughly enjoy, and also gives each match a more unique feel. That advantage is the setup and order/command system. 

    Armada's objectives are a jumble of objective, condition and deployment gimmicks, some even bound together, and they don't matter all that much, as the win/lose conditions are met by points destroyed and objective points.  Legion breaks these up and players select each through a process of elimination. This makes it much easier to give variance between the matches. Add to this the variation in terrain each game. Honestly, it's very easy to keep fresh even without the uniqueness that Armada has in each upgrade. Legion is also more objective focused, as long as you don't get wiped out, if you win the objective, you win. 

    The order/command system is something I believe gives the game a HUGE advantage over Armada. Because players compete for initiative each round through command cards that grant orders to units (and have unique abilities), there's almost no reason to waste points on a bid. It also means that lazy mechanic riding techniques like "first/lasting" don't really happen. (they can but ultimately the player has to compete for it). 

    (currently our local Armada scene is attempting to apply legion's setup and command/order system to Armada. There will be a post when the produces results.)

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    eliteone got a reaction from DunaMoose in Happy Inconsistence Friday   
    It was really cool, the way they did. The factions all had backstories, I played the "Durani Empire" who was suffering from poor leadership and had some of the noble families trying to elicit change from within. So even when we lost the season, the motivation to affect the story in a positive outcome still had me playing the faction. It wouldn't be possible for FFG Star Wars mini's since the narrative and cannon is controlled elsewhere. I could see many players switching to the "winning" faction, but you could write the objectives in such a way that it's not over-powering, and remains thematic and have things for the first player.
    The way I would do it for example:
    "Priority Target" Seasonal Objective (May only be taken by current seasonal faction winner)
    After deploying fleets, place one objective token on the second players flagship. Once per round during the ship phase, the 2nd players flagship may gain 1 shield and one command token of their choice. If this ship is destroyed, the first player receives a victory token (50 pts.) and 5 additional seasonal points."
    I would tie this narratively in the following way "...blah blah blah... after the recent Rebel victories, Imperial Command has concluded Rebel leadership must be weakened. Further engagements are to prioritize neutralizing enemy command. In addition [flavor text for specialized blue objective, yellow objective etc.]
    And on the opposite end....
    "Intelligence operatives have confirmed an Imperial push to target our command assets. We are providing additional resources to our flagships....blah blah blah...."
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    eliteone got a reaction from DunaMoose in Happy Inconsistence Friday   
    I think trying to do it as part of one giant match is ineffective. I could see an ongoing "faction" style point system kind of like what FFG is implemting in their Organzied Play for Armada...but inclusive of all three minatures games.
    So maybe I play Armada, and I win 2/3 matches on my casual tourney play. Each win gives my faction "3 points" (Each loss gives my faction 1 point, or tie it to MOV, whatevs). At the other end of the FLGS my buddy playing Legion wins with Rebels. My bro playing X-Wing out on the West Coast wins...so forth so forth, and Rebels wind up with the most points at the end of the season. During the next season, the factions are allowed to use specialized objectives in their lists depending on their performance. 
    This was done with a minis game called Golem Arcana, they had three factions (but just one game) and it was app assisted so all the data was uploaded to the devs and they also had the seasonal bonuses accompany a story-driven narrative that developed based on how the factions performed. Bonuses like starting with extra mana, or set-up positions (closer to the objective) - it was pretty cool. It could be done with FFG Star Wars minis, but I don't think it's a direction the devs want to take, or else we'd hear about it. 
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