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  1. eliteone

    first tournament fleet

    You're better off dropping the Neb-B Support Salvation and replacing it with a cr90 A with trc/jainas light. I would drop Adar for Boosted Comms, even though it looks like you've built around Luke and trying to Proc the big D as often as you can with Luke's ability - which is great, but without Bomber Command Center, unreliable. BCC will also help ALL your squads except for Jan. Flight Controllers and/or Toryn Far will really help you win the squad battle and if you can get that done, but not absolutely needed. You could also break up the Cr90 B into two flotillas, solving your squad commands and adding Comms Net for consistent squad tokens for your Assualt Frigate and Yavaris, and you should still have room to add Flight Commander to Yavaris. Your damage is really going to be coming from your bombers.
  2. Good guess. I dont mind issues and problems happening, they should be transparent about production issues, play testing issues, work/turnover issues with the community. All it takes is a "Hey we haven't forgotten about you X happened and we are sorry" is 100% better than not saying anything at all.
  3. The lack of news is not surprising but I am so bored I am trying to put together a 2v2 at 600points per player on a 12x6 play area. 12 rounds, everyone brings 1 set of obstacles but the "4" stations must have as much of their cardboard touching as possible to make one "super station." Deployment zone will be increased too but don't know by how much.
  4. Great analysis. Even Leias debuff isnt as wonky as Sato's, you get dial+free token, but cant use other tokens. She's still too expensive for what she does but doesn't become less useful
  5. If Armada moves to a digital system where the points of cards can be re-balanced, what Commanders would you like to see lowered? Upped? I think I would: up Rieekan, by 4 - arguably top tier Admiral lower Sato by 4 - a bit expensive for what he does with his trigger mechanic lower Madine by 2 - overly expensive lower Leia by 8 - way too expensive up Jerry by 5 - too cheap lower Tarkin by 4 - helped by the Sovereign title, and cards fixing cards locks them into each other, lowering cost may have Tarkin hitting the table more without the need for Sovereign. lower Thrawn by 2 - paper tiger at his current point value (I still love him though) lower Vader by 4 - the ships and cards available now has Commander Vader taking a backseat lower Tagge by 5 - who?
  6. eliteone

    SSD best guess of release date?

    That is the most evil reply someone could come up with.
  7. eliteone

    The Salt Break Thread

    My Beagle, so many years ago.
  8. eliteone


    Man I didnt get in before it got locked. Something something player base pissed, something something FFG even just an announcement of new product, blah blah, if it wasn't for the leak and such. Did I make it???
  9. eliteone

    3x hh vs 4x hh

    My friend kills me with these three space-holes kit out this way. 8 mostly re-rollable red die with Slaved and CF between two activations for 96 points. Then the EXRack Torp Vette to bring up the rear just to add to this mess. Then there's up to 260 points of other things left to ruin your day.
  10. Hi all, If my opponent is using a non-standard crit effect, lets say HIE, and he shoots at my ISD with Brunson. He rolls 1 blue crit, 1 red hit, 1 black miss. He modifies no die, and chooses to activate HIE. When I exhaust Brunson, the blue crit is removed. Do the HIEs still proc? I'd argue no because the die with the crit is removed from the attack. And if so, since that is the crit effect chosen, my opponent can't default to use the standard crit?
  11. eliteone

    Make N-RTCs great (not again)

    The Hammerhead ones are pretty effective and well-priced I think, especially since you're going to use three. I do agree, the 7th Fleet and Exodus Fleet could use some errata, I think maybe we should've had more small ships with non-unique titles to get a better feel for how to craft them on the larger bases. I can see Kittens having a title for an extra yaw click (but exhausted ship cant Yaw), Neb-B similar to TF:O or maybe an extra dice out the front/anti-squad, making it a true glass cannon or Escort (but exhausted can't resolve CF dials) . CR-90s to refresh a defensive token (but exhausted cant spend any defensive tokens), etc etc.
  12. eliteone

    worlds is April... faq needed?

    Independence - needs a total rework, maybe making it flight controllers but may add "any color die" Redemption - lower points XX-9 - no change Liberty - add a "boosted comms" effect in addition to the normal effect All the red objectives that are not Most Wanted, Advanced Gunnery and Station Assault - opening salvo should blue or black for 1st player, remain unchanged for 2nd player; reclassify the station so it may not be moved by grav well Fleet Ambush - ships may not deploy with distance 3 of each other Redundant Shields - lower points Cluster Bombs (a great upgrade really, but it only comes in the mc80?!) - just need a way to get this back, a minimum of two uses would be perfect, or lower points. Heavy Turbo Laser Turrets - now that Contain is a thing make this so Contain does not affect normal crit effects Ion Canon Batteries (killed by HIEs) - discard one command token & lose one shield Expanded Launchers - point slowered to 8 or 9 Walex Bissex - ship phase, not activation
  13. eliteone

    Assault pelta: how to use

    Both of these. You do generally have better options the Fleet Command on the Pelta is just not worth it with the majority of fleet builds. StM? Yeah, your MC80s are still going to die to sustained fire. AFFM? After round 3, you're not going to get much use out this when your fighter balls get locked up/Pelta get's obliterated. EF? Pretty useful unless you want to Engine Techs with your MC80s, so you're losing control of arguably the strongest command...to do something else...IF! - now, that's pretty good except all large ships the Rebels have can take leading shots and or C&S (MC75 OC) for the rerolls, sure IF it will help HH, CR90s, Neb-Bs...but those guys will all get smacked by the more brutish Imperial and Rebel ships alike.
  14. eliteone

    Best Armada Moment from this year

    Playing against my friend who constantly beats me, I managed to kill his ISD flagship with a lonely TRC Jaina's Light with a flank shot that would've otherwise been obstructed because of his EWS and wouldn't have been enough. This resulted in a table. My friend is part of our Gloomhaven 4-man and when we started in August I chose to play as the Brute (think warrior/tank type) and every time I would do my big combo attack I would yell "By Jaina's Light, I smite thee!!"
  15. eliteone

    Triple Liberty Help