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  1. Flak typically refers to the anti-aircraft fire coming at one from anti-aircraft guns, derived during World War II from the German Flugabwehrkanone, for "aircraft defence cannon." In armada, it's used to refer to a ships "anti-squadron armament". Depends on what your plan is - most ships in Armada benefit greatly from upgrades, like Engine Techs on the large MC80s, or Assualt Proton Torpedoes on the Gladiator, MC30...but most ships don't *need* *every* slot filled. List building is like 49% of the game, and I think a really fun part as you try to figure out what will work and how to command it. I would start with the Imperial Star Destroyer Expansion Pack, it's the most forgiving of the large ships and great to learn on. Watch out, she goes fast. People go for what they build for. Maybe a lot of squadrons/bombers, or may e a fleet designed to maximize on objectives. Many players build to go first, with a lot of activations so they can pull a last/first attack against their opponent. Try many strategies and find a play style that fits you. I would argue that Electronic Counter Measures is mandatory for any ship that can equip it, but that's it really. One tactic I see a lot of folks try to do is to 'out-deploy' your opponent until you see where his most important ships come down and you can position yourself in the best possible way. Some of my fav upgrades are: Mon Karren Ravager Engine Techs Heavy Ion Emplacements
  2. I'm just excited for Armada expand with this kind of scope. Two new factions will really shake things up, on a level not yet seen. It's a great time to update the FAQ or make any major rules/balance changes.
  3. I'm out of my league here, better Tagge someone in.
  5. That would work nicely with the 3 objectives, so 1st player only gets to toss the 'worst' objective to play and then 2nd player is actually choosing which objective between the remaining two. Sounds very reasonable and fair.
  6. That's not the way it works at all. Currently the first player rules out 2 and chooses 1 - they don't choose one and then discard 2. The way I suggest, the first player discards one, and the second player discards one, until only one remains, leaving the first player with only one choice. This would give the first and second player chances to discard objectives, instead of the first player ruling them out, if using six objectives: the first player discards 3 and the second player discards 2. The first player usually can immediately discount the 'very worst one' for their fleet, leaving the second player a chance to get rid of an objective that doesn't suit their fleet vs, their oppoents fleet. That leaves four more choices to go through before eventually settling on one Objective.
  7. In support of what many have already said, more medium bases (especially Rebel), I like the idea of stations as a playing piece. I previously supported an Ace cap, but I think Rebels might just need some better anti-squad options (Imps are pretty good with Kallus, Mauler, Howl, Quasar Alphas, viable Flechette boats) I would like to see more titles for ships, especially for the Interdictor, Pelta, Hammerheads etc. As far as meaningful change, I would like a re-structured Rules Reference that's easier to navigate and find what you'e looking for or a way to do points rebalancing for upgrades/ships or at the very least ships base costs. It could be dynamic like X-Wing or maybe even annually. I think it could be cool to pick objectives similiar in a way to Legion, where player 2 can pick 6 Objectives (2 of each color) and then players take turns picking which Objective to discard, until there's only one left.
  8. 14 damage to an SSD, Brunson took it down to 12, but still it went through the 3 remaining shields and did 9 hull damage. I had first player too, so the next round she took another big shot. But outside of SSDs I've found Magnites only useful for slowing down Raiders or Kittens (w/o ET) usually the ISD has Comms net support and the Gladiators run Engine Techs and the Onager just sits and laughs at the slow Starhwak.
  9. Maybe also add the words 1 blue die so it doesn't stack with LTT, Kallus, etc
  10. After they missed the May 4th window, originally I thought they might've been holding off for GenCon (online or otherwise), then once EA dropped the Squadrons teaser and announced gameplay footage Thursday - they (FFG) certainly couldn't (not allowed?) announce CW this week. And, it's likely EA had originally planned the Squadrons teaser to drop weeks ago, pushed back their deadline and that's hampered FFG. The Mouse on High would certainly deem priority for the bigger $$$ maker.
  11. I run an online tourney once a month, it's usually standard but as they grow we've incorporated more formats (June is a 2v2 1200pt battle, 600pts each player) - and if we get large enough I have a few squadron packs and alt arts I would put up for prizes.
  12. RHB en masse is really annoying, prevented me from getting 28 points on my score. (Two TIEs and a Jumpmaster came back) I earned those damnit.
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