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  1. eliteone

    Let's talk SSD speculation!

    "At the start of each round, gain "1 pass token", when it is your turn to activate you may instead play this token and pass your activation to your opponent.
  2. eliteone

    Let's talk SSD speculation!

    What about that card that coukd be a ship card but is backwards? First from the left, perhaps a rule cheat sheet covering Huge ships?
  3. eliteone

    What ship have you not used in a long time?

    I haven't used the Assualt Frigate in a very long time. Sector fleet points and Ackbar have made me put them into the lists, but still haven't put them on a table.
  4. eliteone

    SSD article up!

    No anti squad die, nice.
  5. eliteone

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    It wasn't the article we need. It was....not the article we deserved. Also, I guess, it was, at least, an article.
  6. Thanks all! We can wish for FFG but hey, there's always the amazing community of Armada players.
  7. A preview article for the upcoming SSD, with expected release date. An announcement article for the next wave of Star Wars: Armada products. A plan or idea to address the #1 complaint of individuals interested in Armada: not buying in because play time is too long Retrofit kits for Core and Wave 1 ships to make them more competitive. An online system or app where players can log their non-official Armada battles and input their W/L, MOV, TP etc. and achieve special seasonal objectives for each faction based on performance. thanks FFG for making my birthday special!
  8. eliteone

    XX-9, FCT, crit

    Rebels next Admiral should be a fleet wide FCT effect. "Once per activation you may spend one die to activate two non-standard critical effects" Would make the MC75 and the MC80L and the MC30s soooo nasty.
  9. Everytime I start to get down on the game, playing an in-person Armada battle really hypes me up. Even though I find the tournaments and really hard fought games mentally exhausting, I am ready to play soon after. It's when I don't play *and* don't have anything to look forward to that I get down on the health and longevity of Armada.
  10. eliteone

    Squadrons 3

    I would def. love to see the following: Rebs: Lando Falcon (Relay 2 for Rebs, friendly squads at distance 1 of you are obstructed when defending against attacks) Porkins X-Wing, (Escort, Bomber, when an enemy squadron attacks Porkins, if Porkins would be removed from the play area the attacking squadron suffers 3 damage) Kyle Katarn in the Ravens Claw, (Rogue, Counter 2, if Jan Ors is at distance 1 of you, she can't be attacked by squadrons she is engaged with, unless the enemy is performing a counter attack) Imps: Mara Jade - in an Imperial Navy Gunboat, (Rogue, Grit, when attacking an Ace or unique squadron, add 1 die of any color to your attack pool) Skerris - TIE/i (Counter 2, Swarm, when defending against attacks, you may choose to suffer all damage between any number of generic or unique TIE/i at distance 1) Lothal Ace Pilot (TIE/f with 1x blue 2xblack anti squad armament)
  11. eliteone

    SSD Delayed

    That would be interesting. My thoughts lately around Armada and the SSD boil down to: What was the most asked for product? The SSD. FFG did listen, and responded. Sure they haven't been transparent about their schedule, production snafus, or communicating really anything at all to the Armada community....which is wrong. Once my thought process gets over that, I try to think what was the second most asked for product? The only thing I can think of is the Venator - but you can't do that without adding in CW factions... which would require a lot of play testing and new product and might explain why they've been reluctant to announce WEight (Wave 8, cause, ya know the SSD is heavy) because it's more than just that? The only real hint I've seen is the release of Sector Fleet rules - new factions could spice up the 2v2/3/4 quite a bit by showing us something much different. On the other hand it's all conjecture.
  12. eliteone

    It's not about if the SSD is delayed....

    He's right it is not a good sign. It's the exact same timeline when HBS killed Golem Arcana. The releases slowed. The communications got less and less frequent. They even had one more big release the Merc factions "Bone Golem" colossi. HBS is a much smaller company than FFG, mayne a dozen or less products so the situation could be very different, but the simalarities are the same.
  13. Oh wow, so technically Ackbar, Vader, Sato etc. will work against all opponents. Cool.
  14. I interpreted it as Screed's" spend one die" effect only working when shooting one other admirals ships. Since it's a "While Attacking" (that selected Admiral*) *Sector Fleet rules
  15. Is it just me or do the defensive admirals have a clear advantage over the offensive ones? Since the defensive ones benefit you, all game, and the offensive ones only benefit against one opposing player, when that opposing player is done for your admiral's ability won't be effective.