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  1. I'd like to see more dual-slot card upgrades. The Boarding Trooper effects are the only ones right now, but why not? I could see this happening once CW ships are out so who knows what's being planned. Ion+Turbolaser upgrade: Disruptive Firepower "Blue and Red Crit: The defender loses one shield and is dealt one face-up damage card." Support Team and Defensive Retrofit: Making Redundant Shields Obsolete "[Repair Command] When you Activate you may spend a [Contain] to remove one face down damage card and move two shields." Officer+Weapons Team+Turbolaser Advanced Coordinated Gunnery Teams When declaring a target. you may shoot the same target from the same hull zone more than once per activation. If you do, remove half the die from your die pool, rounded down.
  2. Very excited. Yeah the Doom Pickle can give even a ISD-II pause, but at the end of the day its glacial Speed-2 and particle board 8-Hull isn't much to out maneuver and put holes in. I have no idea if the Starhawk will be any better, my guess is certainly more hull value, you can see it's front arc is devastating and it's side arcs are OK.
  3. Also Rebellion in the Rim has two upgrades that will pair nicely with the MC80L...Aux Shield Teams and Expert Weapons Teams I think theyre called. Krsyta Agate ( in Starhawk expansion this Winter*) will also be an excellent Commander for lists built around the MC80L. * this winter in FFG terms can mean anywhere from this winter to 380 days after this winter.
  4. After playing with it and against it, I don't like the single-ship SSD lists built for all-out offense. I went back to the drawing board and made some SSD lists built for fighter swarms, two-ship-defensive, and 3-ship activation/"cover your ****." It's tanky as all **** with its hull and redundant tokens, good out of the front, three officer slots, dial+token every reveal (Don't be dumb and forget this - cost me a crippled ship and 150+ points missing two repair tokens) and the titles each play very differently. But it's also slow, prone to landing on obstacles, easy to flank / stay out of medium, and frankly her side arcs are just not that good at long range. It good to remember some Armada wisdom: Don't try to make weaknesses on a ship better, try to enhance strengths the ship already has. Lessons I've learned: Dial up some Nav commands, or you may regret the course you've chosen. Zero of my previous lists ever used her amazing 5 Squadron value...should fix that, but is list dependent. You're going to take a lot of fire and you're almost guaranteed to be near (if not on an obstacle) so Brunson will save 1-2 damage per round. Have you considered Officer Palpatine? Do you really need the Assault version? Those 30 points can buy you an activation or Mareek + a TIE Bomber for 2blue/1black Piett is so, so, so good for your SSD. He didn't avoid getting choked out for nothing you know. Overall it's pretty exciting because it makes me think differently about how to list-build with something worth so many points and make it effective.
  5. My friends two-ship was tabled by the Assault SSD. My three ship + squads won against an Assault SSD+Squads, I kept my ISD-II but lost the VSD-II and the Kittens, and a few squads. I got all his squads and the SSD. I think it would've went differently if he dialed in mainly Navs instead of mainly ConFire. I managed to swing the ISD around behind it because Rounds 2, 3 and 4, he had CFs for Ravager and Krennic and stayed at Speed-1 with 0 Yaw for too long.
  6. If I'm attacking with Kanan Jarrus, can I use both his special ability and his Assault keyword to give two (different) raid tokens to one ship? "While" usually means I can do whatever I can do while I'm doing it, as long as it is ONE thing? So I'd argue yes, since the spend [Crit] Special and spend [Hit] Assault are two different things If so, it'd be funny to Adar him and give one ship every raid token in a single round. I'm not sure how useful that would be, but super troll-y for sure.
  7. One of the unspoiled upgrade card's artwork "....something Crystal?" has the Starhawk about to eat a Raider it caught. So def a new upgrade that has something to do with tractor beams/capturing ships.
  8. Have those as a card uprade for ships. Mayne O Retrofit, or Engineering Slot..."...generic squadrons you activate gain x"...followed by your description. I can even see a turbolaser/ion upgrade... Covering Fire "...[Squad Command] before you resolve your squadron command, you may choose one enemy squadron at close-medium range and roll one blue die. You may add this die result to one of your squadrons attacks this activation." 2 pts Anti-Fighter Ions "..squadrons you activate at close-medium range are treated as Obstructed while defending a counter attack." 2pts
  9. Definitely going to be duplicates. The SSD came with a bunch of upgrade cards that had previously only been available in Rebel faction ships - Boarding Engineers, for example. I think the Star Hawk will come upgrade cards that have previously only been found in Imperial expansions, Flight Controllers, Boarding Troopers, etc.
  10. I cant wait to plop her on MC80L variants. Salvo? Yes please...if its not something like "while defending...spend this token to...counter attack with HALF your attack pool at the appropriate range." Extra Redirect with the new Support guy getting my anemic shield 2 sides up to 4s? Give me that Redirect then. (Maybe even Garm) C&S for rerolls at long, no need for leading/qbt then can power house Spinal and Xi7s.
  11. Welcome! Armada is an amazing game with an equally amazing community. These forums are a great resource.
  12. I ordered mine from MM in late July and received it August 2nd.
  13. Hi everyone, wanted to post info for for the two upcoming events happening in New York City in August. Saturday, August 10th Casual Tournament Standard 400-point casual 3-round tournament. Please bring your fleet, fleet list, and a mat if you own one. (We've only got two here), and a picture ID to enter the building. You can let the doorman know you're going to "CAI for an event". Might even see the Super Star Destroyer make an appearance. Location: CAI, 505 8th Ave, 20th Floor, New York, NY 10018. Time: 12pm doors open, 1st round 12:30pm. Play ends at 8pm. Cost: Free Saturday, August 27th Casual Store Tournament Standard 400-point casual store tournament. "This is the big one boys. The SSD will be here and legal for play for this event. So bring yours if you are getting one or bring your best fleet fro fighting one. As always it will be a $5 entry fee as always or you can buy a ship or expansion at the store. You can proxy cards that you don't have. " Location: The Compleat Strategist, 11 33rd St, New York, NY 10016 Time: 10:30am - 6pm Cost: $5 entry fee or buy an expansion at the store Please check the Facebook group for non-Manhattan events, there are some that happen in Brooklyn, and a local group trying to get off the ground in Staten Island: https://www.facebook.com/groups/nycarmada/about/ There's also a robust Central NJ group you can follow here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CentralNJArmada/
  14. Everytime I read that on my own, my brain read it as attack
  15. I think you'd be able to attack everything but that 1st squad you added the 2 extra LTT die against. Escort Neb B with Vanguard + GT + LTT for example can give you 4 die twice, at medium range against two different squadrons. Add Draven for an additional die against squads with Counter.
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