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  1. My guess is that its a vision, a holocron, or an apparition like Bane from the end of the Clone Wars, tied to the remains of where he died. Not really a force ghost, but a manifestation of the darkside, not unlike Vader in the Cave on Dagobah, taking the form of the last Sith Lord.
  2. Republic: I'd expect the LAAT or Nu-class shuttle before the Twilight, though we know how ffg loves its hero ships (we have 3 Falcons). That or the Republic Y-wing (or both) so that the two new factions have ordnance carriers/bombers. Separatist: Trifighter probably. most sep ships are small with the exception of the droid gunship and ships used by bounty hunters and privateers so they will probably have to stretch for medium and large base ships. i'm glad that the Infiltrator got put in, but if not for the comics it's a bit of a stretch for it to be Separatist, though I don't know where else it'd be. FO and Resistance: Maybe stuff from Resistance like the FO interceptor or or the fireball, but I have a sneaking suspicion (with 0 evidence) that that stuff will come in a special release set. Probably re-releases, gives them a wave before stuff from IX. Everything else: Probably re-releases unfortunately. Id love to see Legends stuff come in, but I somehow doubt that they will. But I never thought the Assault Gunboat would come in so I've been wrong before, and in this case, it will be a pleasant surprise. And now on to THE WISH LIST!!!! Epic, obvs Rebel, T-wing: no idea what it would be as its defining characteristic is that it was supposed to be better than the a wing but wasn't so the rebels sold it. Empire, Missile Boat: I know that's what the Arsenal Loadout for the Star Wing is but I don't care, the missile boat is the true Imperial ordnance platform. Make it like an ordnance focused version of an E-wing or something I don't know, I'm not a game designer. Scum: Either the Rogue class fighter that Cad Bane uses in TCW or the Gauntlet "fighter" scaled to fit a large base. I think it's already there, but Wookiepedia has some ridiculous size numbers listed. If the Rogue, include a Rako Hardeen crew that has a force ability cause its actually an undercover Obi-wan because it would make me laugh. If they announce Epic, I'd like my second scum epic ship. Given how much representation SWG has in game, the AEG-77 Vigo would be a good fit for the scum corvette I think (even though it's size isnt stated any where so it might not be big enough, but it's not cannon so they can fudge that). I'd also settle for a Cloackshape fighter. Resistance: T-85 X-wing. My roommate will like that. Although its only been in a little bit of a TV show so I don't know what they'd base its capabilities off of. Include a configuration that gives it a cloak as a reference to Poe's joke in the TLJ novel. FO: FO Tie Bomber, ordnance is fun. Maybe the interceptor from resistance, but like I said, I am suspecting a special release for that show. Republic, LAAT: With a configuration that lets you drop an AT-TE on a rock to act like a turret with a properly scaled model on its own special base. Do this and take my money FFG. Separatist, TriFighter: If only because it'll be so friggen small (its 5.4 meters long) and I want to see how that'll shake out in the model. And I'm interested to see how it'll stand out from the Tie Interceptor as, from everything I've read about it, it should have the same 3/3/3 stat line. Special Release, Ugly ship kit builder: A system for building and using your own customized Uglies with special rules for different combinations. engines give you your dial, fuselage gives access to certain upgrades, cockpit give access to others and your available pilot abilities. Make 'em snappable for easy construction/deconstruction, make a new app for managing them and the point costs for various combinations. Or if that's all too much, just boxset with the best looking uglies that they have seen.
  3. I hope they do what they did for the Havoc and have a Sep and Scum Jango, or give him a "Scum or Sep with..." ruling, cause he was only really a Sep that one time. Same with the inevitable Cad Bane and a couple other bounty hunters from TCW.
  4. If those wings articulate in the same ball bark as accurate, i will replace my entire Starviper squadron just to have that. And maybe an extra for painting. And another cause what's self control. And that pony better be made of diamonds, that's how the Prince would have wanted it
  5. If they do this it would be a great way to express ships and pilots who are part of one faction, but also fit in others and may have worked heavily with them, in an effort to expand the game and make models more valuable to people who have bought into multiple factions. Like a Scum version of Dash, or Imperial Boba, or Separatist and Scum Jango/various bounty hunters that this applies to. Wishful thinking: Fenn Rau in a StarViper would make me weep tears of joy If we don't get a gauntlet fighter, Maul in a Fang maybe with a different ability, I don't know how well his would do on a Fang that can't take fearless. Vader in a Tie/d would be nuts and op and I would love it. Quinlan Voss in an Aethersprite, maybe a scum version (in a different ship) from his time with Ventress Any of the myriad of jedi we've in aethersprites, cause thats their thing. Hondo in anything, I'll be happy When the Eta-2 come out, am imperial version with Vader Rebel N-1 Leia
  6. Do you think that they will be functionally different, or just new models with the same stat lines? There isn't really anything to indicate that the ships are all that different in their Republic service, but they do look very different. The Y-wing seems to have extra armor and the Z-95 has an extra set of tiny flanges near the nose.
  7. Yeah, we're 8 years in and dont have a cloakshape fighter, praised as one of the most customizable ship in the galaxy, in a game about customizing ships. C'mon guys
  8. My roommate/primary opponent has been out of town so I haven't gotten the chance to use him, but I did do some maneuver practicing, just to see what he can do. He's effin nuts. I caan barely describe it, he practicly just stays where he is and rotates, or backs up and moves side to side, wide swinging out of enemy arcs, but staying at range 1. Take a forward right barrel roll, followed by a 3 bank to the left and boost with after burners and you pretty much take a 2 forward and rotate 90 degrees to the right, I think, im doing this in my head away from the table. regardless, its dumb and I love him.
  9. Yea, I can see that as a large base ship. Small for a large, but large. I don't think it'll happen, just because I think if people saw an over sized Kimogila on the release slate it would not go over well.
  10. Yeah, at that point you're just vomiting laser fire and hoping for the best. I would only take predator on that ship...
  11. That's what I thought. Would 5-7 dice with mods with the inability to modify defense die be a problem though balance wise?
  12. It does, but it also makes the bullseye that much better, assuming it works on the turret. Be a real threat to big ships, gives the ship a niche to fill. I almost think that the Krayt could be a different ship, but also dont think its different enough to warrant being another ship. Unless they released it in a squad pack as an alternate model for the Kimogila. MAybe introduce the dunelizar, or in the Epic AEG-77 for Scum... I'm getting off topic, my B.
  13. From a game play standpoint, would a "Krayt" configuration giving it a turret slot (in exchange for something, I donno, I'm not a game designer) make it better enough? or do you think that would saturate the field with turrets?
  14. His ability just screams "GIVE ME *cough, cough* OUTMANEUVER *COUGH COUGH* GIMME! I have limited experience with Crack Shot, and being one time use really puts me off, though I do see the value and potential for it to win the game. I have tinkered with Grievous so much and haven't found a cheap build that I'm satisfied with. Although I just got my stuff, so I haven't gotten to play with him yet. He is so singularly focused and aggressive, he stands out from the other Separatist pilots, aside from maybe the Infiltrators. I wish he had a higher initiative, but he'd have to be so much more expensive than he is for that to be balanced. When my local group gets off the ground with HotAC 2.0, this pilot ability is gonna be an early grab for me.
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