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  1. For ROTS Porsche and Lucasfilm made a ship for some good ole cross promotion and I mean, look at it! Meet the Tri-Wing S-91x Pegasus Starfighter Vid Doc on its design
  2. With The Mandalorian starting tomorrow, how long do you think it will be before we see a Razor Crest expansion pack preview article after the show premiers? A day, a week, a month. Force forbid, a year?!? EDIT: Also, what do you think it'll be? My initial guess from what little we've seen is a medium base with a 3-die forward arc and decently beefy, cause Scum doesn't have enough medium based ships right now, right.
  3. Scum or Squad including Count Dooku? Barring that, yeah scum. Get us some of the other Clone Wars era S&V characters that don't get their own stuff worth using; Aura Sing, Hondo crew, another Firespray in my collection.
  4. I have seen a lot of success running Grievous with Outmaneuver, Afterburners, and Soulless One as a kinda-sorta ace. Yeah his pilot skill is low and he lacks blue on his dial, but good re-positioning and good modified attacks when out of arc let him rip through enemy ships. It is important to have a feint or some other scary ship on the board, cause he does melt under focused fire pretty quick. I like to run with either a scimitar and some drones or another bubble and some hunters. Wanna try pairing him with some of the Nantex pilots when I get a chance.
  5. I'll have to give it a shot. I like the super torp Vynder just for the abundance of consistent 4-5 red dice on attacks, and between SLAM and the dials on the other two ships its hard NOT to have a good shot. I don't play with ions too much, no status effect is better than dead, I can see the value. I always try to SLAM into range on an isolated ship in the first round, fire torps, benefit from the 1 extra green die on defense for the turn, and SLAM away and around next turn. With a little luck that first ship is either outright destroyed or crippled with crits and you can re-engage with Vynder right away, or just zoom into range one with Seventh Sister to finish the job. Vynder mostly just hit and runs the rest of the match. Rexler, or any TIE/D really, are kings (and queens Ryad) of area denial. White K-turn and keep a kill zone that can only be turned into a joust, where the defender has a definite advantage over most ships, or try to cut and run, and you aren't out running a defender once it sets its mind on a chase.
  6. I've used this a few times and all parts pull their weight. Major Vynder (41) Fire-Control System (2) Adv. Proton Torpedoes (6) Advanced SLAM (3) Os-1 Arsenal Loadout (0) Proton Torpedoes (13) Ship total: 65 Half Points: 33 Threshold: 4 Seventh Sister (43) Fire-Control System (2) Ship total: 45 Half Points: 23 Threshold: 2 Rexler Brath (81) Juke (7) Fire-Control System (2) Ship total: 90 Half Points: 45 Threshold: 4 Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Galactic Empire&d=v8ZsZ200Z161XW113W134WW104W139W136WY170XW113WY196X123W113WW&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs= Seventh sister is brutal in knife fights. Juke+FCS on Rexler all-but guarantees damage on a turn by turn basis and can easily take down most threats. Vynder is great at swinging between engagements on either side of the board and landing finishing blows, come to think of it so is Seventh Sister, when you get three hits and cancel the only positive defense result to finish a target, feels good. In my experience, Juke on the defender is totally worth it, even after the points increase.
  7. Rebel, Empire, Resistance, FO: maybe what you got, maybe the Tie Bomber instead of the interceptor. By that point, Resistance and FO might get a double release with new stuff from the new movie. Scum: I want nothing more than an articulated StarViper, so get in it FFG. Republic: Either the Twilight, LAAT gunship, or Nu-class Attack Shuttle. Point being a large base ship that focuses on support and carries crew. Separatist: I want the Rogue-class starfighter with a Scum Cad Bane pilot card and dial, but I'm not sure what role it would fill that the Seps dont already have except "Super chassis that is prohibitively expensive" akin to the E-wing, Tie Defender, StarViper(with Advance sensors or Virago) that kind of thing. 3 attack-3 agility-some combination of hull/shiled that adds up to at least 6 and a good dial. But I expect the Sheathipede, they already have a sculpts, and the faction doesn't have a dedicated support ship aside from the 32C Hyena Variant. RIDICULOUS WISH LIST TIME!!! Rebel: BTS-A2 Long Range Strike Fighter/bomber, AKA: the H-Wing. Just a suped up Y-Wing with a crew slot and other goodies. Empire: Either the Tie Avenger as a kind of stop gap between the Tie Advanced X1 and the Tie defender, or a 2.0 Alpha star wing with an Imperial Missile Boat model because the Arsenal load out stole the missile boat from the missile boat and this injustice needs to be corrected. Scum: YT-200 light freighter with pilot cards for Scum (Ace, Emkay and Antan only ever flew it on family business) and Rebel (Aeron, Galin and Tomaas flew it for the Rebellion about as much as Dash flew for them.) Republic: LAAT with a AT-TE that can deploy on rocks Separatist: Rogue-class with Scum Cad Bane (can you tell I'm a Scum player and want new toys). Or the Givenex, that'd be a pretty model to have.
  8. The most possible, but how many of them have any documentation out side of a passing reference in a book, or single panel in a comic. How many are any kind of Iconic. Most scum ships belong to smugglers and bounty hunters, who need bigger ships. There are mercenary forces that use snub fighters, but a lot of them are either already implemented, or have next to no information about them. That being said, there is NO excuse for the cloakshape fighter to NOT be in the game already
  9. 100 points for any single large base ship. 150 towards up to 5 small and or medium base ships, including any docked to the large ship.
  10. I think this constrains list building too much. Pricing the ships so you can't spam them is a fine solution. And I think this future-hampers Scum since a fair portion Scum content will probably be large/medium ships, 1-2 man fighters are not versatile craft for the ner-do-wells of space. If this where to be implemented, they'd have to change the sizes of some ships to allow more flexibility, and that would require a 3.0 Besides, what large base ships have seen a ton of play recently, Rebel falcon and Upsilon. 2 of like 13.
  11. I personally only flew Torp scouts once. It crushed, and was boring as ****. I bought 3 JM5K's flew it, and it was only then that I realized I had wasted my money. I loved flying Dengar, even after the nerf. Was it worse, yeah, but I could squeeze other ships or upgrades on them and still have a fun time.
  12. Because in my experience, anecdotal I know, he just doesn't perform with out help from upgrades. Having 1/3rd of your list dedicated to a suicide lead doesn't seem like a great option to me. BUT, that's just my opinion. I've never tried it, it's not the kind of list building or strategy I would normally go for. So It might work out better than I'm giving credit for. Also it just got a gunner slot, and I'm trying to make good use of it. So far I have been less than successful, but there are more options to toy with.
  13. Absolutely, but they'd have to change the cost for the astro. Make it usable on all ships, regardless of size, and scale the cost to size. Something like 2-4-6, maybe 2-3-4 if they want to push the JM5K's usage, before increasing it to change things up if it sees a lot of use. 6 on the JM5K is cheap enough to warrant use, but expensive enough to interfere with the rest of the list and not make it an autoinclude.
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