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  1. I'm guessing everyone just chooses a colored meeple and any character they want.
  2. It will be very interesting to see how it plays out for sure. If opened copies are really worth more than sealed ones on average, that would be a strong signal that FFG is wrong about the appeal of the surprise factor here.
  3. I suspect any manual remixing of components will fall into house rule territory, as there won't be written rules for how to properly add and remove aspects of your game, and we won't easily know which ones are meant to always go together vs algorithmically prevented from being together in one box. Trading, buying, or selling entire copies of the game will probably make more sense.
  4. They said that the marketing will deliberately not cover specific components that may or may not be in the box. Kind of debunks your paranoia that they're trying to get you to want certain things and 'gamble' for them. If you're going to go to third party sites, spoil yourself on everything that can be in the game, and set yourself up for disappointment buying a copy hoping to get specific things... that sounds like a 'you' problem.
  5. You literally can't though. It would take thousands of lifetimes to see it all. These are both products where you pay $60 and get to see some fraction of what's available. The rest of it you get to experience by sharing stories with your friends, watching streams online, or just letting yourself be satisfied that what you saw was fun even though there might have been something even cooler out there. Sure in Discovery you CAN pay another $60 to see another slice of it, but literally no one is saying you should. Except for this guy who is inexplicably raving that he's being told he should.
  6. The announcement article gives several reasons, and people on this forum have volunteered several more. You are making a fool of yourself here.
  7. Price of restarting doesn't really have anything to do with anything. No matter what you do, how much you pay, you will never see all the content in either game. By design.
  8. Listen to what the reviewers write or say in their review to see what they liked and didn't like instead of skimming to a score out of ten at the end?
  9. You know how in No Man's Sky, the universe is so big that you are functionally only buying access to a small, random fraction of it? But what you see is unique to your experience, and that's what makes it so cool to not only experience but share and tell stories about? This is a tabletop attempt at that same concept.
  10. Don't forget he's unique. You have to decide which one investigator gets to have him. Prepare for fights with your friends, especially when the Dunwich investigators are out which can all use him. So yeah, it's a lot like Steward.
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