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  1. Tomorrow is when the true TFA release happens - never mind that silly digital release. I'm likely overly optimistic, but that's still an important Star Wars date. Historically there have been other Star Wars product announcements/releases that have coincided with DVD/Bluray releases.
  2. Although an odd looking ship, it has grown on me, like the YV-666: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Pursuer-class_enforcement_ship. And, of course, this could mean another Boba Fett, but with a turret.
  3. Actually that is fairly normal that they announce the next product while the current one is incoming. Just in this case, they already have. Imperial Veterans. Yup. The most recent example of this was Wave 8 being announced in July, prior to Wave 7 hitting shelves in August.
  4. Not sure if this is the case for all FLGS, but the owner of mine mentioned that with the change to distribution, starting last week, deliveries will always arrive for release on Thursdays. In the past a store could put new releases out as soon as they got them, but now only on Thursdays.
  5. The Bespin matt sure looks awesome, but it is just me, or does the scale of Cloud City make it look a bit odd? Maybe it's not a scale issue, but I guess I didn't realize Cloud City was in low orbit upper-atmosphere?
  6. I'd love an Admiral Ackbar crew card! Not sure how you could translate "It's a Trap!" into a crew ability though Edit - maybe it doesn't have to - in the movies Leia spends most of her ship time annoying people and bossing them around on their own ship - and yet her crew ability relieves stress I don't like the idea of losing Ackbar, but I'm thinking something like: "At the end of the Activation phase, you may discard this card to allow each friendly ship within range 1-3, including the ship Admiral Ackbar is assigned, to perform a free boost (or evasion?) action." or "At the end of the Activation phase, each friendly ship within range 1-2, including the ship Admiral Ackbar is assigned, may perform a free boost (or evasion?) action. Assign a stress token to those that do" Seems to fit thematically, except I could see the boost being used more offensively than defensively, so maybe evasion makes more sense? *shrug*
  7. Errant Venture...but you know, too big. Star Jewel makes the most sense, since it would undoubtedly provide us with Jabba, but to be honest, I most interested in seeing the pirate ship from Ep. 7 be fleshed out. It would be nice to see some scum content that originates from the new movie.
  8. Hmm, thanks. I thought it was a terribly cheesy holiday when it was put into Star Wars Galaxies, back in the day. It all makes sense now that the origin would be the Holiday Special.
  9. You forget the Holiday Special. BTW, anybody catch Anthony Daniels at the premiere last night mentioning he's been fortunate to play C3PO in everything, including the Holiday Special? He kinda snuck that in at the end of his sentence. Ah yes. I've actually been able to avoid watching that - one less scar. As a primarily scum player, I have no interest in the new tie and x-wing, but my recent jump into epic has me itching for the Gozanti. I'm just hoping the price drops closer to the rebel transport range shortly after release.
  10. Star Wars was ruined by the prequels. It would have to be worse than those to be anymore ruined, which seems unlikely.
  11. Thanks, everyone. This is how I interpreted the situation as well, although I couldn't find a way to prove it via other examples or rules/FAQ. I was the Scum player, and was also the one controlling the raider, since my Imperial friend had never played epic before. This was definitely a casual game. It was the first time two of the four friends had played epic. The funny thing is, we copied this format from an epic match two of us attended earlier this year, which was hosted at PAX Prime by FFG. It was Rebel vs Imperial, and any Scum players would fill in on either side thematically as "hired guns". I had assumed this was how the epic match went at Worlds as well - does anyone know if they had even players for the factions there? Obviously some crazier, non-standard interactions can happen, but I didn't think we were too off-base for doing it that way since FFG had hosted the same thing earlier. Outside of that, our group of friends each only focus on a single faction, so we wouldn't have been able to do a pure Scum or pure Imperial side, unfortunately. It's definitely a good thing to keep in mind in the future, though, and may require creating some house-rules for the format.
  12. We were playing a game of epic earlier where we had two rebel players vs a team with a scum player and an imperial player. Emperor Palpatine was on the raider, and Bossk was piloting a YV-666. The player playing Bossk attacked with their primary attack at range 2, rolling 3 red (blank, hit, hit). They used Palp to change the blank to a crit, and since there was only one evade rolled, the attack was a hit. Can Bossk's ability be used to cancel the crit, provided by Palp, creating two hits, even though Palp says the die can't be modified again? Is canceling dice considered modification? There was much debate, but we couldn't find any other examples of this situation. Thoughts?...and thanks ahead of time!
  13. I want to say FFG were the ones that first started using the Mandalorian symbol for generic Scum and Villainy factions. I've seen it in the LCG and Imperial Assault as well.
  14. It really bugged me that for some reason they couldn't see a decent-sized "derelict" ship, right in front of them. I can see how it could be hard for the star destroyer to miss after first coming out of hyperspace, but those ties were not that far from it when they went down to the planet. Even later when it drifted closer...whatever took the AT-ATs to the surface surely would have seen it.
  15. The Suncrusher is the only correct answer here...
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