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  1. Thank you very much for your work on this project, SkyJedi. I sus[pect there is likely some user error on my part because I am doing something out of order, but when I select the Natural archetype, I don't seem to be able to select skills from the dropdown menu for "Select 2 options to get 1 rank". Essentially, nothing shows up when the dropdown is clicked. This is true whether or not I have also selected a career and whether or not I have selected any career skills (to be fair, I only tested with Con Artist, which is what I was doing a sheet for). Thank you for any advice you or others might have.
  2. Thank you for sharing this with the community. I agree with Suneisha, the production value is above and beyond and the content looks to be a blast as well.
  3. The Malady Melody is really well put together. Thank you for sharing it with the community!
  4. Around 5 XP per hour of play is about the norm for games I have run as well.
  5. I appreciate your double-checking, but yes, I think it is the right thing to do. I've struggled to post, and post well, this mission and the previous and so this seems like the best course for everyone.
  6. ColonelCommissar, I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to play in your game. I am going to bow out and create a spot for someone else to join your game who might be more engaged with it. I apologize for any delay caused by myself and hope that everyone has a good experience going forward.
  7. Ashrym pulls a chair over towards Rast, but not so close so as to be looming over the man's shoulder. "Anything interesting?" he inquires, seeing the screens of data streaming past as Rast makes quick work of the sent data files.
  8. Ashrym nods at what Rion asks, "Yeah." He then asks, "Sir, if you could identify that fellow and send that information with the other files, that would be great. Or, if you're not able to, basic info on all of the passengers could set us up for Teenine to run the analysis for identification since he was with us at the time." He then adds, "As for the three days, they sound fabulous."
  9. Teenine is at 3 yellow for machanics and also has a talent (Gearhead) that halves the cost of mods. Ashrym has 4 green for mechanics checks, but nothing else.
  10. With a sharp nod of his head, Ashrym says, "Thank you, sir. I'm not the best wordsmith, but I don't think any of us can properly express how **** glad we are to be aboard the Rendili Star." He smirks a bit, then gives a nod toward Marcelus and ammends, "Well, maybe my colleague might be able to properly express it. He's the wordsmith." Edit: Forgot to bold the speech portion to ease readability.
  11. I don't have any particular gear requests for Ashrym.
  12. "Lovely business, that," Ashrym offers with a glance at the departing Lady Nash. "But," he continues, "you are correct, in that we should not keep the captain departing. And let's not forget a good, long shower."
  13. I took some German in 4th - 6th grades, but not since. So, suffice to say, my German is terrible. Sorry. Good luck with the recruitment though.
  14. Ashrym added the Stim Application talent for 15 XP. He has 10 XP remaining. Duty is now 20. I only remember being granted XP for TFA, not Duty as well. If you want us to all add Duty, I am sure no one will complain.
  15. Ashrym similarly follows in the wake of their current escort. Foremost in his thoughts, his eagerness to leave the Sith lady and the Cartels far behind.
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