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  1. I am dming a game of WFRP 2nd edition on roll20 and I noticed on the character sheets int he races drop down choices there are skaven and ogres. Curious, I did not see any options in any of the second edition books I have, does anyone know what books they are in so i can get the rules and stats etc for it?
  2. Just wanted to stop by here and say I really love the book and actually made it into an adventure for a dark heresy campaign lol. I had the players basically experience the whole part of Haxtes as a boy. My players actually loved Haxtes and became very attached to him lol. Adapted the scenes to fit in the adventure and added a bit of stuff to extend it and add a bit more combat and scenes.
  3. So you get a Boltgun with a Condemnor attached, that seems really really good as a rare aquisition... alright I think i understand the ammo and stats part thanks for clearing that up
  4. Can someone explain what the Condemnor is and the modes of fire/default ammo? the description says its a boltgun and a crossbow? Also what are the damages listed for the various crossbows when it says *damage is dependent on ammo used* so why does it say like the Castigator has concussive (2) and the damage of 1d10+6? is that if you melee attack someone with it? lol i cant wrap my head around it.
  5. How does fear work when your allies have it? Like say a psyker gets Fear (1) from that minor psychic power or a psychic phenomena are allies affected?
  6. Ending your move next to an enemy you can engage them in melee provoking an attack if they run without disengaging, if they disengage just charge them next turn and repeat. EDIT: Also there is a knockdown type of move you can do as part of a charge as well.
  7. Can you use Hammer blow twice if you do two all out attacks granted by the devastating assault talent?
  8. I would appreciate that! For sure send them my way if you dont mind :]
  9. Im looking for some premade 2nd edition adventures that people may have made and are willing to share. I know of the ones in the books but I really want to stretch out the campaign. I would go so far to even offer to commission someone who could write a balanced adventure(s) with equal amounts investigation and combat (myself and my group really like combat) send me a message if you might have something to share. Even just ideas or an overview of adventures you have run would be nice and I could fill in the gaps im sure.
  10. Can you really spend fate points on requisition rolls? When a character or enemy fails their agility test to not be set on fire from a flame weapon do they immediately take 1d10 damage? if not when do they take it? Why do (I forget the name sharpshooter, gunslinger?) Las weapons do so much damage? Like 1d10+7 seems like alot close to a bolt pistol I think right?
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