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  1. The force and destiny book covers this on page 283. Last paragraph of the "Resisting Force Powers" sidebar. Force users would typically use discipline as an opposed check where a non force user would use athletics.
  2. I think that is very over powered. Any player would be willing to flip a destiny point to gain a skill rank.not only does that mean they gain a skill rank they can start utilizing right away it means they also bypass having to spend EXP on the skill anyway. While that might only be 5 for career skills that they didn't invest in initially it could be 10 for non career skills. I definitely wouldn't allow talents to be learned like this. Though this is all my preference and how I would play it. If you want your characters to be extremely versitale and fast growing. It's not a wrong way to do things but it is powerful
  3. So the silhouette determines difficulty. Does that mean silhouette 0 has no purple difficulty dice? And silhouette 3 would have 3 purple difficulty dice? If that's not correct anyone know the answer and where it is found?
  4. Does the book say anything about using the hurl force power upgrade to damage a target with an object that has silhouette 0? What page? Are players and GM's house ruling something? Thanks
  5. I see your point about what you can do with just two force dice. But also look at the force powers or abilities that require you to commit force dice. You can hurl a freighter but can you do it while bumping your agailty and brawn while committing dice in the misdirect power to increase the difficulty to hit you? That's what I imagine as Yoda/Sidious level power but if it was a beta table that was dropped then it can't be considered an accurate representation. I was just throwing out what I saw. Didn't know it was a beta version that I had downloaded.
  6. Thanks everyone. It was just one of those things where I noticed no body was asking the question of why it was in that skill description. My GM and I also had some discussions about it and he wants to use it more in a manner of learning or discovering new force powers that aren't in the book. The EU has a lot of material about strange force abilities that don't exactly fit in the listed force powers.
  7. I remember reading in edge of the empire or age of rebellion can't remember which exactly a table showing force rating and their relative power from force rating 1= a brand new padawan up to force rating 7=legendary Master like Yoda or darth Sidious. Now it's not a hard and fast rule for a cap on force rating but when you take into consideration the math the previous posts are giving, and again that's with no other purchases except to drive to rising the force rating it seems realistic that this chart would be a good way to track how your character stands up next to Jedi knights and masters.
  8. I was hoping for a clarification on the two weapon combat rules. Specifically how damage is calculated if you succeed to hit with both weapons. The rule says each hit deals base damage, +1 damage per uncancelled success. Does this mean that the uncancelled success is added to each weapon damage OR does it mean the extra successes are added on top of the two base damages total. The first option to me seems like double dipping so I ask you as a developer.
  9. I am about to start a campaign in F&D and I gave my character two skill ranks in knowledge lore. He is a padawan of a master seeking out Jedi relics and knowledge to help restore the Jedi order in the shadow of the empires rule. Also in the Lore skill description says if a character wants to learn a new force technique he must make a lore check. I have been searching the forums and no body seems to be asking the question. Is this something that is required to actually obtain new force powers in the game? Are people ignoring it? What are your thoughts?
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