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  1. I dunno, but i'm hoping for shoretroopers or one of the types from solo. shoretroopers to go with the deathtroopers makes sense to me though. Dewbacks to me make little sense, they are too slow, and were only used for transport, there's no way stormtroopers would ride those into combat...it's ridiculous.
  2. I kinda hope 800 points stays the way it is, as the standard way to play the game. Nothing can stop people from playing larger games, but for pickup games I don't wanna do 3 hour matches or whatever. I personally dread WH40k, I quit that system a long time ago and have little desire to go back to needing to field so many models at once. Plus I feel like rules wise SW legions units are balanced around the assumption both players will be using 800 points.
  3. Lol think about it though, if those spindly droids were made of PVC they'd be warped, you'd have to boil half of the arms and legs and fix them. And if they sit in the sun or you get a heatwave or hot weather they're gonna warp back into that position. The clone troopers are beefy, and aside from the DC15A there shouldn't be much in the way to fix regarding bent gun barrels. I just assembled 24 bolt action us airborne, and they gave me no trouble, the only downside is they take longer, in every other way they felt superior to the storm troopers I got in the legion core set.
  4. Yeah I don't get it, it's like the clone side is getting the short end of the stick, and lower quality figures. So if they do all the galactic republic stuff in PVC then go back and start redoing regular stormtroopers in hard plastic sprues that means the clone trooper faction might be amongst the last to get redone in hard plastic. I just don't get their thinking behind this, they should have just waited until they could at least get the basic clones on sprues before releasing this new core set.
  5. It's mentioned during the Q&A section, somewhere around or after 19 minutes in.
  6. I'm really bummed half the new core set is in the old pvc plastic and all the droids are on sprues. Truly bizarre choice to have a mix of both in the same boxed set. I had thought the clones would be on sprues as well, now that I know they aren't my interest level has dropped off a bit.
  7. If I can glue the new sprue models together with testors blue non toxic glue i'll never look back. I can't stand superglue, it's runny, burns my eyes/nostrils, if it gets on my fingers then it's a nightmare. I glue together bolt action models, half tracks all sorts of stuff using testors blue. I highly doubt they will be as complex or annoying as GW sprues. The issue with GW stuff is they detail and design everything, there's stuff sticking out every which direction. The clone troopers will probably be like bolt action US airborne, but more simple cause you don't have the ammo pouches, backpacks, shovels etc.
  8. I haven't made up my mind yet, Geonosis is obviously the memorable one out of the prequels. But then I realized the starter box has greivous...so that won't work. Based on what I know he wasn't present for that. And that basing style is a bit too specific of a setting, the red sand. If I make the basing a bit less obviously geonosis then it could also work for Utapaus rocky look. Kashyyk or generic forest seems like a good choice, especially if i'm considering the battles of republic commando to be legit. Plenty of variety of forces used there in the early war with phase I clones, and then later on more battles with the phase II. And as far as terrain goes it's hard to screw up forest terrain, there's plenty of ways to make that look good.
  9. I like the AT-TE but it seems like a large and rather tricky design to do in model form. STAP seem likely, also dwarf spider droids seem like an easy choice, they are not overly large. Mace Windu, Plo Koon and Kit Fisto would all make for cool generals.
  10. It's not all that surprising though, the imperials have all the cool toys. Whereas in the clone wars you have two factions with a whole bunch of various cool options.
  11. At least the new factions will help get rid of mirror matches to some degree. Nothing more uninteresting than imps vs imps, since imperials seem so much more popular in my area.
  12. speeder bikes would look weird as **** on these bases...
  13. I hope not, the game takes long enough at 800 points. And there needs to be a limit on how much people can take. I don't want this to turn into 40k where games can last forever and you have a cluster **** hole taking place on the table.
  14. Anyone know if the basic tie fighter model is a new sculpt? I was kind of bummed at the quality of the original ones, and the FO ones were much sharper/better painted. I think a lot of the original or classic ships from a new hope coulda used new sculpts.
  15. Yeah, you're gonna be waiting a while before you get any of that. Veers will release first, the rebel stuff a month+ later.
  16. Isn't that the same length as TFA, which includes credits (probably ten minutes worth)? An intermission, give me a break...blade runner 2049 should have been 10-15 minutes longer.
  17. I hope all of these stormtroopers make it into SW Legion eventually, not sure how the mag boots would work into the game but those stormtrooepers just look really cool.
  18. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-FI/Imperial-Guard-Cadian-Heavy-Weapon-Squad I was hoping the E web team would be more like this, more cool looking. Rules wise not sure how it should move and be deployed, should it have a notch in the base like a speeder so it's not too maneuverable? Or just be on a larger round base.
  19. Looking good so far, what did you use for the foliage/grass on the bases?
  20. I've had issues as well, even just painting onto bare plastic. Like I can paint over one section like the arm and its fine but then I get to the leg and the paint seperates. Almost as if there is a release agent still on them. But I had previously washed an rinsed the models twice. There is definitely some funk going on with some of these figures.
  21. Jabba would have to be movement speed 1 and have no combat abilities, I like the idea of mixed nikto and weequay + other alien scum troops but Jabba seems too immobile and helpless to be a commander.
  22. Hey guys, decided to make a log to show my progress doing terrain and models for SW: Legion. Not much to show yet, as i'm still building and cleaning the models. But i've got some Endor scatter terrain finished, and a couple test colors on a stormtrooper. Unsurprisingly I need to do a lot more spending on materials and paint especially primer before I can really crank out the actual figures. I might wait until I get my hands on more expansions and get everything built so I can prime everything in one go. But in the meantime here's some forest terrain i've been working on: Stormtrooper test colors, arms aren't glued on yet
  23. Maybe another expansion like the objectives/terrain one they will be releasing. Except this type with moving/interactive star wars creatures. Whether its a bantha herd, dewbacks, tusken raiders that can randomly attack both players etc. I just want to see more flavorful stuff. Plus stuff like death troopers, shoretroopers, most GCW era specialist troopers, an E web weapons team.
  24. I'm going to add minimal weathering using thinned stormvermin fur, I think less is more when it comes to weathering on stormtroopers. But some variation is okay considering i'm running 3+ squads. The armor should have some shine to it so i'll probably use a paint on varnish. I'm more or less going to be following sorastros guide with some minimal changes as I go along.
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