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  1. I actually really like that subtle change in the standard tie fighters look, I hope it's real, cause i'd buy three.
  2. These look really cool and thematic, and not too expensive either. Blows my mind GW sells aeronautica imperialis card decks for over 26 bucks and these decks are like 5 bucks..praise the lord.
  3. I just want FO in the game so I can paint these models. Imagine a phasma model at this games scale, would look awesome. Most of these troops would make for awesome figures.
  4. The T 85 looks a bit weird and a bit modern, or like a cartoon design like something you'd see in the resistance cartoon, JJ abrams probably prefers the design his team came up with for TFA. JJ is more of the nostalgia guy anyways, that's why we are getting the memorable silhouettes again.
  5. Glad to see B wings possibly get more screentime, being real though we'd lucky to get a full 60 second sequence with them though. I'm still hoping FFG brings back the TLJ bomber too, except with the blue colors as seen in the film.
  6. I really want to see models for bly and aayla secura, simply due to my choice of clone legion. It would be nice to have a variety of jedi generals though and that is one of the reasons why I feel the clone wars is a better setting for a tabletop war game.
  7. I'm not concerned at all about the sprues, I prefer having more options for customization and hard plastic is easier to clean up compared to that pvc junk the first starter box was composed of. I figure if i'm able to build necromunda van saar and delaque models without an issue then I won't bat an eye at what Legion is up to.
  8. True but I was thinking from a lore/thematic perspective, seems odd this basic issue weapon is not available to them. I don't ever recall mortars in the films.
  9. I want to see an upgrade set for phase 2 clones, like the phase 1 upgrade set. It irks me that phase 2 clones do not have access to the long rifle DC gun.
  10. I dunno, but i'm hoping for shoretroopers or one of the types from solo. shoretroopers to go with the deathtroopers makes sense to me though. Dewbacks to me make little sense, they are too slow, and were only used for transport, there's no way stormtroopers would ride those into combat...it's ridiculous.
  11. I kinda hope 800 points stays the way it is, as the standard way to play the game. Nothing can stop people from playing larger games, but for pickup games I don't wanna do 3 hour matches or whatever. I personally dread WH40k, I quit that system a long time ago and have little desire to go back to needing to field so many models at once. Plus I feel like rules wise SW legions units are balanced around the assumption both players will be using 800 points.
  12. Lol think about it though, if those spindly droids were made of PVC they'd be warped, you'd have to boil half of the arms and legs and fix them. And if they sit in the sun or you get a heatwave or hot weather they're gonna warp back into that position. The clone troopers are beefy, and aside from the DC15A there shouldn't be much in the way to fix regarding bent gun barrels. I just assembled 24 bolt action us airborne, and they gave me no trouble, the only downside is they take longer, in every other way they felt superior to the storm troopers I got in the legion core set.
  13. Yeah I don't get it, it's like the clone side is getting the short end of the stick, and lower quality figures. So if they do all the galactic republic stuff in PVC then go back and start redoing regular stormtroopers in hard plastic sprues that means the clone trooper faction might be amongst the last to get redone in hard plastic. I just don't get their thinking behind this, they should have just waited until they could at least get the basic clones on sprues before releasing this new core set.
  14. It's mentioned during the Q&A section, somewhere around or after 19 minutes in.
  15. I'm really bummed half the new core set is in the old pvc plastic and all the droids are on sprues. Truly bizarre choice to have a mix of both in the same boxed set. I had thought the clones would be on sprues as well, now that I know they aren't my interest level has dropped off a bit.
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