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  1. That's the idea. I was thinking a bit more singular when it comes to the tradition, that way people aren't trying to dip into various traditions looking for 'ultimate combos'
  2. I have the old Sanguine Games Usagi Yojimbo RPG. Going to be using that mostly as the basis for the schools and "talents" with a healthy dose of FFG Star Wars.
  3. It would. That is part of the concept for me anyways. My elevator pitch to the locals was KungFu Scifi: Chi IS a thing, it can power space travel. It is also used to power cyberware. Schools/Traditions/Corps/Governments compete for resources. It's Cyber-KungFu in Space!
  4. Thoughts on having Talents pyramid and a separate Fighting Style Talent pyramid?
  5. Perhaps to get people to think a bit more about the career they are making?
  6. You didn't? You phrased the 2 questions as either one or the other. "Are the consequences natural to the actions? Or are they designed to browbeat the players into making the choices that the GM wants?" A link would be nice. However something to think about, if Player One describes their character as an apple, yet the first 4 sessions the self described apple is an orange, pear, blueberry, and pomegranate. I, as Gm, will take issue with that. I will question during the orange and pear sessions, by blueberry? You better believe I am hitting with penalties for making RP choices about their characters that do not coincide with being an apple. The title of this thread and the first post have little in common. Boil this down to it's base parts, without that person willing to sit behind the screen and have something for the other people to engage with means; No Game. Perhaps what you should think on is what player agency actually means. Is it player agency(choice) having actual weight or is it players doing whatever, whenever?
  7. The problem with your questions is two-fold. 1. The consequences can be natural to the actions while also steering players towards certain choices. One does not exclude the other. 2. The hyperbole isn't needed.
  8. No the choice comes with consequences part. Railroad vs Sandbox vs Player Agency. Can you have meaningful Player Agency if the agency of "choice" does not come with consequences?
  9. Sorry fella there was zero indication of writing in "general terms" for "usual cases.", you tossed out a bunch of statements. I realize now not to respond to your posts. Because you forgot the other part to my post
  10. Often player agency can end up looking like a railroad. I think that gets lost in the endless debating about this. People(players) often forget that choice comes with consequences. It is often just a series of logical outcomes to player agency. That choice you as a group made 4 sessions reverberated throughout the area. IDK, if a player is new to the group, sure you might not know what they will do. I don't buy into that, gamers typically choose only a handful of ways For me "Oh, yes, my brilliant plot anticipated where your choices would take us all along!" is true, to an extant. I've been gaming since the mid 80s, players are not nearly as inventive as they think they are. Just like GMs are not nearly as mysterious as they think they are.
  11. I didn't guess wrong, I was being polite. And well, duh, my preference for using "enjoyment" vs. "fun" is just, like, my OPINION man. Hence why I worded the two sentences the way I did.
  12. My bad, still think of them as trees not pyramids. Yes, two separate pyramids Maybe call them Character Talent Pyramid and School/Martial Art Style/X Technique/Etc. Pyramid? First one that came to mind was a Wuxia type game with School Style Pyramid Buut no reason why you coouldn't do a Super Hero Pyramids either. Have a Brick, Blaster, Controller, etc. Pyramid
  13. Thoughts on having specific talents trees in conjunction with the generic talent tree? Like if we were doing a Wuxia style game that has Martial Arts Schools.
  14. I guess you missed a post of mine from 3 days back, let me get that for you. I am not a fan of using the word fun when it comes to these discussions, fun brings haha with it more than I care to agree with. I prefer the word enjoyment.
  15. Not really. The American and European idealistic sandbox game (where the direction comes from player/PC motivations, instead of GM) is the same. From my experiences, I've seen way too many (sandbox)games fall apart because the Gm(sometimes players) cling to this RightWaytoPlay purism. For me, I have found it much better on my sanity and for the players enjoyment to "read" the players to know where/what to do/go next. The Modular Encounter that FFG has in Star Wars is something I have been using for two-plus decades.
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