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  1. you could always cut up those cardboard ones from the starterS and give the uncut acrylics away to some newbies for, you know, extra-karma.
  2. I was going to copy the texts, but yeah: pretty much what the rest said. still, chewy + gunner ain't the worst thing I can think of, very useful in the movement phase (didn't hit "untokened soonts" with the first try? well.. try again).
  3. Ignore-finger getting really itchy here.
  4. very nice! wish I had a set of those. wish sth like that would be mandatory, as it leads both to more precision and less arguing -> flying most casually
  5. not giving up, we can do it. just a few thousand miles more, lads!
  6. very cool! looks like your community is a very healthy one, as you all get together without any FFG support (which is a shame..). the belt is hilarious, though I -would- wear it to every tournament from there on just because
  7. @OP you know.. some people actually "just play" and don't paint. it's good for them to have a nice, new painted model. who are you to judge them..? have/learn some manners, at the very least.
  8. Yup, and threads like this reminds me why I stopped posting here nearly as much and why people like VS and others have basically left. I keep checking the boards but until there's something more interesting then yet another 'Palp breaks the game', 'Scum is OP'ed' and 'New expansion sucks' threads to read... I just don't bother responding much. I just wonder what changed over time .. is it people who wander off other systems to xwing that overreact? is it just a huge influx in rude people who don't even recognise their "know it all, and know it all better"-attitude is quite offensive that come out of nowhere? are people mushrooms ( )? are there "more mature" boards where one can meet a more civilised crowd? .. do we have the coordinates of that rebel base and how can we keep it secret?! ;-)
  9. the sky is falling - yet again.. we really need 2 different forum parts; one for people who wanna -play- xwing, one for ... well, my mother told me some manners, so let's just say "the rest that can only talk in hyperbolic absolutes"
  10. having seen that mechworld-galactica-stuff in person several times now, it is really tempting..
  11. I really liked the killing joke. it turned out quite different then I thought initially, you simply aren't surprised by a lot of stuff that -should- be the shocker moment etc. but it has other highlights. I found the ending especially .. disturbing. and I mean that in a "not sure it's good or bad, fun or scary" kind of way.
  12. It's threads like this one when I honestly have no doubt I'm about to "ignore" a lot of people, but have no clue where to begin. so. tired. of. all. the. whining. critisism is one thing, "the sky is falling, we are all doomed - and you're to blame" is something else - and it happens all the time around here - now. we used to be "people who play xwing". now we are "imperial players" "scum players" and "rebel players" - and it seems we're supposed to hate/rage/*****/whine about the two other groups, cause you can only be in "that one cool gang". It's a very long time in the past for me, but it feels like effing kindergarden. ..had to get that from my chest. good night and "carry on".
  13. the rebels have biggs, and quite frankly, biggs is perhaps the most broken mechanic in the whole game (cause the opponent can do very little about it). he maybe -the- single reason rebels in general don't shine.. cause everything has to be still-balanced with biggs in the picture. rebels need something to make the xwing viable again, which in turn (biggs..) makes the rest of the stuff better in that instance. this forum as a whole needs less nagging about what everybody and his dog need and more fun playing again. reminds me a lot of the GW-forum of yesteryear here the last months(+), and that's really not a good thing.
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