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  1. hello there. is there any cool looking Character folios covers for all three of the star wars games that are not titles and are in pdf form.
  2. oggdude can you do up a firespray in flight look?
  3. hello there. does anyone know where i can find any star wars vehicle silhouettes images online to use In my own vehicle sheets? the ones I have from oggdude are fine but I want some more.
  4. does anyone know if there will be any new core rulebooks for any upcoming star wars games?
  5. microsoft word sheets that look like the character sheets.
  6. hello there. does anyone know where I can find any character info in any dropbox online location?
  7. hello there, does anyone know where I can find cool looking info for character creation in any dropbox file?
  8. yes i would like to see a word format version of the character sheet.
  9. i want to sheet if there are any microsoft word versions of the sheet.
  10. awayputurwpn do you have a pdf cupy of edge of the empire jewel of yavin? I would like to know.
  11. hello there. where can i find any of the books in pdf forum? I would like to know.
  12. hello there, does anyone know of any websites that may have Force And Destiny beta character sheets in Word Template forum, and if so where?
  13. hello there. does anyone know where i can find any AOR beta character sheets?
  14. Hello there. i would like to know who may have made the best WEG version of the Edge of The Empire Character Sheet and what does it look like.
  15. here is new link to try for the sheets.http://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=6D6D79BA7437787C!1446&authkey=!AGBJqQLOFhw2tl8&ithint=folder%2c so here we go, an let me know what you think.
  16. here is a link to a few character sheets. http://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=6D6D79BA7787C!1445&authkey=!ANB57dPxl6tx6ZE&ithint=folder%2c
  17. Any custom Star Wars rpg sheets made for the star wars other than the sheets that came out with the books?
  18. do you think they will do up a rebels rpg book from the Star Wars Rebels TV Show?
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