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  1. trust me, the kid will do everything in their power before their 18 to make you regret missing out on the clone wars for their birth.
  2. I'm terrible with money, I have spent money poorly and with bad decisions for years. Recently I am trying to grow up and not be dumb with money, it's a constant battle. That said, we have what, four or five months of waiting? 75/4 = $19 or 75/5 = $15 I can set that aside each month. Yes i'm older and am established career wise and make good money but even when I was in my early 20s making a ton less i could have managed the $15 then too. It makes it easier if you look at it that way. now granted I want two of those, and two of the onagers so it'll be more for me, but still. you can uh, save money and be responsible (stop laughing)
  3. There was a photo floating around with a nebulon B next to it, you can see the resemblance somewhat there. VERTICAL SPACE SHIP SUPERIORITY Is StarHawk the name of this ship or is it the class? I read the books, but slept since then and don't remember much. Glad to see new ships, hopefully though more comes from the clone wars or new movies too.
  4. My LGS confirmed one and I have it reserved So yee-hah now how to crash it into the side of a deathstar on the table.
  5. SSD GA, least that's how I read it.
  6. I appreciate that response, but it doesn't tell someone who isn't an expert anything. I've bought the brush soap, follow the instructions on what to do with it. Far as I know the brushes I bought *claimed* to be that, but they don't act like that (the non army painter ones)
  7. Do you ever talk about brushes? I can't seem to get mine to behave like most videos I watch. Even the slightest pressure and they splay out. I've tried just some generic sables I've bought, as well as the army painter ones, and no matter what I do to get to the point to put paint on the model when i touch it's a starfish looking thing or bent sideways. When you do it on video, it's this solid point no movement and the paint magically comes off Is that just learned technique?
  8. I am a Star Wars model nut already far along down the line of collecting Armada and X-Wing. I’m a little crazier as in general i want ‘two’ of each ship type unless they’re named (Think Chimera or Profundity) I also have let this affliction take over from X-Wing. I started there first actually. If you have the money and the spouse won’t kick you out of the house go for it. problems will be: Card Storage Ship Storage Dial Storage you are throwing away so much cardboard and plastic when you open these things. I save the ziploc bags but i have a million of them it seems like. I wish there was a better way to package allot his stuff. It makes for great models though. I take some to work and rotate through my desk. The ‘epic ship’ you might get lucky and find some 1.0s for half the price right now, they weren’t selling and places are marking them down like Amazon has the CROC for 50. But it won’t take long for those to spike back up. I managed to grab the CROC and Raider for $25 each about four months ago. So you can find things for sales. That said I also run into Pokémon issues. Gotta have them all. Right now it bugs the heck out of me I can’t find a K-Wing anywhere. I started x-wing after it’d been out a while and never got the two of those. The 2.0 upgrade made me twitchy, and now i have all these 1.0 cards that I can’t throw away but are useless if I want to play the game with others. I hope Armada doesn’t get a 2.0 with the rumored clone wars stuff coming. It was a bummer when x-wing dumped the tiny card now I have all these sleeves and no where to use them. so yeah you can go crazy. Join me Feldherr must love me I have a ton of their foam to store things.
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