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  1. I see what you gys are doing. FFG will step up Wave 8's scheduled release if only to nerf this thread. Well played Admirals
  2. Just bought a 2nd Pelta for my fleet. Its gonna be my wave 8.
  3. Empathy for your Dras. I have faith we will see something before the week is out. We are at the mercy of market forces. Armada will never be the priority. Just accept where the game is on the $$ hierarchy and adjust your expectations accordingly.
  4. Great stuff gys! I love the idea of Pelta Assault ship with Flechettes, Draven and Engine Techs. 70 points and seems like it would be a anti-squad beast!
  5. Hi Everyone. As I sit and stare at my not insignificant fleet of rebel ships and wait for news of waves to come, my eyes were drawn to my single copy of the Pelta class command ship and I realized she's not been on the battlefield for quite some time. With its low speed and relatively meager shielding I'm not comfortable putting on the table these days. Easy to catch, not too hard to kill. But I wondered if its simply my biases limiting my fleet building. If anyone has had success with the Pelta lately please I'd love to hear from my fellow rebel admirals. Cheers everyone
  6. Dear FFG Really enjoying Wave 7. I'm ready for my MC-85 now. Thank you
  7. Penguin I'm with you and your post is timely. I was wondering the same thing this week as I havent had a game in weeks and my brain (a limiting factor for sure) seems to have run out of potential interesting rebel fleet permutations. At this point I feel I need an injection of additional content and the accompanying variables to put the zip-bang into committing multiple hours into table-top rather than my attention starved offspring. Wave 3 Let's frickin go.
  8. I'm not a big fan of the Neb in this list and also having it be your flagship as they can be quite fragile. I'd move Mothma to Jaina's light. Also look at replacing the Neb with MC-30 Admonition and switching your squads to Rogues. I just ran a similar fleet and it was a blast. Took down a duel ISD list.
  9. U need Jan Oors in that list somehow if you want the Scurrgs to be a threat. One enemy squad could lock them down and with 2 blue Anti-squadron they dont have the ability to fight themselves free.
  10. Definetly switch out Mon Mothma. You are spending 30 points to upgrade 3 defense tokens. Garm is a solid recommend or you could remove Gallant Haven and with the points saved have Ackbar take command and chuck mittfulls of red dice.
  11. I just played with Nym and he was able to bomb 3 turns out of the 6. His ability didnt go off once so I'm thinkin generic Scurrg is the way to go unless you really want his braces.
  12. I've been wondering about Nym's Havoc as well as compared to a generic Scurrg. Basically you're paying for that ability and 2 Braces. If you've set them up with Jan and an X-Wing Escort then the braces probly wont get used. And the odds of that ability going off dont seem great. If you can get 3 Scurrgs all bombing the same ship chances are most defense tokens will get exhausted and a follow-up volley from one of your capital ships will cause one or some to get burnt thereby achieving the same effect. Although Nym's ability prevents the defense token from being used at all so its pretty tempting.
  13. I dont see you getting value out of Redemption on the field of battle. I'd be more inclined to put Mothma on a corvette A w/ Jaina's light and turbolaser reroute circuits
  14. I am not looking forward to the Dreadnought. Looks like a pig in space.
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