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  1. Now heres something ... On the back of the core box it says "Netrunner is licensed from WOTC" I have always known that Android belongs too FFG, also Gartfields game was a CCG this was developed as a LCG ... would it bot be possible to simply drop the Netrunner bit and carry on the game as simply "Android - The Card Game" ? Like Arkham ?
  2. Technically not, digital and analogue rights can be farmed out seperately (and make more money that way) Look at Hair Brained, Piranha and Catalyst's ownership of the Battletech/Mechwarrior licenses for instance and 2 of those are developing digital platforms of the same I.P. (HairBrained and Catalyst also share concurrent Shadowrun licenses too )
  3. Not sure if you ever got the "quiz" program Crystal Maze in the U.S. but you could take a leaf out of their book and some clues could be found by doing Physical challenges (a clue is hidden on top of a high book case or under something really heavy), Mental or Agillity (you have to squeeze through a small space or walk a ballance beam over a pit) etc, this could lead some of the more brutish characters feeling like they are part of the team and not just the tank ..... also failing the challenges could result in a lock in (imagine something like House on Haunted Hill where an investigator fails a challenge and gets trapped in a room or something until the others can "buy" them out) , basically not all your clue finding challenges rely in the brainy "clue hoover" in the game .. also as you say a clue could be a riddle .. so instead of getting a clue there and then you are given a clue to where the clue is (or where the next riddle to the over all clue is) so as opposed to the act advancing when you reach a certain amount of clues you are chasing clues/riddles to an ultimate goal, I know this could reduce the re-play value cos once you know the answer then you will remember for next time so maybe this kind of thing could be addressed in Homebrew or stand alone scenarios ?
  4. I'll be honest until last night I was deffo one of those "nope I solo never ever will I buy a second core" then I looked at my decks and every expansion has 2 or each card yet the core only has one copy of each player card, I kept thinking that getting a second core would make it too easy but I am starting to think that the core is really more a case of a basic intro to the game to get you up and running. Deffo you will be limited in the decks you can make (no wiggle room) and if you wanna play more than 2 you seriously need more than 1 boxed .. I have all the decks so far and even with everything the decks are not the best to play with (I solo with single investigator too :S) so I do see the benefit of getting a second core and the simple fact that its not going to destroy the game as 99% of the cards are being released in pairs :S .. Few months time I'll pick up a second core and fround out my initial decks but for now I am happy with what I have.
  5. Chaos Cards in the UK who do ship world wide seem to be in stock .. tbh I have all the packs (essex will be in the local store on pre-order on monday) but this is the last thing I need .. tbh I am having more trouble getting coulour co-ordinated storage boxes and sleeves :S
  6. If anyone is in the UK and reading this The Works sell them for a quid or you can get them from their web site for 12 units fot £9.99 and sell them at the game store
  7. I think it would be cool to see some locations re-used .. Say the next deluxe is Innsmouth (PLEASE) .. Adventure one uses locations 1-6, adventure 2 uses locations 7-12 and adventures 3 uses locations 1 through 12, Mythos pack one comes out and uses some of the locations from the deluxe set , we could then have maybe 2 adventures in the mythos pack as opposed to 1 making the whole campaign longer all over. Also how about the next stand alone adventure based on HPL's story The Horror at Red Hook, act one of that adventure could be to find a certain building that hides a secret, now if you have read Shadow over innsmouth and Horror at red Hook you will know that they both share a certain building in common .. so you could run HIRH as a side quest (starting at act 2 as you have already found said building in Innsmouth with certain criteria to make HIRH available, chaos bag, players discression) and it would fit into the current campaign a lot better than just waking one morning in Dunwich and thinking "heck its Carnivale lets all bugger off to Italy YAY! ! ! ! !!"
  8. ANy one checked out Cryo Chamber on Youtube ? more atmospheric than the type of thing you would have heard on the radio (wireless even) at the time but suitably creepy
  9. Id say there is simply only one answer to this question .. Cryo Chamber on Youtube does dark ambient mixes (1 hour 2 hour etc) of Cthulhu inspired lushness https://www.youtube.com/user/cryochamberlabel
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