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  1. Ironically I felt like The Last Jedi was one of the best in the whole series, with Solo being the worst. And I grew up in the 80s with the orignal trilogy being my go to school holiday binge. (my preference in order: Solo, II, I, IV, III, V, VII, VI, Rogue One, VIII)
  2. Yes, deployment is always to the nearest legal space.
  3. An unnofficial discussion isn't a confirmation. The announcement article didn't actually say that there would be a campaign other than what might have been added flavour used in a heading without any further substantiation. It seems more likely that the scenarios are interconnected by a theme in order to reuse the same tiles, jungle, similarly to how the last one was travel (train, ship, derigible).
  4. It's not fourth edition, it's just another game in the Arkham Files universe, like Eldritch Horror, Mansions of Madness and Elder Sign.
  5. They already announced an upcoming expansions like a month ago, so it would have been too close for another announcement. Especially with another Akham Files game on the way
  6. The rule is that while barbarians are in a city state, then the city state can't be attacked. It doesn't say you can't attack the barbarians. They don't get a bonus from the city state and the terrain is a value of 1.
  7. The databank deck allows for multiple cards of the same number, so only if it's the only copy can you keep it. Otherwise you should return it for the chance to draw a different one. There may be jobs (maybe in the expansion) that have multiple databank cards linked to them.
  8. I would expect expansions to include extra map pieces, but that these would be exchanged with the current ones, it won't increase the length of the board. (as this would affect complexity and play time much more)
  9. The expanded universe was only declared non-cannon in 2014, which is when the X-Wing expansion was released. Presumably the Armada expansion was already in development.
  10. The fact that they marked spaces for the Market, but not for any of the other decks messes with my OCD too much. It moved the mat from a "must-have" to probably not bothering with. Also I'd much rather have preferred player mats or some alternative to the player board, because when I played the game last weekend for the first time, our biggest issue was that the player board didn't stat put, it kept moving, or spinning when you bumped it (it doesn't seem to actually lie flat)
  11. Thanks, that was what I was looking for. I was looking in the index under fame.
  12. I stopped at a planet on my first turn and the encounter card I drew offered me to buy a ship for free after spending a reputation point (which I could) but it also required me to lose fame which at that point I had 0. Could I have purchased the ship, can you spend fame (or for that matter, repution) for a reward if you are at 0 (or negative reputation)? I could not find any rule that said I couldn't, usually FFG rules make a point of specifying you can't spend if you are at 0. I could only find a rule that said if you lose fame when you're at 0, it stays at 0.
  13. There was an update of the app in Steam that has completely corrupted all messages in the app. Now every message (and button and character name) says something like ui_new. Looks like an issue with the localization. Looks fine now - think it just needed a restart.
  14. I've not played much skirmish, and I'm not a fan of the app. But my friends and I have enjoyed the game since it's launch and we will likely continue playing and replaying the campaigns. It's sad if we don't get any more content, but that's not going to invalidate what I have on my shelf.
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