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  1. Sentry Droids + Focus

    Only the first attack. Because each attack is declared separately and the focus is lost at the end of an attack. For example in the case of BT1 it says he is focused before each attack, so he gets focused for each of the three attacks in his missile salvo.
  2. Overall Variety in MoM

    And each expansion has added variations to scenarios from previous expansions. So there's a lot of replay ability
  3. Masks Review - such potential...but...

    I haven't gotten it yet, but based on what I've heard, I'm already wanting it for the AO for the mysteries requiring adventures and the way you can bring in Egypt or Dreamland for a different AO. The rest is frosting. I'm not enamoured by the campaign but already have thought of ways to house rule it. As for other mechanics you can easily take them or leave them. There's so many investigators and other cards you're never forced to play any particular mechanic.
  4. Expansion Guide

    I would definitely get Forsaken Lore, since it improves the existing Ancient Ones and all the other decks. In fact I wouldn't even play the game at all without it. After that I would get Cities in Ruin because its the most fun mechanic, and then Strange Remnants for having an interesting AO. Those would also be the cheapest expansions. Then I would consider the larger ones. I got Mountains if Madness first because I love stories set in Antarctica, but I didn't enjoy it as much as Under the Pyramids or Dreamlands.
  5. New expansion and mind Blown

    I haven't played it yet (it's not in my country yet) but after reading the rules I've been considering the following house rules: - guarantee Shudde M'ell is in the list - possibly add another random prelude to each game to shake things up - stagger the difficulty, start with easy mythos for the first game and go harder with each one until the last one is only hard mythos - do not reuse mythos cards that have been used (if it wasn't drawn it can go back) customise the deck based on the current and next ao - allow investigators to keep all their possessions and upgrades. Dead investigators stay on the board for future games - because of the difficulty of getting the same players together, allow new players to pick new investigators. Existing investigators stay in their location from the last game. And items can be traded with inactive investigators.
  6. Or they were hoping to guarantee the focus from Battle Meditation for another hero, but the order of triggers doesn't allow that
  7. Line of Sight Verification

    This is confusing the rule about adjacent corners of a target square when determining line of sight and the rule about what counts as adjacent squares. For determining line of sight, the RRG is explicitly clear that the corners have to be adjacent. This means they have to be joined by a single side. When talking about adjacency in terms of adjacent squares or adjacent figures, this is handled by the Adjacency rules, which is laid out in more detail because of complexity like blocking terrain, walls, doors, etc... But without all that, it refers to every square next to the target square in both orthogonal and diagonal directions.
  8. Line of Sight Verification

    Doesn't have to be in front... You can draw to any two corners, even the ones on the other side of the figure. The two corners just need to be next to each other. Diagonal corners aren't adjacent to each other.
  9. Line of Sight Verification

    No, the corners you trace to have to be adjacent to each other. A little stipulation that's easily missed in the rules.
  10. Combine Hoth with Bespin

    Not really? You can choose to do them or not? In my game my gf is heading to the final mission with two threat missions still in play. Also they're a random draw... So you have different options... And there's so many class cards.. I don't think replayability is affected. What would have been nice though is more than just four with a mechanic to bring them into other campaigns. Like a class being dependent on them like bounty tokens.
  11. Masks of Nyarlathotep

    But why wouldn't that blend? Each ruin does something else... We've got expeditions that involve time travel...
  12. IA Price Increase

    Exactly. They wouldn't have released an app on their cost if they thought the game was dead. As for the Hasbro thing, folk are reading too much into it. FFG had the Star Wars license, and Hasbro had a deal with Disney. Disney bought Star Wars and caused some legal wrangling. Obviously they sorted something out because FFG has since released further expansions to all their Star Wars games including IA and X-Wing, and release Rebellion plus Expansion, and Destiny, and Legion... Its obvious there's no issues. Probably Hasbro just takes a cut and is happy somebody else is footing the risks. But we really don't know and it's pointless to speculate.
  13. IA Price Increase

    In a way its good news. If IA weren't doing well they'd drop the price, get rid of the stock and stop production. If they're bothering with a price increase, they're likely planning to reprint for a while still and likely still produce new content. Price increases can't be helped, dollar has worsened, and likely the costs of manufacture have increased.
  14. Question of Riot Trooper in OPEN GROUP

    In the expansions it is under setup, where you find the instructions of how to add the components to the base game. Generally for the box expansions it's by quantity of figures. Figure packs are different and list their rules under component limitations.
  15. Question of Riot Trooper in OPEN GROUP

    The rules aren't clear. They say that you can't simultaneously use more than two groups, but it doesn't seem to block you from having all three in your open groups. If anything, that might penalise you for not being able to deploy all three at the same time, it would be better to have a different group as the third?