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  1. Imperial Actions

    Stun will still prevent it from a full move, but will be more useful against enemies that have double attacks, like e-webs. The theory is the AI is stupid and needs to have the advantages against players, hence in the app the enemies have several small advantages they don't have anywhere else. The app overrides whatever the stats are on the cards.
  2. Range and Combat

    D'oh! Yeah, meant can't.
  3. Range and Combat

    You can shoot around corners, when the map has those long joining hallways. But you can't shoot through walls or doors. Range is 3 spaces in any direction, even around corners. This only counts for ranged spells and guns (look for the symbol of a pistol or the words 'within range'). If its a knife symbol or doesn't specify within range, you have to be in the same square. You do get ranged and melee spells...
  4. Marie Lambeau - Smokey Velvet

    I would suggest send an official rule query and let us know?
  5. Mauls Torch?

    Episode 3 , at the very end. Also @a1bert - Yoda
  6. No, the crate token is claimed by the player that opened it. Not sure about skirmish, but as far as I know they've never made an appearance in the campaign. At least not in any missions I've played? I suspect they were added as a just in case.
  7. Yes, if you get multiple instances of pierce, the values stack.
  8. Imperial Actions

    Note that it is not a full move, so it's not that different. The figures aren't suddenly getting a huge advantage.
  9. First Campaign!

    With my group of friends, even meeting a regular once a month is difficult. On average it takes us 14 months to finish a campaign.
  10. First Campaign!

    Scheduling can be a pain. One thing to be careful of, never let too much time pass between games. If you're meeting less than once a month, players will forget how to play the game.
  11. Yet another first campaign thread...

    Note that the Descent experience can actually be negative as the game plays rather differently and there's certain key differences and small rule changes that are often overlooked.
  12. The Anti-Hero Guide

    You mean dodge. Evade is the one that cancels surges.
  13. Home-made expansion: Rogue One

    Expert engineer? Advanced Projects?
  14. Tips on teaching the game

    Thematically fun but considerably more difficult for noobs. My new group almost didn't want to come back after that mission. I won't use Twin Shadows as an introductory game again.
  15. Tips on teaching the game

    Personally I would go for the first mission of the Core campaign. Its easy and simple and allows for teaching the basics of the rules. Use the nemeses class from Jabba's Realm and bring in Greedo for some fun with the Rebels.