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  1. neosmagus

    Some questions

    There's different ways to get clues. Sometimes based on the dialog tree, or particularly good test results, you get additional clues. There's one character that gets clues each time a monster is killed. They probably realized there weren't enough clue tokens in the core set and add additional. However since their policy is also to always assume the player hasn't purchased any of the other expansions, they ensure that each expansion contains all the tokens they may need when combined with the core. This does lead to considerably more tokens than you need if you have purchased all the expansions On the other hand, the question mark tokens are a known quantity. They know how many points of interest each scenario can have at a time, so the quantity is more restricted.
  2. neosmagus

    MOM2e Game Spreadsheets

    I think the person made a typo in their spreadsheet. MOM 2nd edition does not use the standard card size, so there are no green sleeves needed. It is yellow for all the small cards, and orange for the investigator cards.
  3. The instruction is it moves to the nearest investigator. Only after it has moved do you choose a target of whoever has the highest lore. Since the investigator outside the door is neither adjacent nor in range, it would not be a target. But besides that, the golden rule of MOM is that if you're faced by a choice, you take the worst option.
  4. neosmagus

    Disapponting experience

    I own a bunch of games from Asmodee. Only problems I had was that Hit Z Road was missing some zombie figures and Dead of Winter had a misprinted card. Even though I live in South Africa, Asmodee sent replacements with no questions asked.
  5. bear in mind that the app does not handle things like Imperial class cards, or Agenda cards, reward cards, bounty tokens, or even the one or two supply cards you keep between missions. There would actually be very little shared coding between deck management, campaign tracking, or what the app does.
  6. neosmagus

    Looks promising!

    But they've done that with many of the recent previews and releases. The last wave was almost entirely spoiled via Facebook and Twitter rather than getting articles.
  7. I think you would need to use the laptop. OP was asking for something to manage the decks. @Tvboy's spreadsheet is an awesome campaign tracker, but it doesn't manage the decks for you. I would suggest using this anyway, regardless of using Vassal or not. I haven't seen any apps on the Google store yet that comes close to what OP was asking for.
  8. This will likely never happen... Though it would be great if it did. But in the meantime, you might want to check out http://www.vassalengine.org/wiki/Module:Star_Wars:_Imperial_Assault This let's you manage cards and stuff in an app, and even let's you manage the board and figures. I sometimes use it as a companion to the physical game to manage the cards.
  9. neosmagus

    What expansion should I get first

    The first expansion I would recommend would be Forsaken Lore - it adds cards to the existing decks, including the Ancient Ones, adding more variation. After that it would purely depend on what themes you like and what you want from the game. Masks of Nyarlathotep can be left for last. I personally really enjoyed the Cities in Ruin expansion and the Under the Pyramids expansion.
  10. neosmagus

    Corruption condition and Father Mateo

    It would be discarded. Father Mateo gives the condition to the other investigator, so he doesn't have it anymore. But instead of receiving it, the other investigator loses their corruption condition. Both cards get discarded.
  11. neosmagus

    Investigators & Monsters

    Only the figures (investigators and monsters) and map tiles are used. All other components from first edition are not. The only advantage to getting the first edition boxes (core box and 2 expansions) is being able to play first edition which requires at least two players (one to be the baddie, the other to be the investigators). Those two second edition expansion boxes only contain the figures and tiles and nothing else. Both they and first edition are dependent on the conversion kit to use in second edition.
  12. What does this line mean? Melee attacks can be declared by or targeting that figure, ignoring those spaces of blocking terrain.
  13. neosmagus

    Simple Horror Card Clarification needed

    But it's also rare because you would have to draw specific cards from a huge deck where the majority don't do anything much. And sometimes it can be lucky where you draw one that says you can discard it or something. I've had a situation where a chain reaction actually cleared my damage
  14. neosmagus

    Simple Horror Card Clarification needed

    Damage, not horror. You pull a damage card (face down) then flip the horror you took face down. But yes, if a card instructs you to take additional damage/horror, it is on top of what you were already instructed to take. An unlucky sequence of cards can easily chain react into numerous amounts of additional horror/damage.
  15. neosmagus

    Organizing components?

    Great idea until an expansion is released or you sleeve the cards and then they don't fit anymore. I don't think I've kept an insert from a single game, especially the moulded ones.