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  1. Each surge result will is a success, so you need to roll 3 surges. Han will only get one success so he will fail the test. However if it is a test you can attempt again, ie a locked safe, the successes stay. You can place a token on the object, and in a future attempt trade the tokens for additional successes. So if Han attempted it 3 times, the third time would be a success. Or if another character attempted it and got 2 successes and then Han attempted it, he would succeed on his first try as he would add the third success.
  2. neosmagus

    Is this game still being made?

    But as we all know by now, FFG keeps everything close to them and doesn't divulge information easily.
  3. The heroes in Jabba's Realm had that, but that was because they were Scum, to prevent the Imperial Player from earning them with Nemeses. It is interesting that these ones are Rebels and marked like that. Maybe they do have additional roles in the campaign...
  4. neosmagus

    88-Z Rules

    Diala with dancing weapon and the weighted head would be a pretty effective counter to 88-Z...
  5. That's why I say unique stuff. Tiles, campaign materials, heroes, villians, allies, and other skirmish cards and command cards that are limited. With stuff you can duplicate in the blister packs. Because right now I'm fine for campaign, but if I want to field even one extra group of trandoshans for skirmish I have to spend a fortune buying a core box...
  6. I still think they should have kept only uniques in the boxes and have everything else tokens. It would have made way more sense to be able to buy multiple packs of the non uniques which you currently can only do for the Rebel figures, Jawas, hired guns , dewbacks, at-st and stormtroopers
  7. neosmagus

    Hypothetical IA 2nd edition

    Mansions of Madness second edition released new tiles, heroes, etc, and didn't worry about compatibility with the older set or expansions, but offered a conversion kit to let you use the old components in the new system, and then released those components in new edition expansions for those that didn't have 1st edition already... So that could work with IA....
  8. Consider a house rule where the player draws 3 or 4 cards and then picks one. That way they can tailor it to whatever their mood is. Though to be fair, the entire line suffers from that... Including Eldritch Horror, the LCG and Elder Sign. The Mythos is meant to be unfair I think...
  9. neosmagus

    The Anti-Hero Guide

    1. No. The text in both cases explicitly states to add +2 instead of +1. It does not say to add an additional +1. 2. Figures are friendly to themselves and the text does not say another figure, so Ko-Tun gets the boost as well.
  10. neosmagus

    Timing trigger for multiple abilities

    But opportunist has Jyn's attack as a trigger. If she does peacemaker and then quick as a whip, doesn't the last one skip the trigger of 'after you resolve an attack'? I would think you'd have to do quick as a whip first and then peacemaker and then use its attack as a trigger for opportunist?
  11. Imagine: gain Hondo as an ally. After each mission Rebel players must pay 300 credits or lose Hondo. In this case the Imperial player earns Hondo as a villian. The Imperial player may not earn Hondo any other way.
  12. neosmagus

    Imperial Actions

    Stun will still prevent it from a full move, but will be more useful against enemies that have double attacks, like e-webs. The theory is the AI is stupid and needs to have the advantages against players, hence in the app the enemies have several small advantages they don't have anywhere else. The app overrides whatever the stats are on the cards.
  13. neosmagus

    Range and Combat

    D'oh! Yeah, meant can't.
  14. neosmagus

    Range and Combat

    You can shoot around corners, when the map has those long joining hallways. But you can't shoot through walls or doors. Range is 3 spaces in any direction, even around corners. This only counts for ranged spells and guns (look for the symbol of a pistol or the words 'within range'). If its a knife symbol or doesn't specify within range, you have to be in the same square. You do get ranged and melee spells...
  15. neosmagus

    Marie Lambeau - Smokey Velvet

    I would suggest send an official rule query and let us know?