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  1. 426.11 After you finish reading the encounter, place that card on the bottom of the deck it was drawn from, unless it is an event card. It is still an encounter card that is drawn from the anomaly deck.
  2. No, there is no line of sight in this game. Range still counts around corners. Something that might be overlooked, if you are sharing a space with a monster and perform an action other than attack, or try to leave the space (ie, you trigger an evade check)... If you fail the evade the game tells you what happens, remember to click the evade on the monster with the highest bonus. If the game doesn't tell you that you forfeit your action, you still get to perform it. That was annoying in one of our games, we had to get evidence out of the house so we decided to run for it instead of fighting the main villain and failed the evade check. It's penalty was dropping a random item but I didn't forfeit my action. So I had to still leave the room, but the random item dropped was the evidence! I had to go back in and pick it up and failed more evade checks. Should have just fought the guy. When trading, you know you're not limited to how many items you can trade or with who or pick up from the ground? If we happen to be standing on the same space, we try to make use of the trade action to shuffle stuff around between us / pick up loot from the ground, for a single action.
  3. If you try to encounter all tokens / explore all rooms / pickup all items, you will generally lose the scenario, that's intentional. Scenarios have a ticking clock and trick you into wasting time. The idea is to use the clues (and subtle - and sometimes not so subtle - cues to how fast the clock is ticking) to efficiently solve the mystery. As for range, it's its always three spaces, but blocked by walls and doors. If a monster refers to an investigator in range but it is on the other side of a door, then you are not in range. You always get a free movement into a newly revealed room. And exploring outdoors will almost always be a free action to reveal tiles, but the downside is it can trigger stuff you're not ready for yet. Tests that ask you to specify how many successes you rolled will generally reward you if you rolled in excess with additional clues.
  4. I've never been concerned about upgrade order during my campaigns and we do it all simultaneously. I tell the players how much XP and credits they have and lay out the item cards and they can pick and do as they wish. At the same time I do my class upgrade and then we're all done at about the same time.
  5. It's not so easy. The problem is when you have dependencies. For example I have a game on Steam that does not work on Windows 10 at all. Until recently I had it working fine inside a Windows XP virtual machine. Except now Steam refuses to run on Windows XP because it's not supported anymore. The windows version of Mansions of Madness is also dependent on Steam, so we're at their whim when it comes to compatibility. That's even assuming we still use any of the OS that we use nowadays. For all you know in 10 years everything runs in the web and we don't have the ability to run anything locally anymore. All the signs are pointing to that, so unless somebody writes a third party app to replace the official app (because it's all too likely FFG will either not exist or care anymore), you can't play it anymore.
  6. Zombie Girl is a good artist for this too
  7. There is no 'combat'. During the investigator phase you can spend an action to engage and attack a monster. You do damage according to your test result. If a monster engages an investigator during the monster phase (or if you're engaged already) , you do not get to attack (or evade) until the next investigator phase. Instead you take damage from each monster and you don't get to perform an encounter. While engaged you can only attack, evade, or focus. If you successfully evade, you get a free action. If you fail to evade you will have spent that action for nothing and you remain engaged.
  8. At this point I am doubting the release of any new physical content. Andrew made it clear in the AMA they were considering IA as complete. More likely they were referring to more raid maps or another app campaign to drive sales of existing product.
  9. Not as yet. In the AMA video they said they were slowing down on expansions deciding to focus on quality rather than quantity.
  10. I wouldn't mind if they released an expansion that allowed playing without an app, basically an upgrade of the original Mansions of Madness. I missed the chance to buy that version.
  11. I bought Gen7 when it came out, I have not played it yet as I struggle to get people interested in a campaign, and being minumum 3 players I can't even play it just with my wife. And when I have a few people up for a campaign, it's more likely for Imperial Assault.
  12. We'll probably see a new edition with minis or something. I wish they'd bring back Battlestar Galactica (I missed the chance to buy it) Is Gen7 even a thing anymore, the expansion never made it to my area and nobody really talks about it, so I feel like it underperformed...
  13. Currently I am enjoying AH3 more than Eldritch Horror, the latter has become too bloated, especially with the last expansion, and AH3 is way more thematic. I've never played AH2 though.
  14. More accurately it is not the move action that triggers the evade check, it is when you attempt to leave the monster's space. Performing the move action doesn't trigger the evade check just like an attack action doesn't. Any action that isn't a move or attack triggers evade, and attempting to leave the monsters space triggers an evade
  15. There's no cards in those expansions (the cards are included in the core set). It's figures and tiles.
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