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  1. I would agree. If Leia can't attack, she can't make somebody else attack "the same target"
  2. The article said they won't be using tiles and enemies from expansions. By the looks of things, items and heroes will be available from day one. (presumably much less work involved in adding the heroes than variations to all the maps/enemy events for all the different enemies)
  3. Which is why I've not been very excited about it. I'll grab it and give it a play with my girlfriend (we currently love playing two player campaigns, with her controlling two heroes). But I actually really enjoy being the Imperial player, much more than I tend to enjoy being a Rebel player. I might end up continuing to be the Imperial player with the app. Last time I played Mansions of Madness there were six of us and I took over the app and monsters and ended up enjoying it quite a lot.
  4. Arkham Horror LCG has that rule as well... Hmm, might add it to Mansions if it gets too easy...
  5. I'd say almost definitely a map update, followed by a figure pack wave, followed by either a new expansion and/or app update.
  6. This can be tricky especially for the inexperienced guy. When you're playing against a superior Imperial player where eve a couple bad decisions will cause you to lose the campaign, then trying to rush them will make it feel like you're purposefully setting them up for failure and probably reduce the chance of them wanting to play. I've had this both way as Imperial Player with groups much less strategic than me and as Rebel player playing against an Imperial player that was running circles around us. I'd try and prevent analysis paralysis, and maybe control the amount of OOT conversations going on that slow the game, but I wouldn't want to rush people from making decisions, especially if they're less experienced.
  7. At the very least the art from the Crimson Empire agenda mission card that came with the Champion is from X-Wing, the elite interceptor pack. That always messes me around when I see it, hehe. But yes FFG reuses all their art, why pay for something new when you can use stuff you already own.
  8. But they've changed their schedules, big box close to middle of the year, no small box. Small boxes were great for padding the side mission decks. But maybe they're less necessary now. Also how well did the Twin Shadows and Bespin Gambit boxes sell compared to Hoth and Jabba's Realm? I wouldn't be surprised if we've gone to one box a year with random figure packs in between.
  9. I got a4 plastic sleeve files similar to the op image. Works brilliantly. I had to cut them to size (did the same for the rule books), just be careful not to slice off any parts of the maps Way more compact than a ring binder. Easily handled. I'm happy with the results. What I also did was combine all the rules. So the learn to play, RRG, and the rule sections of the other books are all in the same file. Because the Small Box expansions had smaller books, I added transparency pages for stiffness to those pages. The figure pack sheets and skirmish sheets are all together in another book. The first three campaigns are in another book (used up exactly 50 pages). The mini campaigns in another book. And Heart of the Empire currently in its own book.
  10. The one set would match the clues from Eldritch Horror with the locations on one side, and presumably a magnifying glass on the other. The other set is generic for use in any of the Arkham Horror games but won't have locations on them
  11. At the start of the round the Imperial Player readies all their cards, and the Rebels only ready their activation tokens. It's only when a Rebel flips their token from green to red that they ready their class cards (regardless of number of players). This is something my Rebels keep forgetting and I have to remind them
  12. There are some abilities that add cards to the draw, so it can make a difference... And extra card will affect probability, especially if a Rebel is looking for a specific card or combo of cards
  13. Note that movement points from special actions are different and have to be spent immediately and don't get added to the movement point pool unless something says differently.
  14. Yes, you can divide your movement points before and after attacks and actions. What the rule says is you have to end your movement, ie you need to stop in a valid space, attack, then continue moving. Some folk were trying to do attacks while in another figure's space, which is why the rule was added. the second item is to clarify the difference between performing a move (which is gaining movement points, not moving the character) and spending movement points. If a rule refers to performing a move, it means the action of gaining movement points. Spending movement points are not an action.
  15. The disadvantage is the size of the shop reduces each mission because of items already purchased. Hence why you need to make a note, so you always draw the same amount. but it is an interesting variant that I might consider...