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  1. neosmagus

    This or Mansions of Madness ?

    In my experience, they both are. I own both and alternate them because I like both. But they both also needed expansions to make them better. The base Mansions of Madness doesn't have a huge amount of replay ability. But each expansion has not only added new scenarios but also added to many of the previous scenarios so each one has a few surprises each time you play. Eldritch Horror at the very least needs Forsaken Lore.
  2. neosmagus

    This or Mansions of Madness ?

    There's also Arkham Horror 3rd Edition coming, which looks to be quite a bit different from Eldritch Horror/Arkham Horror. My suggestion would be to watch play through videos and decide from there which game mechanics appeal to you more.
  3. Well not exactly silence. The FAQ mentions it... I was disappointed that there idea of a fix was to print a replacement and stick it on the player reference... As for the fix for the card... I don't know... Has anybody heard of anything regarding being able to ask for replacements?
  4. I'm quite excited about this... But I wonder if they will do us the favour and include printing fixes in this for the misprints in the base set?
  5. neosmagus

    Thrawn Cards Revealed on FB

    It refers to printed attack pool, does that mean you can't use it for attacks like BT1's missile salvo or the Tusken ranged attacks?
  6. neosmagus

    App rules updated

    The app rules PDF has been updated today as well.
  7. neosmagus

    Question regarding contents of core set

    Only three of the figure packs included equipment, and none of those are from the core set.
  8. neosmagus

    All-in or by expansion

    I put everything together. All characters, spells, items, etc. What I have started customising though is the mythos deck. I often build that up from the expansions I'm using to keep it more thematic. But it depends on how I feel.
  9. neosmagus

    Jim Culver, any information?

    Each investigator within range may discard a facedown horror. If I read it correctly. Also says it can only be done once per round.
  10. neosmagus

    Horrific Journeys

    There will likely be scenario specific rules in play that will apply to this.
  11. neosmagus

    Horrific Journeys

    I suppose its weird for a game called "MANSIONS of Madness" that many of the scenarios don't play in mansions... Hehe. But now that you've said it, I so badly want a scenario set on an African safari!
  12. neosmagus

    Horrific Journeys

    There's three new scenarios, and by what the article says, only the one includes the betrayer mechanic. I think it's awesome that they try to release scenarios with different mechanics. It's like how some of the existing ones focus on puzzles more and others character interaction and others combat.... If you don't like a mechanic you don't need to play the scenarios but there's plenty of others still. Also it will include new characters and items and other fun stuff that will come up in other scenarios.
  13. neosmagus

    Trouble selecting heroes

    Did you end the stormtrooper activation? There's a button that you can click to tell the app you're done with them. It's under where it tells you how they move and attack.
  14. neosmagus

    Horrific Journeys

    It was explicitly stated to be so in the article: When playing Hidden Depths with three or more investigators, you each receive an agenda card that you must keep secret from the rest of the team.
  15. Consider this... The cost of the figure would serve no other purpose in the campaign EXCEPT to provide threat to the Imperial player. So what other use would Allied Operations have but to reduce the threat the Imperial player gets? Sounds like your IP is trying too hard to spin things in their advantage!