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  1. It likely means they're working on one dlc and a small box expansion of anther two scenarios.
  2. neosmagus

    Horrific Journeys

    If you click on the link in the post above yours, you can see its still at the printer. Considering that it usually takes 6 to 8 weeks at least for products to appear in stores after moving to 'on the boat', I wouldn't actually expect it to be available before December. I'm actually expecting it closer to January.
  3. neosmagus

    Campaign Tracker

    Depends if you're planning to play with a different group before you continue. 6 pictures will save mission progress, 1 per player to show state of activations and spent class cards and health. 1 picture of the map to show everybody's locations. Keep the cards in baggies in the same order they currently are to keep track of the supply cards. Takes a couple minutes and is way more reliable than writing stuff down. I speak from experience, I've had to put a couple missions on pause. Though usually I prefer to then just leave it on the table as is. if you're looking for a different way to store progress, consider using Vassal. You'd be able to recreate your play area perfectly with it. And again, more accurate than writing down.
  4. neosmagus

    UK restock?

    Oops, mixed up my links 🙈 But the same thing goes for Mansions, it's not on their reprint list. And it's in stock on the FFG page. Likely it's out of stock at the UK distributor, so they'll need to bring more in, hence I said try place an order. But where I am (South Africa) we also tend to be at the whim of the distributors, it can be annoying.
  5. neosmagus

    UK restock?

    There's not a lot of Imperial Assault products currently waiting for reprint. Maybe ask your local store to place an order for you. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/upcoming/
  6. neosmagus

    Set for Stun

    The stun shot in that scene creates a huge ring. You can't miss! So I find the card to be very thematic 😁
  7. It would change things a lot. If you don't allow it, the Imperial Player will only be able to use a limited amount of attack pools based on what they keeps in their hand. Firstly they'd have to make sure they have a nice mix of deployment cards, and secondly they'd have to keep cards back in their hand. But if you do allow it, they can just stick in Weis, who's guaranteed with Personal Flagship, to use any combination of dice they want to. Unless FFG says otherwise, I wouldn't allow it.
  8. Does Epic Arsenal actually count as a valid dice pool for the purposes of limitless arsenal?
  9. neosmagus

    Set for Stun

    It's a once off stun in the whole skirmish, traded for an attack, pontentially replacing a card that might be more useful. It will have very situational use.
  10. neosmagus

    Set for Stun

    Phrasing is usually intentional when it comes to abilities, and in context, the 'then' word represents sequence not conditional. You do the first. Then you do the second. The second is not dependent on the first being successful, but must occur after you attempt the first. If they meant the second to be dependant on the first, they wouldn't have separated it with a period.
  11. Well... We haven't had any standalone figure packs for a while...
  12. neosmagus

    Updated Rebel Sab and Royal Guard cards

    I don't recall FFG putting up files of the cards? I recall somebody else mocking them up and distributing a pdf of them. And that's what I currently use, printed copies slipped into the sleeves with the original cards. But the print quality is ugly. Also I cannot get promos for $2 on ebay. Being in South Africa with an unreliable postal service means I'd have to deal with a horrible exchange rate and expensive courier options to get them. Failing adding errata to future expansions, what I would want is for them to at least offer stuff like the promos for sale via official channels so I can purchase at the LFGS.
  13. neosmagus

    This or Mansions of Madness ?

    MoM costs more, because you want the expansions to offer more variation on the scenarios, and on average they're more expensive than the Eldritch Horror sets. And at the current rate it won't take long for there to be as many. There's already two small and two big boxes, and then two figure and tile collections.
  14. Yes, all of FFG's apps seem to use Unity.
  15. neosmagus

    Updated Rebel Sab and Royal Guard cards

    Not at the expense and difficulty it is to get them? FFG should have included errata cards in expansions.