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  1. The focus to crit is only on the ship that has the A Debt to Pay condition card on it, not your own ship. Their return attacks do not use the condition because the card is assigned to one ship.
  2. Let's face it. We all know Hera is uptight and high maintenance. Whereas Sabine would be like the proverbial outhouse door in a tornado...
  3. Bump. More regionals results and lists please. I know not a few have gone by in the last two weeks.
  4. You have access to multiples of the same expansions. I joiined the game in wave 5 so I never had the opportunity to fly lists based on earlier waves. I too found it difficult to compromise with only the early upgrades available especially the EPTs. No PTL no predator no intergrated astromech or autothrusters. The challenge came about from a mission based tourney I recently played based around episode 4 and the battle of Yavin. I ran the rebels and won the trench run final with one Y wing remaining on one hull point who landed his proton torpedo in the exhaust port. Made me realise how much the game has changed. And how much power creep has settled in since the first 3 waves.
  5. 100 point squad. You only have the following ships and upgrades from their expansions available. Core set X Wing Tie Fighter Tie Advanced Y Wing YT 1300 Firespray Lamda Shuttle What's your best squad for Rebels or Imperials?
  6. Probably so. If I had a CR90 or a Raider I would be flying it instead of a transport. We have a few A wings to go in advance and block up their formations until the Bs get there.
  7. Who defends the B's from other Huge ship fire? Single Turbolaser doesn't give no craps about 1 agility.... I covered that in my previous post. The transport has the EM emitter giving any ships behind it an extra 3 green dice. The tactic is to approach the huge ship using the transport for cover into range for the Bs HLCs and proton torps to quickly nullify the huge ship.
  8. This is for a team event. We will have 8 Bs with either HLC or proton torps between us and a couple of aces to kite and skirt the furball for the end game.
  9. Understand the support role. Choosing to try a different tactic by sending the transport in as point to ram as many as possible and disrupt formations and attack lines. Try to keep my Bs behind it for cover from the major return fire for the 3 dice. Hoping that once the transport dies I will be close enough with the Bs to target the enemy with focused HLC fire.
  10. My experience is that you need the dice bombs like cluster and proximity mines to deal with large base ships. Facing large base ship lists is the worst match up for a K bomber list. Too much hull and shields to drop them quickly with ordinance. K lists love seeing small ship ace lists on the other side of the table. Bread and butter for bombs.
  11. More concerned about a rail gun cr90 popping my ships at range 5 before I can deal with it. Ram and cover through to target. Focus fire with 4 HLC. Not much can survive that.
  12. Running a skeleton build ram transport soon. Just with engine booster and EM emitter. Acts as a 3 dice shield while it tries to mow down opposing small and large base ships.
  13. My current list. Warden Squadron Pilot (38) K-Wing (23), Extra Munitions (2), Sabine Wren (2), Conner Net (4), Seismic Charges (2), Advanced SLAM (2), Proximity Mines (3) Warden Squadron Pilot (36) K-Wing (23), Extra Munitions (2), Seismic Torpedo (2), Bombardier (1), Conner Net (4), Seismic Charges (2), Advanced SLAM (2) Biggs Darklighter (26) X-Wing (25), R4-D6 (1), Integrated Astromech (0) I have used the seismic torpedoes to good effect to clear an obstacle allowing the other K to do a bombing run. The possibility of a damage from it is not the reason they are there, but it's not unwelcome when it does.
  14. I think the rules refer to a standard Epic game but aren't definitive. It would be an extreme obstacle for a standard 100 point match. You could lock off a quarter of the play area with it. Would be good for a bomber list to corral the enemy into a smaller space for movement. I'll bring 6 standard obstacles just in case...
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