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  1. Nice. What did you change the title text to (I'm too lazy to translate it myself )? Original post here if anyone else wants the artwork:
  2. My party aren't too bothered by looting most NPCs unless they have something special. They've already got a few complete sets of Stormtrooper gear after an infiltration mission, so they're not too bothered by anything Stormtroopers may be carrying. But if they fight a bounty hunter with a fancy blaster or something they might take it. Armour I generally don't let them loot since it's full holes and probably not their size. They tend to get their rewards through mission payments or occasionally a cache of interesting loot, but generally if they want something they find a way to acquire it themselves, legally or otherwise.
  3. Are you talking about physical tokens? I've never seen any because it's an unusual request, but I suppose it would not be that hard with a laser cutter. The symbols are pretty easy to find online. Probably copyright though, so I suspect FFG would have stern words if you were to try and sell them, but I'm sure there's no issue with you making some for personal use. So now you just need a laser cutter, or a friend with access to one. Failing that... print some symbols and stick them onto poker chips?
  4. My party decided to get some fake IDs, so I made some. Photoshop file here if anyone wants to copy/modify it: http://www.geniusproductions.co.uk/Multipass/Multipass%20Template.psd Bonus points if you recognise the inspiration for the layout etc.
  5. Also good is "Never tell me the Pods", which is a discussion podcast all about Star Wars lore and general fandom stuff. It's a good time.
  6. Very true, there's definitely nothing in them you need, but they are also very funny and enjoyable so if you finish campaign and want some more, then this is where to get it. Plus there's a bit of extra material on the Secret Archives. I've just caught up with Side Trip myself.
  7. Public transport is fine, it's when you're trying to listen discretely at work because you're doing some fairly mindless task that you get problems... The d20 stuff is worth a listen, but it's only considered semi-cannon (or semi-Kanen) with the rest of campaign. There are things in it that contradict the later plot (for example Lenik was the pilot then). As a fan of Star wars you're probably used to this sort of thing though.
  8. Todak looked anxiously between his two comrades, and frowned, but said nothing more.
  9. Lots of Googling. One source that I've found a few useful bits it here: http://rpgmapshare.com/modules/g2/v/objects/
  10. "What?!" Today looked shocked, "but then they will be trapped in the bombardment!"
  11. Todak peers around the corner after Tycho. "Oh, what a shame, there are only three single occupancy conveyances. Do you think Ella will ask them if they have any spare speeders they could lend us?" the innocent Chadra-fan asked Tycho. "I suppose if all else fails you three could ride on the pillion and perhaps I can stow myself in the cargo containers..." he added doubtfully, "passenger safety procedures can perhaps be relaxed in the face of such a difficult situation."
  12. Not quite right, the Katana fleet had a crew, but it was a relatively small crew because they were heavily automated. The crew of the flagship went insane (magic insane-making space disease) and because of all the automation they could control the entire fleet to jump into hyperspace. The fiction makes a point that this was back int he days when ships needed much bigger crews than they do nowadays (the bookw as set about 10aby?) so much of that automation has been included anyway. I may have missed it but nobody seems to have mentioned the CIS vulture droids and other droid fighters/ships. Most of their battleships were entirely crewed by droids as well. Not sure why the droids were sitting in seats and not simply wired into the ship, but I guess maybe for interchangeability so that living beings could perform some of the roles when necessary? From non-Star Wars I'd throw in Ancillary Justice as a great example, where the ship is sentient; but it is a distributed sentience across the ship and a large number of "ancillaries". Imagine Andromeda but with dozens of Rommies. They still have human officers however, giving orders and so forth.
  13. I kind of mix it up. Most situations don't warrant a map, but a really interesting encounter with complex and/or varied opponents and objectives often gets hard to keep track of without a map of some kind (I have previously told the story on this forum of when each of the four members of my party had a radically different idea about where everything was in a simple encounter in a street). Generally my first port of call is seeing what other people have already made and choosing something suitable (I find Pinterest to be a good resource and have collated myself a large library there). Sometimes if I find something close I will then photoshop it to make changes I require. Failing that I use stock imagery to pull together whatever I require and build myself something from scratch. Examples of these latter two options can be seen here. I rather enjoy the process of map making, time consuming though it may be. I've done a lot more for Fantasy though, as they are far more necessary in D&D/Pathfinder. I've even scanned in my physical dungeon tiles to use as a resource, since I have nearly every terrain set but rarely play in person these days. If you want I can dig up a photoshop file so you can see the sort of process involved in creating a map from stock tiles and a bit of simple photoshopping.
  14. Well, glad to have helped, but I'm curious which map you were thinking of now.
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