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  1. Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I question their choice of scale. It's similar to IA but larger, it's too large to allow for AT-ATs (which is the whole point of the game IMO), and the vehicles that are in the game are already scaled down so that they aren't too large.
  2. (SPOILERS) I haven't seen Rebels, but I was reading about Phoenix Home, and the Pelta-Class that we have gets destroyed, so they capture a Quasar-Fire and make it the new Phoenix Home. I don't know if they repaint it, but it would be cool if we at least get the option to run it as a Rebel ship. It would most likely have the same stats as an Imperial Quasar-Fire, but with Fleet Support upgrades, which are awesome. I also wouldn't mind a new Corellian Corvette modelled after the Sundered Heart from Empire at War. They could make it the missile-firing (black dice), anti-squadron alternative to the CR-90. It would essentially fill the role of the DP20, because that thing uuugleee. Sundered Heart DP20 Frigate
  3. I really want to see a Venator. Maybe we can see some of the older ships as part of a scum and villainy faction.
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