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  1. soviet prince

    New set is called Ways of the force .

    quarter 3 wow I expected may to be the latest, not sure if it's a good idea to go that long with nothing new to toy with
  2. soviet prince

    questions i have

    1.who are the best partners for tarkin? 2. who is the best for thrawn? 3. is general grevious good in an deck? 4. is takrin elite/thrawn work good with each other?
  3. soviet prince

    Somebody at FFG destroyed Rey's 2PG illustration.

    she looks like if ripley from alien 3 had a lightsaber
  4. soviet prince

    Yoda's specials abilities

    answer the question with out being snarky
  5. soviet prince

    returning player question?

    40 or 50 try 70 on coolstuff lol
  6. soviet prince

    returning player question?

    1. is yoda good? 2. can he be good paired with asoka? 3. is ancient lightsaber as needed as it price tag suggest?
  7. soviet prince

    Legacies release date

    that is a terrible ruling
  8. soviet prince

    Legacy Pre-View Wave Delayed + Rant

    must had misread your post sorry
  9. soviet prince


    the point is to keep card pool small
  10. soviet prince

    Legacy Pre-View Wave Delayed + Rant

    must not played many card games, most card games not named magic uses the standard as the default format to use and it is the format the playtesters are designing cards for.
  11. soviet prince


    a lot of games reprint old cards back in rotation
  12. soviet prince


    rotation is a must to keep a fair envirment
  13. well said,it doesnot bother me as much as snoke though, i mean who the **** is this guy how he get to be the head of a massive army? how did he get so ugly? why is he so powerful? why does ppl follow him in the first place?
  14. soviet prince


    oh just wondering he said it was not getting many new players
  15. soviet prince


    is the game not selling well then?