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  1. ppl need to get just because something can be beaten does not mean it's not broken and bad for the game, what is important is the consistency of the wins to it's losses to the other decks in the field.
  2. my store ordered 30 got 3 and this was as soon as they starting taking orders, prepared you are has nothing to be with anything. They simply don't print enough second wave just 1
  3. ppl would be more likely to get into the game if they did not have to scavenger hunt for the packs
  4. we have tried to have tourneys at battlegrounds in etown ky but with no product we can not get anyone to play. store credit is nice but a lot of ppl including me like to win product related to the game
  5. Best of three is essential for competition, it makes it to were the game is not decided on a lucky role, If the wait bothers someone they got some patient issues. It's life sometimes you gotta wait, bring a 3ds, listen to music, playtest with other ppl that is done, ect
  6. I find what there trying to achieve obvious
  7. lets get in the real world, if there money to be made ppl are going to make it, who is to blame the ones who exploit the problem or the ones that created the problem in the first place
  8. it is ffg's fault if they printed enough then there wont be a need to gauge
  9. rotation is great for new players, they don't have to get cards released for 3 years ago
  10. it's a shame this game is fun, and could have a lot more players if we could have had product on the shelves to sell to ppl.
  11. mine was only able to get ONE THIS TIME and only THREE last time, plus got news that the one box that was coming in ffg delayed for some reasion. Yep the distribution error was solved I fell so dumb for worrying /sarcasm
  12. I have 3 right now
  13. they should not have to limit stock in the first place
  14. they have full right to be mad, that hundred dollars is a lot of money and could be used for something else
  15. my store can only get 1 box fail