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  1. This is real simple; 8 tie fighters= 16 attack dice vs 10 defense dice 5 X wings = 15 attack dice vs 24 defense dice
  2. dharris9308

    Wave XI????

    Anybody else find it odd that wave XI does not show up on the Upcoming page? They reveal Blood Bound and it shows as in development, but nothing for wave XI. The product page says a late quarter two release. Thoughts.... Possible May 4th release on the covert?
  3. How about this, create a astromech that gives the reinforce action to a ship. This would limit regen but be very thematic for x wings and y wings.
  4. I would like to see new pilots for some of the existing ships. Slow down on the creation of new ships so that we can spend more time enjoying the ones we have. Maybe create expansion packs that give new cards and pilots with some acrylics to jazz up the playing field.
  5. dharris9308

    Wave 10

    Ok, so what happened to wave 10? I watched a video where so people were playing with the ships overseas, what gives...
  6. What about this, When attacking with an Ion weapon for each hit/crit you apply damage to shields as a normal hit. After the shields are disabled you place an Ion token for each remaining hit. when the number of accumulated tokens equal or exceed the remaining hull of the target the ship receives a weapons disabled token and can only preform a 1 straight maneuver the next turn. All Ion tokens are removed during the end phase. I believe this would create a more thematic approach to the Ion weapons while not being OP.
  7. Just saw the movie, it was excellent.... FFG has to use tis movie to do something with the X-wing and the Y-wing. If they don't, that would truly be a missed opportunity.
  8. U-wing; Cassian Andor, VI, Enhanced scopes, Jyn Erso, Inspiring recruit, Pivot wing, Tactical Jammer. X-wing; Wedge Antillies, R5-P9, Rage, Vectored thrusters. X-wing; Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, Adaptability, Integrated astromech. This seems like a fun list to play. Thoughts
  9. I can tell you for sure it won't be the faction I fly due to not being there... maybe in may. lol
  10. I find pairing Rey with Norra to be an awesome combination.
  11. Sorry if this has already been addressed, I looked but didn't find. If both Shara and Norra have a TL on a target could Norra use her ability to spend both TL's to add two focus results in a single attack?
  12. A title card for the x-wing; Dual sided card, one side has linked fire, allows you to preform a normal 3 dice attack after revealing your maneuver you may flip the card over second side has dual fire, allows you to take two 2 dice attacks at the same target. in many of the books and video games you have the ability to select your fire rate of all 4 cannons or two cannons. Thoughts
  13. I am totally confused by what they are doing with the extra tickets. I can not find any place to provide my information in order to be randomly picked. Help please.
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