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  1. Even if the NPC vigilance won initiative, his first action should make sense... he has no reason to suspect something so for him to attack wouldn’t make thematic sense...
  2. You can get 242323 on a Gand that has lungs as well with the 3 being in willpower. Oxygen being a serious threat is no minor setback that could depend on the GM.
  3. What if you just leveled the Manipulate force power until you had the advanced version letting you add triumph per force pips...?
  4. Are you getting Steel Hand Adept just for the signature ability or does it have good synergy I’m missing with Niman?
  5. Do you know where, if it is, one could find this in a CRb?
  6. Dagger, I doubt you are coming back to this thread since the arrogant stubborn ones won’t stop derailing. If you are, did you feel you got decent answers? Would you like some more suggestions?
  7. What are you favorite Kyber Crystals and why?
  8. As a tangent to ebb/flow. How does it work if I’m trying to do ebb/flow with draw closer? Can I just roll all the force dice and decide after the results which way I want to spend the force pips or do I need to designate which force die is trying to accomplish what?
  9. If both want to be force sensitive, getting F&D core Rulebook is most definitely your best bet. It should be pretty straight forward for him to pick several of the career choices and be a "bounty hunter."
  10. Destiny Pool: 1eF: 2 Light Side [1eF=LS/LS] http://orokos.com/roll/429378 Gotta keep my eyes on Gael!
  11. We all pool money to get Marsten Implant Armor! An implant in his brain that lets us control him? Sign me up!
  12. As someone pretty new, why would a Striker love a saberstaff so much?
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