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  1. As a tangent to ebb/flow. How does it work if I’m trying to do ebb/flow with draw closer? Can I just roll all the force dice and decide after the results which way I want to spend the force pips or do I need to designate which force die is trying to accomplish what?
  2. If both want to be force sensitive, getting F&D core Rulebook is most definitely your best bet. It should be pretty straight forward for him to pick several of the career choices and be a "bounty hunter."
  3. Destiny Pool: 1eF: 2 Light Side [1eF=LS/LS] http://orokos.com/roll/429378 Gotta keep my eyes on Gael!
  4. We all pool money to get Marsten Implant Armor! An implant in his brain that lets us control him? Sign me up!
  5. As someone pretty new, why would a Striker love a saberstaff so much?
  6. I'm glad we got the extra xp. I was 5 short of the Dedication talent I wanted. I had 20 banked so I spent the 40 on getting Dedication (Intellect) and picking up Improved Parry for the other 15. I'm not going to spend any credits at the moment as I want to use them to craft an armor and I'm not sure now is the appropriate time to make that check.
  7. I would also award a few points of conflict every time someone used move on sentient beings a couple more to make two crash into each other like you described.
  8. My local store in Phoenix has 4 copies right... I thought about it.
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