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  1. I adore LOTR LCG, but i have been waiting years to buy certain packs, i can never find them in stock anywhere or if you do they are charging crazy insane prices, if your new to LOTR do not go any further! lol
  2. Yes i love the looks of that game but sadly i play solo. I still love LOTR LCG, that just plays so perfect, however Arkham LCG i am struggling to cope with, its so awkward to play sometimes, ie always shuffling, going back into box for a token and i am currently upto Miskatonic Museum and i am not enjoying this cycle one bit, ive tried campaign and standalone lol I would be happy with western style and LOTR LCG combined, Arkham is just too fiddly.
  3. Hm i would not like a SW one, too much SW now, plus not anything where they can use the same old art yet again, we need something brand new and fresh. The problem with LCG's over CCG's is that 90% of the player cards we get are useless, you end up paying all that money for packs just for the adventure deck. I would not object a LCG that had a few CCG packs released, although with there games getting anything after the initial release is hard and mostly why i give up, especially with sellers selling packs for crazy prices.
  4. For me and a friend it has to be solo friendly, i am a full time carer so having one set up to keep returning to is great. I LOVE LOTR LCG so much , that is still my favourite, the gameplay is awsome. I also play Arkham Horror, not as good as LOTR and can be fiddly, but not bad. I dont want Star Wars, i am sick of Star Wars now. I would love a Western Theme! give me LOTR LCG themed into Western!
  5. I dont see the dice there, does it still use Dice? WACG was there best card system in my opinion, glad they are reusing it. I wonder if we can combine WACG with this?
  6. Would it really have hurt them to have included Return to the Gathering, Midnight Masks and Devourer Below dividers as well in the first one? A few blanks wouldnt hurt either. The boxes are way too big as well for just the one cycle, maybe we would store tokens etc in this first box, the other ones we get could be alot smaller.
  7. We need to know the card count that box can hold, if it is just for NOTZ then its a bit pointless.
  8. FFG do many products that i like but you simply cant do them all, trying to keep pace with all the expansions is mental, these are the ones that i liked, i was doing them all but have finally knocked most of them on the head, especially LCG's. Elder Sign = Very good, will probably keep this one going as its cheap enough and not every month! Mansions of Madness = I dont like the figures at all, very cheap and meh, most of the expense is the figures so i decided not to continue this one. Eldritch Horror = My main game, i have it all in a nicely made chest but........ it has now become more of the same and no new ideas that are worthwhile, i will grab a expansion if and when i feel like it. LOTRLCG = I really liked this one, but i could not keep up, packs i missed were crazy prices online as well, got the saga, now forgetting the rest, packs come out way too often. AHLCG = Ill upset the crowd, this one is very overrated, clunky, clumsy, boring and will be like LOTR, miss a pack you will fall behind and they will become expensive, certainly running both is a crazy idea. Stopped. A little note, Warhammer the Adventure Card Game was sooo good, yet they stopped this one soon as it was released, the mechanics and gameplay was so much better, use this system in another LCG instead of the awkward AHLCG. The above is a example,of what i was playing and all of them have regular releases,especially LCG's! your time and effort is certainly put to the test and so is your bank account. Too much too regular noone can keep up! Only option is to stop doing it, out of it all ill probably get ES and maybe EH, maybe, there are no LCG's worth me doing anymore either unless something like WACG comes along. I feel like i can now breath a sigh of relief lol, have fun all!
  9. I really dislike the Minis and the stands, i mean the large bases are almost bigger than one tile!, i just use the Tokens and also a Chart i printed off, i just wish we could buy a version without the minis as i bet most of the cost is the minis.
  10. Unfortunetly with money being tight and us both being here 99.99% of the time we cancelled the insurance last year........ the one time we go out..... All i need is a resource of the Investigators and Ancient Ones so i can try to print them out, the rest ill do without.
  11. Hi All I hope someone can help me out, ill make this short as i can so here goes. A couple of years ago i had to walk away from my 22yr Job to look after my very ill Wife, my life was torn upside down, months go by and we cant even leave the house. Anyways this led me to this hobby and FF, i have a game set up on a table that i will play Solo more or less all the time, that is about all i can do really, but i do enjoy it very much, but.... I managed to get my Wife out for a few hours (this only happens maybe twice a year), we were gone max two hours and it was hard work (she has a dysfunctional nerve system and is a 24/7 chronic pain sufferer), anyways when we returned we discovered we had been broken into, they did not actually take much except for a tablet, headphones and a few other items, but they trashed the place. It was gut wrenching as if it has not been hard enough for us, it was obvious a disabled lady lived here as she has aids all over the property. One thing they trashed was my Eldritch Horror that was set up as it ussually is or another game, it took me a long time to save and collect my collection, i live on Careers Allowance, after bills i have pretty much nothing left per month so this devastated me. All the Ancient One cards are pretty much destroyed except a few and so are the investigator sheets bar a couple, the main board was ripped but i can place it together i suppose and use it that way. I love my EH gear and i keep this, Elder Sign and now the new Mansions of Madness all in one Chest. A few other games were on the side as well, i had only just got DungeonQuest for my birthday from my mother in law as a thankyou for what i do for my Wife, they basically tipped the contents into the sink that had a chicken thawing out in it! ( no idea how i will replace this game) The rest survived thank goodness. My question is how can i get replacments sheets for all the AO's and Investigators? or does anyone know where i could try and print them out from?, i simply can not afford to rebuy all the base and expansions again, it has taken me awhile to save up for the new Arkham horror card game when it is released but i will use the money for new replacement sheets if needed. There must be somewhere to print them all out? or repurchase the sheets? my lovely collection is in ruins!
  12. I just got this from my Son for Fathers Day, indeed mine is missing the AO and Character Sheets.(UK)
  13. I am looking forward to new ships, always do! I will definetly be getting the Punisher and the K-Wing, I cant find the new Tie anywhere though, Inquisitors Tie I think its called. I was going to get the Imperial Raider as well, but may pass on that, there is a thread here on these forums complaining about its quality, that isn't the first time I heard it, I saw the same complaint on youtube I can only enjoy these ships and play the game when my son can be bribed to play so may be awhile before I can see them in action.
  14. Oh i see thanks, im now off to learn some more, i am sure more questions will arise, man its a tough game lol. Another thing I am trying to get my head around is when a card is single use or not, how do I know if to discard a card after use etc. OH and how many cards should I have in a player deck, is it 50 max?
  15. Thankyou for the answers, much appreciated. About the cards with the X cost, i still dont follow all of them, for example: Gandalfs Search Card cost X Action: Look at the top X cards of any players deck, add 1 of those cards to its owners hand and return the rest to the top of the deck in any order. So how much does the card cost to use? How many cards am I allowed to look at , it just says X.
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