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  1. No questions, just thanks for making a new wave and not cancelling the game like Imperial Assault (which I love also and consider a complete and near perfect product)
  2. I can't get games anymore. People are moving back into X-wing and the awesomeness that is 40k 8th Edition. I have a small collection that is sitting by, but unless there are major changes its going to end up a novelty game that we play for a change, rather than a game that people look forward to playing, which is a shame.
  3. Oh boy. This reminds me of the death of Mechwarrior: Dark Age back in the day.
  4. This is far better for kids than showing them a sanitised version of war that makes it look like fun. War is brutal, and involves random acts of violence that are always unfair. Sanitising conflict for popular consumption is one of the primary reasons that we are able to 'sell' wars to democratic populations. There is a reason that the news always shows MRLS firing - it's beautiful. What isn't beautiful is a child having to learn to use a knife and fork with his feet because his arms were blown off by a cluster bomb that looks like a pack of candy*. Admittedly there is a balance of course - its not acceptable nor right to gross out kids with the horrors of war, but the scene in Mimban was actually rather appropriate, even for a 12 year old as the violence and random unfairness was present, but not in the kind of prolonged gut-wrenching detail that would make it inappropriate. Given the content of the video games they play, this is tame in comparison and a very welcome inclusion. * This is a video I show in class at a high school level
  5. I think Lando was maybe even still understated in this movie. Playing Lando, you could even quote the cat from Red Dwarf and it wouldn't seem odd.
  6. I liked it, am going to watch it again. It wasn't terribly deep, but Star Wars is moving away from that towards becoming a franchise like the marvel cartons, where depth is sustained across multiple movies, books, comics and toys rather than an individual movie. Thats why everyone hates TFA/TLJ in my opinion - it is just building the framework for them to fill in later, so is purposefully shallow. At least it didn't have Iron man in it.
  7. I always run bomber heavy lists at tournaments. Sure, I often lose, but I'm always awesome.
  8. I promised myself that the last expansion was the last one I would buy. I was wrong. This is looking to be superb
  9. Happy Friday .... Skilled First Officer alt-art is a must!
  10. General JarJar: 0 points No effect. The crews don't listen to him anyway.
  11. Imperial assault campaign with 5 people
  12. Cargo transports for both sides, that give bonus mission points if you can fly them off the opponent's board edge during the game.
  13. Also a social media hermit. I will cast my vote by post if I can
  14. True. I'll give it a go - it may be enough. Thanks
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