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    Vrussk reacted to CloudyLemonade92 in Playing SW Online during Outbreak   
    @tank0625 @Fl1nt
    So the Mod we are using is called 'SW RPG TABLE'
    So far it's been relatively bug free, although there is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to learning all the different things you can do with it. Really anything is possible with it which makes it an amazing tool.
    A good way to get started is watch XPgamers on YouTube. He gives an introduction to the game and the things you can do with it. Super informative.
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    Vrussk reacted to NokDrayen in What would you like to see from Edge Studios?   
    Lords of Nal Hutta is my favorite "era" book. It really helps bring Hutt Space to life.
    I'd love to see another criminal faction or organization get the same treatment: Crimson Dawn, Black Sun, Crymorah, the Pyke Syndicate, et cetera. (Or all of them, actually.)
    How did the organization get its start? Who are the most important figures? What are their goals and motivations? Where do they have a presence within the galaxy? Are they expanding or in decline? What's life like within the organization and for those around them? What activities do they focus on? Who are their main rivals? How do they interact/conflict with the Empire and other criminal factions?
    Think about what makes the Five Families, Sinaloa Cartel or Yakuza unique and compelling. Detailing similar organizations from the Star Wars universe could help create countless interesting campaigns.
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    Vrussk reacted to Harlock999 in What would you like to see from Edge Studios?   
    - A comprehensive planet/species guide that includes PC stats for each species.
    I honestly think I'd be OK with just this...  But I'm always down for more region books such as the aforementioned Corporate Sector (that could include stats for the IRD fighters).
    Also, I agree an "Expanded Player's Guide" with optional Genesys-based rules would be pretty great.
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    Vrussk reacted to HappyDaze in What would you like to see from Edge Studios?   
    Another thing I'd like to see in a 2e, and this goes along with the revision to a less-hits-but more-meaningful-hits combat, is fewer critical injuries but more meaningful ones. With the current rules, spending the Adv/Triumph to get a Critical Injury on an opponent feels pretty crappy when the d% roll comes up low. It's even worse when it happens over and over again. You shouldn't need to stack multiple levels of Lethal Blows, Vicious, or tons of Advantage to be able to get a nasty critical in a single hit. Also, base modifier for critical hits set by Damage of weapon - all else being equal, rifles should do nastier criticals than pistols.
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    Vrussk reacted to P-47 Thunderbolt in SWSheets - Under New Stewardship   
    @duffn, could you consider adding an option to copy a character someone else built? That would make it much easier to share characters. For example, for my in person game, we've moved to Discord because of COVID, but I'm the GM and the one with all the character sheets. I want to be able to type up the sheets and send them to my players, who can copy them down and edit the fields themselves without having to write everything down again. This would apply in other situations as well, but this is what made my decide to finally bring it up.
    Another thing that I think might be listed already, but I'm not sure, is to have a way to save others' characters for future reference without having to bookmark it or ask them to send you a link. Perhaps adding a new page for "saved characters" on the header next to "my creations"?
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    Vrussk got a reaction from Gamemaster0007 in Odd characters created   
    I have to try this, I mean how could it possibly go wrong!
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    Vrussk reacted to Vorzakk in I need a gun. A really big gun.   
    If the attack hits, the attacker can trigger Auto-fire
    by spending [2 advantage]. Auto-fire can be triggered multiple
    times. Each time the attacker triggers auto-fire,
    it deals an additional hit to the target Each of these
    counts as an additional hit from that weapon, and
    each hit deals base damage plus the number of uncanceled
    [success] on the check.
    This is straight out of the core book.  
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    Vrussk reacted to Ahrimon in I need a gun. A really big gun.   
    I'll admit I haven't dove into the rules in a while and this may be semantics, but I'm positive that it's additional hits.
    Attacks = roll of the dice
    Hit = apply the a full dice result of damage to a target.
    With automatic fire you increase the difficulty by one and use the most difficult target and it lets you get an additional hit in for every two advantage scored.
    Even two (or more) weapons is still only one attack (roll of the dice).
    The only way to get an additional attack that I know of is from the critical hit result that lets you repeat the attack.
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    Vrussk reacted to Rimsen in Suggestions on Flame Projectors   
    That's not an issue, that's called balancing  It should stay ranged heavy
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    Vrussk reacted to Yaccarus in Leritor (Q15) "a very weird planet . . ."   
    I’m not here to discuss your game. I’m not here to read your story. I’m just here to say that you misspelled Wookieepedia.
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    Vrussk reacted to 2P51 in How much of the setting does your game use?   
    It did, bad hyperspace roll. I intended for it to occur.  I knew there'd be an Astrogation Despair eventually, happily they rolled 2 on the first one in the campaign, made it easy to get them into my idea.
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    Vrussk reacted to HappyDaze in Progression vs. Character Concept   
    I just hope they don't decide to make "Kid" a Universal Specialization. "You were always a precocious youth, but now you can spend XP to realize that!" I don't like the idea of UniSpecs for remembering things that you used to be, but we already have a few of them in DoR, so it's likely we might see more.
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    Vrussk reacted to SavageBob in Progression vs. Character Concept   
    Sorry, I don't think I'm interesting in arguing with you whether FFG's Star Wars game is meant to be a Star Wars simulator...
    I guess if your players all want to start with different power levels, let 'em. If that one player wants to play a kid with 25 XP instead of the recommended 100 or so, fine. Let him. The system is robust enough to allow it, but he's probably going to be frustrated when he's inept at most everything he tries. But, hey, he simulated a real-life toddler, I guess?
    Another thought is if you dislike the talent trees so much, ditch them. Adopt the Genesys rules. Make up your own scheme for how people gains skills and talents.
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    Vrussk reacted to Aluminium Falcon in Progression vs. Character Concept   
    There is always what I like to call the "Buffy-Verse Philosophy" wherein we have seen cheer-leading skills as foundations for sword fighter training... and I am referring to Cordelia (not super-powered Buffy*), who combined her old cheer-leading drills with her training to advance quickly.   
    I could build a Twi'lek dancer that's never been on an adventure in her life using Smuggler/Thief and have them realize as the story plays out that they are far more capable than they knew.  Right off the top of my head Coordination, Deception, Perception, Stealth and Vigilance are all skills a dancer in a perfectly reputable setting could nurture and that isn't factoring in things picked up if they danced in a less savory setting.  Several talents also lend themselves as well: Black Market Ties (rich patron of the arts), Indistinguishable (make-up and costuming experience), Dodge (naturally) and Grit (again, naturally).  Now, the player knows what's on the sheet, but the character thinks of themselves in terms of their concept and will learn through adversity what they are capable of.
    This is not to say that every player could or would want to take this tactic, but solutions exist. 
    My sister-in-law wanted to play an alien dog-toting spoiled space socialite.  After some failed attempts at creation to make Colonist work with the concept, we took a step back and created her using Explorer/Driver (she has a thing for fast speeders and a disregard for financial cost in her old life instilled in her a tendency to push vehicles beyond specifications that still persists).  Yes, the character started as something of a joke but she quickly became a valued member of the team.  A concept that seemed to not fit was given some room and worked out.
    *Or, extrapolating the works of Mutant Enemy, the ties between River Tam as a dancer and as a fighter
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    Vrussk reacted to Archlyte in Progression vs. Character Concept   
    Yeah I am just presenting an alternative and my language is meant to separate the ideas not to denigrate. There is no reason to promote the System Mechanical Model and normal culture of play in this thread because it is what everyone already does and loves.
    The bolded text is something I would question though as I think this could be fine and makes more sense to me than a guy who is 90% ineffective. Yes skills are frangible and they degrade when not used, but there is nothing built in the system to account for that (though I think it would be a good idea) so that the Astrogation you don't use until session 18 is at the same strength it was at CHARGEN. 
    But what I am really concerned about is that Twi'lek player, because I don't know the situation but maybe the player didn't want to be combat effective because they envisioned the character concept as being a dancer. There was no arc there that the player found satisfying enough to allow it to change the character, so the player protected the character concept by not spending XP. This was obviously a clash of playstyles because you and the rest of the group were playing the trees and XP totals, and that player wanted to put the concept first.  
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    Vrussk reacted to Mark Caliber in Progression vs. Character Concept   
    If I had had time earlier, I would have mentioned GURPS of which nearly every other example seems to have . . . copied?  Utilized?  Co-opted?  concepts from.
    So now that I have a few minutes, Yeah in GURPS I could pick up an impressive Disadvantage that would offset additional skills, Advantages, etc, so it is possible to make a grizzled well seasoned veteran, but he's likely to also be crippled in some heinous fashion.
    My crackshot vet is an ace sniper from the wars who could pick the flies off the back of an angry rhino at 2,000 meters, but he's blind.  What?  Blindness in GURPS is only a minus 10 to my shooting skill . . . 
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    Vrussk reacted to FinarinPanjoro in Starship combat house rules   
    You've got some interesting ideas.
    One that we've tried and tested for multiple battles is increasing the advantage needed to activate linked (or autofire in personal combat) by the number of red dice rolled to hit the target.
    So an X-Wing that is at high speed and performing evasive maneuvers might have 2 red dice in its defensive pool.  When the TIE Fighter shooting it hits he needs 4 advantage to activate linked with his lasers (2 base plus 2 for the defensive upgrades).   This has had the effect of making starfighter combat much less instantly lethal for PCs and named NPCs while allowing minion groups to be plowed through.  The high cost of activating also makes it easier to choose to spend the advantage on something else (like a crit which is more interesting if ultimately less effective than doubling damage).
    We also do use the "snap roll" rules allowing the pilot to spend 3 systems strain to reduce damage from a single hit by ranks in piloting.  It's been very well received.
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    Vrussk reacted to Stan Fresh in Canon now has a novel to compete with the worst of Legends! [Last Shot SPOILERS]   
    Feeling like that isn't uncommon among people who've experienced hardship most of their lives. When you're a homeless gangster in a galaxy at war, being 30+ means a lot of people have died on you, and you've had to endure a lot.
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    Vrussk reacted to Vorzakk in NPC Droid experiences   
    The first time someone here mentioned the Ewok Slicer, I actually pictured something like this but much larger.  I was very disappointed when I realized what they were actually talking about. 
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    Vrussk reacted to the mercenary in NPC Droid experiences   
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    Vrussk reacted to AceSolo5 in NPC Droid experiences   
    My players “rescued” an old astromech from a derelict ship waaay back at the start of our first campaign! He generally gets either verbally abused or forgotten about until their ship needs repairs during combat... so far I think he’s been off the ship twice in all that time!
    I kinda regret giving him to the players... mainly because they insist that I do the bleeps & whistles whenever he communicates ?
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    Vrussk reacted to HappyDaze in The Mysterious Gravity Belt   
    Um, folks... You're overthinking it. The gravity belt use antigravity/repulsor tech to hold up pants. That's it, nothing more.
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    Vrussk reacted to HappyDaze in The Mandalorian (Eventual spoilers will apply)   
    As opposed to the guy crapping on their sharing of their preferences? I know which one I think adds nothing of value, and I've quoted it above. People should share their opinions on what they hope to see/not see, and from a gaming site, that can be good insight when running a game (or making a character for a game) on what to include and what to skip.
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    Vrussk reacted to Roderz in The Mandalorian (Eventual spoilers will apply)   
    Re-read the thread and really didn't pick up on anything staggering. If my own post about hoping they're not Bounty Hunters contributed to your opinion I apologise. I'll likely love the series even if they're the Bountiest Huntery Bounty Hunters who ever Hunted Bounties.
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