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  1. Its been a long time but we used to play using google hangouts with Roll20 connected. For dice we used a Google hangouts app that worked great. Never had much luck with Tabletop Simulator, but I'll definitely check out these vids.
  2. Love this program and I've been using it for years but today while I was creating some new stuff (as one does) I noticed that I could not add Failures under Special Dice for Skills, does anyone know if there is a work around to get auto failures to show up on the character?
  3. I have to try this, I mean how could it possibly go wrong!
  4. My first character (also who this account is named after) was a Trandoshan bodyguard with a pet Massiff. Back then official stats werent out for them but me and my GM worked something out. Anyways my backstory had me with a bounty from an Arcona noble whos son I had been hired to protect. His son was a good for nothing salt addict who went on nightly benders causing trouble for all the common people and some other aristocratic sons, the definition of the “Young Master” archetype. I didn’t think much about it, a jobs a job, and it was easy money since really only other aristocrats could challenge him with his status. But then he kicked my dog!(*cough* massiff!)! So I beat the crap out of him and took the first shuttle off world. I’ve made several more characters with much more thorough backstories since then, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a group to play them ☹️. For example: A philandering droid created by a devaronian ex-gladiator slave turned pirate captain turned millionaire corporate executive. During her early days in the pirate crew she created him from salvaged and stolen protocol droid parts and used him to gather intelligence for her during her eventually rise to power. Having used honeypot tactics before (with bloody results during her ascension to pirate captain) she was highly suspicious of intimate relationships with organics and so she equipped her droid, whos personality had greatly developed over the years and whom she had long taken as a confidante, with an expansive suite of new behaviors (assigned a masculine identity) and the right “tools for job”. She took him as her one and only lover shortly after becoming pirate captain and he continued his duties as her secret right hand droid collecting rumors and secrets wherever he could find them, as his core programming directed. This combined with his newly minted guide to organic lovemaking lead to him honeypotting a number of female crewmembers and probably a few others here and there among the ports and dens they stopped at. Eventually the mistress found out, people were spaced, a near mutiny happened and she decided to start settling down using the fleet to sieze control of a fledgling colony in the Outer Rim. With much larger home turf to gather intel from my droid spent more and more time away from home until one day after hearing a particularly juicy piece of information and using a loophole in his mistresses mandates he smuggled himself offworld. Tbh, in my spare time lately I’ve been creating sheets and typing one page backgrounds for characters I’d like to play someday.
  5. This actually exactly what we did in my old group, describing the action and interpretting all those advantage and threats into the scene. So yeah, he would have to give a speech or describe IR. Besides its much more fun that way. And as someone pointed out, makes encounters less wargame-esque.
  6. As far as I know just Special Modifications, just bought it today. Certainly very helpful, I've kind of just been making up stuff on the spot its nice to have some solid actions detailed out, I'll definitely be making use of it.
  7. The only two emotional stormtroopers we see are Finn and "TR-8R", I doubt we'll ever see both sides of the coin in the same movie, a stormtrooper avenging his fallen brethren by slaying some rebel scum. Guess thats what I like RPG for.
  8. haha, well that's the point, they are so freaking bad its laughable to think they've even fired a blaster before. Maybe they were just taught how to stand in neatly shaped squares on parade grounds. However they are repeatedly both in old and new canon referred to as "elite shock troops", "elite soldiers", etc. Even the AoR CRB says that the average citizen is only likely to ever see Imperial Army Troopers (infantryman); implying that stormtroopers are a much more select group.
  9. There are many degrees of special forces. They certainly aren't SAS, SEALs, Spetsnaz, etc but they should be about special forces level even if they aren't a trained enough to be in a specialized elite unit.
  10. Rebellious and troubled youth are allowed to "pout"... Are your sure this isn`t because she is another girl lead in your Star Wars tree house and you are afraid of rebel cooties? Just felt too Disney for me. I mean she seems "kickass" but that makes the pouting kind of uhm, well it breaks my suspension of disbelief. Not that she needs to be a sociopath but if someone is "on their own from the age of 15" they tend to grow the **** up. Most of the people I know who have lived that experience are very independent and motivated individuals. They are certainly anything but "undisciplined" because you don't live very long that way. Also if your "undisciplined" I doubt you would ever have the capacity to acquire the skills necessary to beat a stormtrooper in melee combat, let alone a squad of them. Now who knows why she lived on her own, backstory is lacking to so circumstances may make this more understandable to me. On a side note I'd really like them to have Imperial Army troopers play the incompetent enemy forces for once; because the film stormtroopers are laughable as a special forces level of unit. I also found it very hard to believe that someone abducted and trained from infancy like Finn from Force Awakens would be so incompetent. The training program must be pretty crap, all like ~16 years of it he received (I have no idea what his canon age is). He sees his friend die and then decides to stop fighting, uhuh; furthermore later he essentially is fine with killing his old friends and allies throughout the movie with no moral or emotional conflict. He should at least become a corpsman (medic) or something to emphasize his dislike of violence, or you know a nerf herder.
  11. Those attachments work with any armor that is sealed, of which I counted seven different pieces. So you can't put thermal shielding on armored clothing I am running version Laminate Armor, by default, is listed as sealable, but not sealed. Thermal Shielding System, by default, is listed as available for sealed armors only. Heating System, by default, is also listed as available for sealed armors only. When you add Sealable from the Craft attachment makes the armor sealable, not sealed. Do we need both the Sealed and Sealable categories? Thanks! I think I actually overlooked something. The Craft attachment can make something "sealable", which allows the use of the "Vacuum Sealed" attachment. However, I neglected to have "Vacuum Sealed" actually make the armor "sealed", which then allows for a bunch of other attachments to be used I'll add that to the next release. The Vacuum Seals upgrade is not required to add a Thermal Shielding System or a Heating System. All three can be applied to any armor that is sealable. Stormtroopers wear laminate armor, a sealable armor. Snow Troopers wear laminate armor, a sealable armor, with a Heating System installed. Sand Troopers wear laminate armor, a sealable armor, with a Thermal Shielding System installed. Neither Sand Troopers nor Snow Troopers have Vacuum Seals as well. So, again I would ask, do we need both the Sealed and Sealable categories? I guess it depends on how you read it. Does "sealable" mean that you can seal the suit, or does it mean that you can put the Thermal Shielding attachment on it in order to seal it? I can make it either way. Just having one feature is actually easier, I'd just have to rework some of the categories. Just my two credits, but I think its fairly heavily implied that the suit needs to be vacuum sealed. Stormtrooper armor as far as I know in the current canon is vacuum sealed. While it may not be detailed in the CRB profile, as a GM I'd treat it as such with the Vacuum Sealed rules on pg.195. When I read "..and can be sealed" I take that to mean the actual armor can be sealed when the character needs it to be so. So the PC might take his helmet off and technically his armor isn't sealed but he'd have to put the helmet back on to go for a brief spacewalk. I think seal-able just denotes a certain level of insulation that minimizes airflow out of the suit, hence why you are able to go in vacuum etc. If your suit isnt insulated to that degree the cooling/heating effect will dissipate too quickly. Now to be entirely honest I'd consider allowing the attachment with a non-sealed suit but only allow the setback reduction rather than the Resilience benefits.
  12. I'd really like to join a PbP game as a player. I've been GM for an arc of a Roll20 campaign that's wrapping up soon and I'm really looking forward to passing the reins so I can relax and enjoy the show for a change . If anyone's starting a game I'd be happy to join whether its Age, Edge, or FaD! @LadySkywalker: I'm going to make a profile, for future use, but I don't really get how to navigate the site; is it just because there aren't any FFG recruiting right now?
  13. I am taking Obligation Business, and I would like to take extra obligation for a base upgrade. What is my base Obligation?
  14. Sorry for the delay folks been really busy witb some IRL stuff. Will get my page up to scratch tonight.
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