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  1. Evenflow30

    PSA: no public MathWing / ship evaluation for X-wing 2.0

    Its alright boba rick. We all have different beliefs, different political views, different ways of thinking. We both share a love of x-wing and thats good enough for me!
  2. Evenflow30

    PSA: no public MathWing / ship evaluation for X-wing 2.0

    Only on the X-wing forums can we go from a discussion on mathematical analysis of ship design to a heated debate on creationism vs darwanism in the blink of an eye. Bravo! Let me go get the popcorn!
  3. Evenflow30

    Poll: what is your favorite ship?

    Lore: YT-2400 In game: YV-666 Looks: ARC-170 All around: YV-666
  4. Evenflow30

    "I've never" anonymous

    I've never won a match where I had either one or two (scum) Aggressors in my list. At least 0-7 I believe. Sad I know.
  5. Evenflow30

    As a Casual, I Can't Read the Forums Anymore

    I too used to visit this forum much more than I do now because the topics just dont interest me when they're all centered on the competitive aspect (although I do play competitively as well), however I feel there are reasons why this came to be. When I first came to this forum a few years back, I had 9 friends on here that we're casual players and would visit everyday. Eight of this friends haven't visited this forum in almost a year now. Guys like Darthmeanie will post casual/epic topics still but they fall off the front page quickly. There just isn't enough casual players to keep the topics relevant. Why? I think FFG has alot to do with it. When I first bought this game, to me at least it was advertised as a simple cool game to pickup and play with your friend. Now with all the releases out it's added alot of complexity to the game, which attracts competitive players and turns off people looking for a more casual pick up and play game. Also I think alot of casual players were originally attracted by the more iconic ships, which alot could use some help now. The competitive meta affects even those who just go to their lgs looking for a friendly game or two. Until more official support for casual (new simplified gameplay, mission book, etc) the forums will be lopsided towards competitive players and topics such as fixes to bring in a more diverse meta. As for "jaded" players posting negative topics, I think alot of them are our fellow casual player, trying to release some of the frustrations I listed above. Note: I love both competitive and casual aspects of this game.
  6. Evenflow30

    Open any good EaW packs?

    I got incredibly lucky! I just bought 6 boosters, 4 out of the 6 were legendaries. I got Thrawn, K-2SO, Grand Inquisitor's Lightsaber, and T-7 In Disruptor Rifle. I needed that luck as I ended up buying a grand total of 32 boosters for Awakenings over the past few weeks and got only 2 legendaries total.
  7. I think that the Silencer fits into more of the large base category than the small, but maybe they put in on the small base because they didn't want a large base ship with both boost and barrel roll (along with an elite slot for push the limit for real movement options) on it's action bar on a large base.
  8. Evenflow30

    Who else is enjoying their new wave XI stuff?

    You're lucky too. My main store is massive. It has around 18 tables set up and ready to play tabletop games besides the actual store itself. They're sticklers about release dates. They called me today to let me know they had my wave 11 order but I couldn't pick it up till 10 tommorow morning. What a tease!
  9. Evenflow30

    Who else is enjoying their new wave XI stuff?

    You're lucky! Ordered one of each if the new ships, but the old lgs isn't allowed to give them to me till Thursday!
  10. Evenflow30

    New FAQ CROC update

    Completely agree. I would go even higher and say 98% of complaints on here are eye rolling silliness. However, this is something to have a legitimate gripe about. This isn't a $15 ship you blow your pocket change on, it's retailed at $70. If your investing that amount of money on a plastic ship it should be made correct or hey, mistakes happen, but then the error should be replaced. In this case here errata was made to make the mistake "correct" instead of actually removing the error to make it uniform with other epic ships.
  11. Evenflow30

    FFG are you for real

    I agree that it's a little big for a small base, but than again it's going to cost me $20 instead of $30 at the flgs like it would be on a large base so I'm cool with that.
  12. Evenflow30


    Just wanted to say that if you have criticisms about this game you can still get it off your chest on the forum Johen, don't let people get you down. I disagree with on alot of your opinions, but you know what? It doesn't matter if I disagree with you or not. Your opinion is just has worthy of being posted as mine is. Don't let people get you down, to me, this forum is for fun and entertainment so post what makes you happy man. Also hang in there with imps! I know they seem to be ignored a bit right now, but I will say with utmost confidence something will be coming to make imp fans happy again!
  13. Evenflow30

    Is today C-ROC day?

    Just picked mine up here in Milwaukee Wisconsin from the local store.
  14. Evenflow30

    Sunny and HLC

    Thanks for the replies. I was just curious about the question I asked as in my example I changed the crit to a hit, however I didn't use Sunny's ability on this first roll (as I still had a blank result to go with the three hits) which would've happened simultaneously with HLC trigger. Instead I had to wait after changing the die from HLC till after my reroll so I wasn't sure if this stopped Sunny's ability.
  15. Evenflow30

    Sunny and HLC

    Hey guys, this was brought up in a question on the rules forum here a little while back, but I am having trouble understanding this interaction. Say I have a ship target locked with Sunny using HLC. I roll blank, hit, hit, crit. I change the crit to a hit like HLC says, then reroll the blank using the TL to a hit. Would I be able to then use Sunny's ability to add a fifth hit result?