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  1. That is why Advanced Sensors is there. However, there is also Tactical Jammer listed.
  2. No, I don't think so unless they actually remove or amend Jan's FAQ entry. Jan Ors' ability works on Snapshot, and also in a freak Chewbacca mid-activation phase retribution attack... in those cases a green at the right time or Wingman could do it. But not for attack-twice weapons or even Gunner.
  3. With the Raider showing up in Battlefront II (and indeed being the "hero" ship) methinks your wishes are not so far-fetched. A "Rogue Squadron" story may be yet another reason why we haven't seen anything recently.
  4. Yeah I think my interpretation needs revision. For 1 extra attack dice, we were going on Jan Ors' FAQ as a precedent, ie it could only be used once in an attack - and there was no mention of Stress being the limiting factor. Reason was, people were using the reasoning behind Predator to roll the extra die twice. By extension, that applied to N'dru (our resident N'dru players played him this way and probably sold themselves short). Jan Ors’ ability only applies to a single attack. For example, if a ship equipped with Gunner or Cluster Missiles rolls the extra attack die granted by Jan Ors on its first attack, it does not receive the extra attack die from Jan Ors again during the second attack. But looking at the timing chart, strictly following it there's no reason to think N'dru's ability shouldn't trigger twice (or Fearlessness, or Opportunist + Electronic Baffle + Clusters/TLT). Trouble is, we use precedent to resolve other issues: if the FAQ says X for the wording of Y, then X must also be true for Z.
  5. To get back on topic, I personally don't have a problem with an N-1 Starfighter in X-Wing. Aesthetically, remember that George Lucas was specifically aiming The Phantom Menace at children as a family-friendly film. But a 2-dice ship is not going to survive in the current meta. It needs something other than Crackshot or Juke to push damage through. I would buy it if there was something that improved the A-Wing as well. I also think the ship should be 2 hull 1 shield so it can equip a Pulsed Ray Shield. If it can't take Autothrusters, it needs something to improve its survival prospects, and we do see it regenerating its shields in The Phantom Menace after all.
  6. Kavil's ability works once per opportunity and adds ONE die. As with all attack-twice weapons, it will only add ONE die to ONE attack. So, 4 dice then 3 or 3 then 4.
  7. You mean those F-4 or whatever model kit pieces the model builders bunged on to add some detail. George Lucas didn't even think of having Darth Vader as Luke's father until some scriptwriter came up with the idea. You think a bunch of model builders in the 70s were like, "yes, yes... and in the decades to come we must have tractor beams here so that West End Games can incorporate this into their RPGs..."
  8. Yes, in amongst the ion cannons, proton torpedoes, lightning gun and other assorted garbage it's accumulated over the EU stories.
  9. Here we go. Looks all wrong now, doesn't it? People are very quick to slag off something that seems similar as a "rip-off." So it's a valid reason. People also want to see intention and design behind things, like symbolic placement of the cockpit. In reality, both the MF cockpit interior and the gun emplacements had been built, so the saucer design had to use them. The cockpit went on the side because it looked weird and was probably easier to build on set. The gun positions went from being waist guns to belly guns with a gravity gradient flip.
  10. Nah the thing is the original Falcon would have had the same apparent size as the Space 1999 Eagle. The designers all pretty much said they had to drop it due to this and come up with something new. Note that (1999 Eagle) +1 -> Millennium Falcon. Then they rescaled it to the Blockade Runner. Because the command module was already on the front, they basically turned it 90 degrees, added another cone to make a hammerhead and put a "bridge" window on the front to give it a sense of scale.
  11. The "visual language" of Star Wars is simple, bold forms. Can you remember what the fabulously complex ships in Jupiter Rising look like? No, you can't. Whereas the Death Star is a sphere, the Star Destroyers are wedges, the TIEs are bowtie shapes and X-Wings, well of course, are Xs. They were so concerned about it that they scrapped the original Millennium Falcon and turned it into the Blockade Runner because it looked too much like a Space 1999 Eagle. And because nothing comparable existed at the time, they didn't have to clutter their designs to differentiate them.
  12. Landing gear? Well, that'll cost ya extra...
  13. 1x used first stage. One flight only. The "used" look came from the original props and SFX guys. They knew what looked good on camera, and had to talk GL out of making all of the ships into shiny Flash Gordon rocketships.
  14. I am not a 0-k "hater." It's simply not a particularly useful move. As for the 1-agility penalty, would you like to telegraph your 4-k like that? As it is, a 4-k is your "get out of jail almost free" card. A 0-k comes in most handy when you are already at your most vulnerable: ie almost point blank range. I find the 0-stop is more useful. Frankly, the ship is costed too high for such a situational move.
  15. You should never have asked. What has been seen cannot be unseen... I give you bishounen Chewie. This was my experience too. It may have changed a little with Star Wars but Gundam is as traditional as samurai.