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  1. Empire thing? Squad Leader is basically coordinate, with the caveat of needing lower PS ships to command.
  2. Since the only possible candidates with the Sheathi are crewmember upgrades, I think that it possibly means all upgrades. I can see Chopper spacing a crewmember in order to fix something. This would also make E-Wings slightly less useless because now you can jettison 0-point Mods and Systems upgrades.
  3. Well, the article was like: Swarms of missiles! Torpedoes! Strip your enemy's tokens! And... um, some coordination. Honestly, I think the Gunboat is the standout winner here, the Scum ARC is rather meh in comparison, even with its Bulls firing arc. The Sheathi-D is probably like the Rebel TIE; a utility ship which has powerful combos. Fenn Rau's ability is pretty savage for a PS9 20 point ship with an aux arc. And the best bit? R3A2, the Astromech Of Pure Hate And Grumpiness That Even Chopper Fears found a new favourite ship.
  4. With Squint-O-Vision, it looks like Fenn Rau does something for friendly ships at Range 1 in the Combat Phase, and I see an icon for something. Oh, nvm. Apparently this is it: When an enemy ship inside your firing arc at Range 1-3 becomes the active ship during the COmbat Phase, if you are not stressed you may receive one stress token. If you do, that ship cannot spend tokens to modify its dice when attacking this round. Does not play well with Ezra crew but Wired is a possibility.
  5. Oh Scum got discounts on Homing Missiles too? I thought it was just mods. Friggin' NASTY!
  6. Fel weeps quietly in the corner.
  7. I know we were tired of toilet seats dominating the scene, but this is not what I had in mind.
  8. What is best in X-Wing? Roll red dice out of your enemies' firing arcs, see them stressed and unable to k-turn before you, and hear the lamentations of their green dice.
  9. Re-rolling on X-Wing D8s also tends to produce the same result. This is because they are simply picked up and dropped, and rotate along one axis. Ask for opponents to give the dice a thorough shake if you are forcing them to reroll.
  10. And so the 25th of May became Gunboat Day, and people decorated trees with Concussion Missiles and destroyed X-Wings...
  11. This is not a spoiler, it's a fake. You think this is a professionally posed product thumbnail? This is what a Hot Wheels product thumbnail looks like. From the same webstore. The image is clearly photoshopped. Smudging everywhere, colour contamination, multiple recompression artefacts... I could go on.
  12. Also: There Are Some Conveniently Laid Out Crates There So It Means A Gunfight Is About To Happen Thinking back, Diablo was probably one of the first hand-holding games. None of the enemies there really had the power to kill you unless you wandered into a too high-level area (only really possible with Diablo II) and the most common way of dying was death by being too lazy to go back to town for potions.
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