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  1. ****, i hadn't thought about this one : rules say that rifts move like black-bordered monsters. Does this mean that if they're in the same place as an investigator, they don't move ? If that's the case : - seems the monster appears in the shared place, - even though the rift did not move, i suppose a doom token would be added if it was instructed to move along a correctly colored arrow...
  2. Hello everyone. I ran through the Kingsport rules. Oops, i had to run through the Rift section again. Okay, Rift opening seems not so difficult with the help of the diagram. However, i'm uncertain about rift movement. Do Rifts move before or after monsters ? In other words : 1- a Rift moves along a matched colored arrow, 2- a monster appears to the Rift's new location, 3- if that monster's dimensional symbol is on the mythos card's movement pattern, does this monster move immediately ? I hope my question is grammatically clear, i already had to edit the text to unserstand it myself. Thanks for your insights anyway.
  3. New expansion or not, new edition or not, i think a consolidated version of rules and errata would be nice, with special attention to wording... (of course, card text updates and printing errors like purple encounter symbols would stay in an errata list). Should a new expansion appear, consolidated rules would be a must. (Should a new edition appear, it wouldn't happen of course, but i could still hope attention to wording )
  4. Well, at least, i figured i should think about it. I DO think about it... To be lucky is fine, but not really gratifying
  5. Thank you everyone. I may have other questions in the future . Oh, and we played again ! Base game only, Amanda Sharpe, Carolyn Fern, Jenny Barnes and Mandy Thompson against Ithaqua. My wife (as Mandy) explored a lot of Gates, i (as Amanda) explosed a lot of Monsters, there was a lot of surges in the two last thirds of the game... So with the surges, few portals, few Doom tokens. Lot of Monsters, that's why i began hiting them. We reached Terror 3... but after that, we controlled the flow. Ithaqua didn't awaken, but it was close. It had 10 Doom tokens on its Track when we laid the 6th Elder Sign on the board... We were just lucky, but great game anyway.
  6. Hello everyone, i have just acquired the expansions i was missing for AH, and i ran through the rules again. Truth is, we haven't played for a long time (that's a great game, but that's a huge game too... we lack room!) So rereading, and looking through the forum, i asked myself (and then I ask here) two questions. 1. First one seems to be implied in a lot of comments, but just to be sure : when a monster surge occurs and town expansion are used, , do monster appear on every gate in every town, or just the town the surge occurs in ? 2. i'm confused about this one, i found apparently contradictory comments. When a Investigator is devoured while the AO sleeps, the player gets a new Investigator. When an Investigator is devoured while battling the AO, the player is eliminated. What happens when the Investigator is devoured because (s)he's LITAS when the AO awakens ? Is the Battle considered to be started already ? Thanks, P.S. please excuse any awkward wording, english is not my mother tongue.
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