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  1. I am so curious about your answers to The Big Three with this well-organized and detailed release.
  2. Cowabunga, j-m-v. I do notice that this seems interesting and balanced. Perhaps the most wonderful and weird thing about TMNTAOS is the IMbalance and the random tables and peculiar characters you can make. Do you have plans to add any of that? I would truly play this, if so. Thanks for your efforts no matter what.
  3. I have often wanted to become a muay TIE Fighter.
  4. Love this scene. Perfect explanation. But I'll also quote myself from Page 1 of this thread and ask for more real-life examples if people have them. I know the simulationists have to get some validation, too! " Aiming with Brawl is being either Samart Payakaroon or Giorgio Petrosyan. Aiming with Melee is being Duke Lucan or Sir Cullen. "
  5. I was getting the vibes of China Mieville's Bas-Lag trilogy, GHOSTWALK by Sean K. Reynolds and Monte Cook, and Arcane Studios' DISHONORED, among many, many others. Thanks for the reply and the cool setting!
  6. The only complaint I have regularly heard (and seen at my table), at the "sub-system" level, is GMs offering unlimited downtime for crafting. I refer players to this article and tell them they can make crafting checks only when it's meaningful to the party and story and then we're moving on.
  7. Looks pretty fun! Looks also like more of a reference doc than a full game setting, but for me: I like that. And all of the references I thought would be the inspiration for this were absent from the list at the end, so thanks for the recs of new things to go read!
  8. c__beck is right. Gank is the way to go. And make sure someone in the party has some good Computers/Mechanics so they can modify and upgrade her cyberware throughout the game!
  9. I believe you want DESPERATE ALLIES, p.87ff.
  10. My most recent home campaign was set in the "normal" EotE setting between ANH and ESB, and the final arc took place on Lothal, featuring guest spots from Hera and Chopper. Not the most original idea, but I liked making both canon characters as escort companions for my PCs, so there was real incentive for the players to try to keep them alive.
  11. I would take a gander at the other fantasy / PF conversions already underway. FWIW, the group for which I GM converted our old Pathfinder campaign to EDGE OF THE EMPIRE about 2 years ago, and it took almost zero documentation--just re-skinning. I did take some notes on converting the AP "Serpent's Skull" to EotE, if those would be at all helpful. But overall I think this will take less work than you think, especially if you have access to stat blocks that already exist.
  12. GAMMA WORLD 7 (the DnD4e version) and MUTANT: YEAR ZERO both play it as, "yeah, yeah, have your basic gear, but Woah Hey What About This Wild-@$$ One-Use Jetpack!?!" And me and my players love it. Remember kids, use your "once a session" items/abilities early and often!
  13. This isn't precisely what you're asking, but I'd start here, then "ctrl-F" for "silhouette 0". I got 13 creatures to choose from when I did that.
  14. Let your PCs do awesome stuff! Exactly, @Mark Caliber But also, as @Donovan Morningfire said, I use the 5XP / hour assuming hours spent actually playing, so for using my group as an example, I'm almost always gaming from 7pm-midnight, but only giving my players 20XP, sometimes less.
  15. I'd be curious for what you mean here, @Richardbuxton. Because I'm not sure I agree. WFRP3e is potentially complicated (though it's far more modular than it seems, which is a problem for sure with how it was marketed), but the dice--well, the dice are carefully and brilliantly designed to help create stories that fit the Warhammer setting. My players use Genesys, Star Wars, and WFRP3e alternating weeks and we do just fine.
  16. I have a ton of maps for EotE that are from years of collecting and not all properly attributed to their creators. What's the policy on posting links to that sort of thing around here? And does anyone know when Chris West is next doing a Kickstarter? Because again: more money for that guy is good for the world.
  17. @whafrog I am normally on board with your posts -- and I am with you on some of this one -- but, dude, don't be that guy who answers an honest thread question with "up yours for even asking". The only reason I started playing FFG Star Wars in the first place was as a ufck you to the FLGS clerk who, when I asked him if he had "this new game Edge of the Empire" in stock, told me I was dumb and should just play the old WEG game. Even on that note: I use maps as a GM to _inspire_ weirdness and surprise in my encounters. I have a huge folder of them and plop in ones that seem to have something compelling about them related to the encounter or scene we're entering. I let my players fill in much of the gaps--why the lighting is this way in one place, what that mysterious object is, where that other path leads. A good map can be the grain of sand that makes the pearl. As for answering the OP, you can't go very wrong with the maps Christopher West makes at Maps Of Mastery. I've gladly forked over money for them and had my players go gaga at the level of detail and imagination.
  18. Aside from FFG STAR WARS, my group regularly plays: MUTANT: YEAR ZERO - Brilliant for its push-your-luck mechanics and its incentive to use real-world maps for the post-apocalyptic setting. Also: ridiculously easy to GM. WFRP 3e - The genius innovator that presaged EotE, but a darker tone whose mechanics actually support that darkness, while still supporting story. and GAMMA WORLD (7e, based on DnD 4e) - Because it's so lolrandom that it's not funny but then it's so not funny that it's funny again.
  19. Currently playing a SHADOWRUN campaign using a combination of EotE and a little bit of GENESYS, and it's the EotE that is the easier re-skin, even though I had expected the not-at-all-skinned Genesys rules to be the easier translation. That said, the EotE dice do not promote classic (read: cynical) cyberpunk storytelling, so if that's your thing, consider using something darker like WFRP 3e or INFINITY 2d20 or BLADES IN THE DARK (which itself has a Shadowrun reskin out in the world).
  20. Not gonna lie: I was hoping I could prompt other folks to post vids. 😎 Any other fave examples from non-choreographed fights of aiming in melee/brawl?
  21. Aiming with Brawl is being either Samart Payakaroon or Giorgio Petrosyan. Aiming with Melee is being Duke Lucan or Sir Cullen.
  22. You might be. The conversion I'm working on is for WFRP3e...
  23. We made it to 700XP, but the correct answer is: when the story is done.
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