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  1. This guy gets it. Let your players use their shi!t, folks.
  2. As a fellow weeb (samurai armor-making and martial arts practice, primarily), I support this idea.
  3. Christopher West has some incredible maps--the only ones I've found for EotE worth paying for--on his site here: https://maps-of-mastery-store.myshopify.com/
  4. @Archlyte I'm not sure I have anything new to add here, I'm afraid. The only point I feel I "need" to second is that these are quite verbose, and your players will thank you for editing and condensing them. But I also have to say you deserve credit for approaching this like a designer: you knew and stated your goals and moved in that direction for the sake of your players and the game you want to have together. This is the way.
  5. I did read through all of these, but more than specific comments, I am struck by how these house rules turn the game into more of a looter-shooter / crunchy-combat game than in its original design. I suspect, @ianinak, that this is what you wanted. If so, and if you have players who want that, then I suspect this is a good set of rules. Like @Talkie Toaster, I wonder why you aren't playing another game that is designed this way from the ground up and reskinning it. I might think that you'd really like FRAGGED EMPIRE or ELITE DANGEROUS RPG or STAR WARS SAGA EDITION or even SHADOWRUN 5e for that. And it's worth noting that these are a LOT of house rules. The FFG core books are already quite long. I'm paraphrasing the hosts of SYSTEM MASTERY PODCAST here, but: there is a point at which your pile of house rules is so large that you may as well get it over with and write your own heartbreaker (and then you could end up on their podcast!). I personally think this pile is large enough. More specifically: - Letting folks trade dice pool results for other results directly undermines the encouragement to create surprising, non-linear stories that lies at the core of this system, and I'd ditch it. - Encouraging folks to use "physreps" is always fun, but your wording on that rule could be much simpler. - If folks who get mega-Triumphs get rewarded for their good rolls in ways that will make them roll more mega-Triumphs, then rich keep getting richer and everyone should min-max until the internet runs out of yellow dice. This would make me sad. - Having non-combat checks take even longer, in combat, really, REALLY screws over non-combat characters. If you only eliminate one house rule from this whole list, make it this one. - You have such a different take on vehicle combat that you should probably just make every dogfight be a game of X-WING on another table and be done with it. - Loot tables? Star Wars heroes don't loot corpses for 10 blaster pistols they can sell for 25% base value at the magic item shop when the come back from the dungeon. Can you toss these rules or replace them with once-per-encounter tables full of flavorful items, like the weird and random Omega Tech item deck in GAMMA WORLD? Or maybe just play a game of IMPERIAL ASSAULT? I clearly want to play a different game from you. But if you want to have fun playing this way, I truly think you'd have more fun playing a game that embraces combat crunchiness, min-maxing, looting, and vehicle tactics, none of which are inherent strengths of the game system you started with.
  6. Playing L5R (or Genesys, or any of the more recent FFG RPGs) can absolutely be done with only skills and base stats. It's what the Beginner Boxes for the Star Wars series do, essentially. I would personally run / play the heck out of an historically-set game using just the base stats of L5R, and I think if you were going to do it the lightest way possible, you'd even keep the "20 Questions" character creation and just ignore or omit any schools or school abilities that used supernatural elements, then reskin the whole thing. I think it doesn't matter a great deal that someone creates a "Lion bushi of the such-and-such family" if, before they start playing, they flavor it all as them playing a first son vassal of the Ii clan under Tokugawa. It's worth noting, if you decide to go that route, that you might also ask around on the L5R RPG boards here for input and thoughts.
  7. Two more shout-outs to games with settings and mechanics that really gel with each other: MUTANT: YEAR ZERO (and its derivatives, including the low-magic fantasy FORBIDDEN LANDS) and GAMMA WORLD 7th Ed (the one based on DnD 4e rules) Both post-apocalyptic, each wildly different in tone from one another, but both full of the chaos and danger one associates with that setting.
  8. Grab a couple of Osprey books by Stephen Turnbull and use the L5R dice system without the magic? I don't know if folks have written up Genesys setting material, but this system embraces wacky hijinks and adventures. If you want mechanics that support telling stories reflecting the actual historical world of pre-Modern Japan, where the stories are about social tension and discipline, you want L5R.
  9. Based on your list of narratively-driven, but not entirely-without-crunch RPGs that embrace the current trends in TTRPG game design, the only really obvious absence from your list is BLADES IN THE DARK. And if you want a fantasy-skinned version of EotE, there's always its "parent", WARHAMMER FANTASY ROLEPLAY 3rd Ed
  10. Also yes in real life. *so excited to see the embers of this thread enflamed again...*
  11. I felt the same, when my group wanted to take their Pathfinder characters to Edge/Genesys. I made a really, _really_ simple Doc to complete the conversion. Here it is, and feel free to steal any language or ideas. Our goal was to get to the playing as quickly as possible, which meant less time with me futzing with .pdfs of my perfect homebrew and more playing the game we already liked but with our old fantasy characters.
  12. Conan 2d20 and Edge of the Empire were both designed by Jay Little, so that tracks...
  13. I've stolen a ton of stat blocks from WFRP3e, but more than anything my players liked the base-building mechanics from MUTANT: YEAR ZERO, so we stole those almost wholesale (no offense to the base-building in _Far Horizons_...).
  14. It is a period of civil war! Some favorite historical civil wars I've mined for inspiration: - the Sengoku period of Japan (okay, the Momoyama specifically) - Sulla's and Caesar's civil wars in ancient Rome - the English Wars of the Roses
  15. *oh please let this thread devolve like the recent one about armor!*
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