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  1. BrickSteelhead

    Revised Equipment Tables

    Howdy Kinghades, I haven't played this game nearly enough yet to know what is truly balanced, so I'm curious about your reasoning for readjusting the armor stats. Can you talk me through those decisions? Is it a "perceived realism" thing or a game balance thing? Simulation or narration? Et cetera.
  2. BrickSteelhead

    Shield Fighting and Sword

    There's no reason one couldn't _flavor_ a sword or dagger as a shortspear, is there? Let's not overthink this, so we can get back to gaming.
  3. BrickSteelhead

    Playing by VoiceChat

    https://dice.owenmead.com/ Do folks not use Owen Mead's dice roller anymore? That dude rules, and is on the boards here.
  4. BrickSteelhead

    XP for Missing Players?

    Thank you kindly. For all the other times I've appreciated your posts on these forums, Mensch, I'll toss you 4K xp right back.
  5. BrickSteelhead

    XP for Missing Players?

    I understand that some of y'all are not surprised this debate has gone this many pages. Well I sure as heck am! I'm surprised that there are folks who would consider anything other than their players' personal feelings when making the call to give out XP for missed sessions. I'm surprised that someone would use a rulebook reference (other than to "Rule Zero") in making this decision. I'm surprised how political this is getting (though I shouldn't be). I'm surprised that there are folks who even think there's a debate here. Do. What. Makes. Your. Group. Happy. What makes my group happy is equity, not de jure fairness. Once a character comes back in, I give them that night's session x2 and continue doubling their XP gain until that catches them up to the rest of the group. But, man, y'all, this is starting to read like that classic bodybuilding forum thread about working out every other day.
  6. BrickSteelhead

    Your Favorite One-Shots (AoR/EotE)

    Any of the Beginner Games are tremendous, but "The Corelliean Shuffle" from SONS OF FORTUNE is actually a pretty great one-night adventure.
  7. BrickSteelhead

    Board Game stores at the East Coast

    Bunch of great choices here in NYC. Compleat Strategist and Twenty-Sided Store are your best bets. I'm running a public game of SWRPG at Twenty-Sided on the 11th of August if you want to drop in! Manhattan: The Compleat Strategist Forbidden Planet Brooklyn: 20-Sided Store Brooklyn Strategist
  8. BrickSteelhead

    Good RPG Writers?

    These are all interesting writers, absolutely none of whom I agree with more than 50% of the time, which may be why they are worth reading. In a similar vein: Zak Smith (NSFW).
  9. BrickSteelhead

    Any home rules on character creation?

    I add one rules tweak for CharGen: - Base Soak may be determined by either BRAWN or WILLPOWER, chosen at character creation.
  10. BrickSteelhead

    Little question...

    I refer the OP to the Lord British Postulate.
  11. BrickSteelhead

    VTT recommendation

    Roll20 + Owen Mead's Dice Roller + Hangouts = best
  12. BrickSteelhead

    Another Character Generator

    A question for the brilliant folks in this thread, but in another thread: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/270048-off-topic-oggdudes-but-for-wfrp/
  13. I play a LOT of EotE/AoR/F&D. 3 years, 2 sessions a month. But I also really enjoy WFRP3e, for a different style of game. I sure would love to have an all-in-one digital resource like OggDude's suite of tools, but for Warhammer. How pie-in-the-sky is that dream? Is this something I could do as hacks to OggDude's system or as custom data? Or would this require a dedicated programmer? (I am a dangerously inexperienced programmer.) How many hours are we talking here? Dozens, or hundreds? Thanks for your thoughts, FFG Hivemind.
  14. BrickSteelhead

    Metal Dice?

    I could pass on some files, if folks were interested. Even in plastic, Shapeways was HELLA expensive, though.
  15. BrickSteelhead

    How to handle a new player to an experienced group?

    This is what I do, for the same reasons.