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  1. One last piece of advice before I peace out. Don’t make this about “Them” or “Us” there is evidence of some really dodgy play which was dragged up after calling out for someone to find such evidence. The only way forward is to own that and move forwards, forming battle lines just muddies the water and raises tensions all around. Just take a moment to realize the position you put yourself in, every game you play for a while is going to be under a microscope and people are going to prejudge you before the game even starts. Only you and your actions can correct that, and it’s not going to be a fun easy journey if you decide to take it. Other option is to just stay off X-Wing forums until someone new ****s up.
  2. As a tip, unconsciously picking up your ships and putting them where you like is probably a habit you want to kick. If you were attempting to undo a boost you thought you had done, the correct way to do that is to: 1) Ask your opponent for a take back. 2) Place the correct template behind the ship. 3) Place the ship with it's front nubs lined up with the back of the template.
  3. I do have a serious answer if you like. When I was helping on the Judge panel thing there used to be discussions and I would always find my self having a mind set of "surely that does not happen in real life." Recent things that I have seen have lead me to believe that I was actually quite innocent in that outlook and people do in fact do lots of cheating at X-Wing. Having a collected place of the sort of things to look out for as a judge will be helpful for me and maybe to others as either judges or players. If the thread offers no value to you, than fair enough Kris
  4. Maybe people can enjoy different things?
  5. Was doing the three bank instead of the three hard the mistake, as I don't think anyone cares about that part...
  6. Or in future people could just post here? I don't care really I just want an easy way to find videos of people cheating at X-Wing so that when I think my life is bad, I can look a quick pick me up. Also, if anyone caught me cheating, I need to know how to step my game up.
  7. Its all welcome! Anecdotal stuff should strive to be written in an entertaining fashion so that I can at least get a chuckle whilst I die a little inside though...
  8. I thought it could be fun to just start collating examples of stuff we as a community think are problems in X-Wing. Not interested in naming names of fingerprinting but just what type of examples people have of what leaves a bad taste in the mouth. So, I present: https://www.reddit.com/r/XWingTMGAnyOtherEvent a place to just post all the clips of ships being nudged, rocks moving, dice being modified, dials being changed, triggers being rushed and any other stuff you can find!
  9. I may be wrong but I will die on the hill of my wrongness that its a waste of time and energy to enforce and honestly makes no difference 😛
  10. No Worries, It is part of my charm that my dry British humor (some people, quite correctly, think of it as me being an ***) does not translate well to text Again, no offense was meant and sorry if my response seemed dismissive of your concerns. Kris
  11. :D you didn't ask about reloading a card, you asked about reloading a charge. They are different statements and would have generated different answers. I will give you the answer you would have gotten to the Action: Reload this card vs Reload Action. Firstly your assumption that there are other examples of [Action: Reload this Card] is incorrect, the only time this wording appears is on Energy Shell Charges, when you contrast that to the number of times Recover (X) appears (currently 29 times) you start to see issues with assuming that Energy-Shell Charges is telling you to recover a charge and not perform a Relaod action on that card. Your second point of there being nothing to reload on the card is also a little off when you consider what a Reload Action is and the fact that you can never Reload a Charge, only Recover them. Page 16 of the RRG is as follows: RELOAD [Reload] Pilots can reload to rearm ordnance tubes by moving around ammo on their ship. When a ship performs the [reload] action, it reloads by performing the following steps: 1. Choose one of the ship's equipped [torpedo], [missile], or [payload] upgrade cards that has fewer active [charges] than its current limit. 2. That card recovers one [charge]. 3. The Ship gains one disarm token. We can break down what we are being asked to do any try to match terminology to both the card and the RRG and see where we end up. We are asked to reload this card so we look up reload in the RRG. We are given steps to follow. Step one, is Energy-Shell Charges a [missile] upgrade card equipped to the chosen ship with fewer active [charges] than its current limit? - Nothing wrong so far, we have followed both the card and the RRG. Step two, That card recovers one [charge] - Still following both the Card and the RRG and this would seem to go against what you are saying about reloading this card being logically impossible as this step references the card specifically Step three, we got this far, nothing has told us to stop so we had better carry on, lets check the packaging to see if FFG gave us a disarm token to complete this step when there is no other way, given what comes in the pack that a Vulture could gain a Disarm token, yes, they did, so lets give it to the ship. There are many other ways to extrapolate the fact that the Vulture is performing a Reload to Recover a Charge on the Energy Shell Charges card, but this has been spoken about many, many times. No event runs it as recover the charge without the reload, there is no precedent for it, so the only way it would ever come up would be kitchen table X-Wing with you and your friends, and if you all have fun playing it that way, who am I to tell you how to enjoy your X-Wing, literally, do what you want as long as everyone is having fun, who cares. Anyway, hope I didn't offend you with my initial response as that was not my intent, if this make sit clearer for you then awesome, if you disagree, so be it, I am not here to argue :D Cheers Kris
  12. I had not planned to weigh back in on the actual thread, but this one is one that I can never let go... The difference is really rather simple. The Reload Action is a multi-step process that allows you to Recover a Charge at the cost of a Disarm Token. Reloading a Charge is something you made up in your head that does not exist in X-Wing: Miniatures Game. 🤣🤣🤣 There is no game effect or ability that will tell you to reload a charge on a card, they either tell you to Recover a card, (bypassing the reload mechanic if its Ordnance or a Payload) or it will tell you to Reload, either as an action or to Reload a specific card (not charge). Thanks for your question though as it does highlight something I have to include! Kris
  13. I have a side project on the go and was wondering, what are the X-Wing rules questions you see/hear asked the most. They don't have to be the nebulas ones, literally what are the most common in your experience's? Cheers Kris
  14. This thread is specifically being linked to in the other discussions as proof that you don't receive the Disarm token. Trust me, I would rather it went away but when people are just using this post as an Official FFG Thread saying that you don't take it, it probably needs to be addressed. Nothing personal and I would rather have not Necro'ed but this is the one people are linking Kris
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