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  1. I recorded the game I played and just need to edit it together. My aim is at least one video a week for RuneWars but it may not be a game play video every week due to the editing I want to do. This game 'Should" be done and uploaded on Wednesday though. Kris
  2. Hey all, I wanted to start up some more RuneWars content as I could not really find that much that I could sink my teeth in to. to that end I decided that I would try to do a player journal for the Latari Elves seeing as I picked up the Army Box and wanted to get to work on them. My plan is to have a mix of Short Form videos, Written articles and longer form Battle Reports and Painting Guides. It is still early stages yet but thought I should share! Latari Elves - Player Journal Hope you enjoy and feedback is welcome. Kris
  3. My worlds list was Identical and I sucked That was more me and my dice than the list though. Highlights include: Losing the Stealth Device on Fenn to a single hit at Range 3 (Yes, I should have taken Autothrusters...) Blocking x7 Defenders on to a rock so that all 3 ships can open up on it and the only damage being from the rock. Triggering Feralessness multiple times and having the only hit be the one I auto Generate. All in all, I stand by the list. It was super good fun to fly and I played some good opponents. I feel like it could have done better than it did but I was a good weekend that I tried not to take too seriously as X-Wing is a fun game for me at the minute. I had some many cool squads that I wanted to run but I could not convince FFG to let me write an article that assumed that you already owned the core set. $101 not including core set unlocks a **** of a lot of good builds. Kris
  4. Can you though? Core Set $40 IGx2 $60 All of the good upgrades for an IG list come in the StarViper and Most Wanted, trust me I looked I would also point out that the context of the "treated unfairly" quote seems to be lost. When X-Wing was released the two factions had very distinct play styles, Rebels had Shields and Synergies whilst Imperials had Individually Powerful aces and Better Dials and Re-positioning. Scum sits in the middle of both of these with some ships that have shields, some synergies, ships with powerful abilities and some ships with good dials. I think it is unfair to think of them as the middle of the road faction because when you add it all up you don't get a Rebel Light or Imperial Light feeling list you get something else entirely that is designed to screw over your opponent and sacrifice ships and hit-points on the way to doing it. Word Counts are a thing thought so maybe I just didn't explain it well enough. Kris
  5. Its a copy and paste from the NOVA Sqn Radio Facebook page but I wanted to make sure you guys had easier access to it. Feedback is more than welcome and we hope you will join us on our new adventure! Kris
  6. New Video done.
  7. This is something that I have always avoided doing as it never really came up but a new player in our group is looking at doing a droid uprising list and asked the question. For Named Character command cards they have a faction symbol on them. So for example a Guidion who is temporary alliance'ed in to Mercs could not take his command card because it is a rebel card and Temp Alliance only says you may take deployment cards? Thoughts, Precidants and opinions please Kris
  8. Well thanks for giving it a try, depending upon which videos you watched I do make a conscious effort to put more energy in to my newer videos as I (hope) I have gotten better at doing this after a year (well almost...) There is a new video up which I hope you like... Kris
  9. It's all good, I am more than happy that I made the games involving and close for the most part Its not the best list but it was fun! Kris
  10. Jumpmaster 5000 Attack Value by +1
  11. OK, So... I have been been relatively quiet on this but I do want to say a couple of things. When I flip over a dial and it has moved to a maneuver that I did not dial in, I notice and react. To say that this was NOT intentional and just a nervous habit or whatever is a hard sell for me when you watch how he reacts to the revealing of the dial. He does not look like he is shocked that he is no longer doing the crappy move he had chosen when he didn't think the Jumpmaster would bump. He just moves the HWK in to its now much better position, took the focus action and kept on trucking. Even acknowledging and accepting that the actual adjustment of the dial was not malicious, his reaction to the changed move can not be anything other than genuine. If he does not make the ban list after a given amount of "investigation" time by FFG I will be disappointed. I don't think he deserves any personal abuse for being a cheat but he definitely deserves derision and suspicion when playing anyone at X-Wing. It will take a lot of games where he does a lot of "flying casual" to earn any trust. Kris
  12. New video up. I am back on scheduled now with a video every Wednesday!
  13. A collection of my thoughts on all the new Imperial Assault stuff we heard about last week. Sorry its a bit late, I needed to spend a lot of time crying about coming in Dead Last at worlds after not being able to get a win with the 4 Bounty Hunters... Cheers all! Kris
  14. I did not realise I was so behind on this thread! Sorry Folks. All up to date now. Kris
  15. Hi all, This is the first of a series of Painting Tutorials focusing on RuneWars: Miniatures Game with a view to getting your Army on to the table quickly and to a good standard.