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  1. Kris's Latari Elves Player Journal

    I should do a video looking at all of the Terrain! I do have plans to do painting videos for them so there will be some good shots of the miniatures. Kris
  2. Kris's Latari Elves Player Journal

    Unfortunately, I have a backlog of commissions for the new Death Guard for Warhammer 40k (Boo Hiss I know...) so th e painting has been put on hold. Instead I have some of the cards from the Latari expansions.
  3. Seems like the easiest way to do it and I will keep updating the first post a couple of times a week It will also help keep the thread near the top so that it is easy to find if you want to check a battle report for a specific army/deployment or objective. Kris
  4. Feel free to post any links to reports to be added to the thread. Thanks Kris
  5. I knew I had reserved this one for a reason! As the thread grows I will do a featured report here and also use it for any other info that may be relevant. Can I ask that if you share a report that you include the relevant info for forces, set up, objective etc just to make it a little easier to collate Cheers Kris
  6. I thought a thread for people to post battle reports or links to battler reports could be useful. Video Battle Reports DiceHate Latari vs Daqan - Aliana Cruse Missile and Archers against Hawthorne 4 Threat - Head to Head/Confluence of Magic RuneCast Daqan vs Waiqar - Double Core set - Head to Head/Escort Daqan vs Waiqar - Double Core set - Careful Approach/Demoralizing Force Daqan vs Waiqar - Wave 1 - Daqan vs Waiqar - Wave 2 RuneCasters Daqan vs Waiqar - Escalation Final Trinity Squad Gaming Daqan vs Waiqar Daqan vs Waiqar Writen Reports Thornoo1 Latari v Waiqar 200 Points
  7. Kris's Latari Elves Player Journal

    I am just uploading Episode 3 now, there were a couple of technical issues but I got the first battle report done. Next bit of content will be some painting guides, will probably do those in a written format but can try some videos as well, will depend on how much time I have this week! Kris
  8. Kris's Latari Elves Player Journal

    I recorded the game I played and just need to edit it together. My aim is at least one video a week for RuneWars but it may not be a game play video every week due to the editing I want to do. This game 'Should" be done and uploaded on Wednesday though. Kris
  9. Hey all, I wanted to start up some more RuneWars content as I could not really find that much that I could sink my teeth in to. to that end I decided that I would try to do a player journal for the Latari Elves seeing as I picked up the Army Box and wanted to get to work on them. My plan is to have a mix of Short Form videos, Written articles and longer form Battle Reports and Painting Guides. It is still early stages yet but thought I should share! Latari Elves - Player Journal Hope you enjoy and feedback is welcome. Kris
  10. X-Wing 101: S&V Article

    My worlds list was Identical and I sucked That was more me and my dice than the list though. Highlights include: Losing the Stealth Device on Fenn to a single hit at Range 3 (Yes, I should have taken Autothrusters...) Blocking x7 Defenders on to a rock so that all 3 ships can open up on it and the only damage being from the rock. Triggering Feralessness multiple times and having the only hit be the one I auto Generate. All in all, I stand by the list. It was super good fun to fly and I played some good opponents. I feel like it could have done better than it did but I was a good weekend that I tried not to take too seriously as X-Wing is a fun game for me at the minute. I had some many cool squads that I wanted to run but I could not convince FFG to let me write an article that assumed that you already owned the core set. $101 not including core set unlocks a **** of a lot of good builds. Kris
  11. X-Wing 101: S&V Article

    Can you though? Core Set $40 IGx2 $60 All of the good upgrades for an IG list come in the StarViper and Most Wanted, trust me I looked I would also point out that the context of the "treated unfairly" quote seems to be lost. When X-Wing was released the two factions had very distinct play styles, Rebels had Shields and Synergies whilst Imperials had Individually Powerful aces and Better Dials and Re-positioning. Scum sits in the middle of both of these with some ships that have shields, some synergies, ships with powerful abilities and some ships with good dials. I think it is unfair to think of them as the middle of the road faction because when you add it all up you don't get a Rebel Light or Imperial Light feeling list you get something else entirely that is designed to screw over your opponent and sacrifice ships and hit-points on the way to doing it. Word Counts are a thing thought so maybe I just didn't explain it well enough. Kris
  12. NOVA Squadron Radio is Dead?

    Its a copy and paste from the NOVA Sqn Radio Facebook page but I wanted to make sure you guys had easier access to it. Feedback is more than welcome and we hope you will join us on our new adventure! Kris
  13. Should I Fly Series on YouTube

    New Video done.
  14. This is something that I have always avoided doing as it never really came up but a new player in our group is looking at doing a droid uprising list and asked the question. For Named Character command cards they have a faction symbol on them. So for example a Guidion who is temporary alliance'ed in to Mercs could not take his command card because it is a rebel card and Temp Alliance only says you may take deployment cards? Thoughts, Precidants and opinions please Kris
  15. Should I Fly Series on YouTube

    Well thanks for giving it a try, depending upon which videos you watched I do make a conscious effort to put more energy in to my newer videos as I (hope) I have gotten better at doing this after a year (well almost...) There is a new video up which I hope you like... Kris