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  1. My ISD keeps getting ripped to shreds. I feel like the engineering value is too low, because once the shields drop, you have to bring back more shields than a VSD with the same ammount of points. Even with Engineering captain and a token, it's never enough to stop the bleeding once it has started. I'm thinking maybe if I had two ISD's it would split the focus from one to two, allowing one or both more time to dish out some damage, but I don't want to sink $50 into the ship if it's still going to suck this bad.
  2. Bombers, including Rhymer can be intercepted and prevented from shooting at your ships. Your Gladiator cannot. TIE fighters are fast, that is their one edge. TIE's have 3 hull points, X-Wings have 5. TIE's shoot 3 blue, X-wings shoot 4 blue. TIE's are not bombers, X-wings are bombers and escorts. X-wings do not need to be faster, you just need to use them by thinking a head. If I launch a Rhymer ball at your ship, send X-wings on an intercept path, or if your worried about speed, send a few A-wings at them. When you see I'm deploying Rhymer and bombers, you should probably consider assigning some squadron commands. That's part of the game. It seems like a lot of people only want to play in a very ridged form. "They brought Rhymer now I need to spend commands to activate squadrons to intercept and shoot at him, this game is broken." (If they even consider doing that at all,) It seems a lot of people here would just sit there and take the damage and complain about how the game is not fair, when in reality they A.) didn't bring squadrons, so it's on them or B.) didn't activate the squadrons and therefore were unable to intercept and destroy. Once again, their fault.
  3. Yep. Wave 2 Squadrons are awesome, (I already have the villains) the rogues are really awesome as well. If every squadron had rogue, on it ships would be destroyed in a heart beat. As you pointed out, squadrons are a strategic choice. If you hate them, don't bring them. If you think it's unfair that Rhymer can shoot from so far away, when you see Rhymer on the board INTERCEPT HIM. It's not like he's "Major IG-88" who can shoot black dice at medium range and ignore counter and escort. Can't wait to see these people complain about grit and intel.
  4. Rhymer represents a hero. Star Wars exalts heroes. Luke bypasses shields altogether. The full shield value of the largest capital ships in the game, and Luke's torpedoes magically penetrate the shields, despite being identical to every other torpedo fired by any random X Wing. This a million times over. .... Then for a million and one time: I think Rhymer's ability should only affect friendly squadrons with a 'Bomber' keyword on their card. Thats what I am basically talking about. Read the first post. And read the post on which you have commented. And read your own post again. And notice that it would still fit to your fact and fun statements about Scimitar Squadron. I think I also stated elsewhere that Rhymer levers the common mechanics for squadrons out, and therefore he is a broken element in this game. You can counter him, true. Rhymer is not an auto-win, check. Still it feels like you can glitch the mechanics out ... or even the mechanics don't work without him - this depends on your view. Luke's ability is perfectly fine. His ability affects only himself and thus only a single black die. If all squadrons in range 1 of Luke would be able to ignore shields, I would consider him broken as well. The other heros of the galactic civil war are also fine - or even greatly underpowered compared to Rhymer. Armada still is a fantastic game. I think Armada would be even a better game if Rhymer had a different, less impacting ability, e.g. rerolls for friendly bombers. Thats all for now, Starkiller out. From the rest of my post: Rhymer was sent to chase the Falcon, obvious not only good at bombing, but shooting at star ships, so I see no problem with his ability either in just an in game regard OR from a non-meta aspect. He and his squadrons were good all around.
  5. Rhymer represents a hero. Star Wars exalts heroes. Luke bypasses shields altogether. The full shield value of the largest capital ships in the game, and Luke's torpedoes magically penetrate the shields, despite being identical to every other torpedo fired by any random X Wing. This a million times over. NO one is complaining about any of the other aces amazing abilities. I HATE when Luke get's an amazing critical through my FULL shields. How the hell can he shoot through shields? Oh yea, he's a hero and it's a game mechanic. That sucks, oh well. That does not make Luke broken. Luke bends the rules. Rhymer bends the rules. Non-meta how the hell does it make sense? (Well, that's the best part, it doesn't have to, but it does.) Major Rhymer was the wing leader of Scimitar Squadron. By the Battle of Endor, he reached the rank of major. As the Death Star II was blowing up, Rhymer took part in the evacuation. So, this dude was really good at what he did. His squadron was really good at what they did AND they had some pretty sick tech modified personally for their squadron. The TIE/sa bombers of Scimitar Squadron were typically assigned to attack secondary targets and provide cover during bombing runs. Their targeting systems were calibrated to track fast-moving Rebel star fighters. They were armed with proton torpedoes and proton bombs. Additionally the TIE/sa bombers of Scimitar Squadron were equipped with advanced targeting systems to increase damage during planetary bombardment, or in our case capital ships... Also, fun facts: Scimitar Squadron was assigned to Death Squadron during the Galactic Civil War and were utilized after the Battle of Hoth in the pursuit of the Millennium Falcon. Its TIE/sa bombers were sent into the Hoth asteroid field in an attempt to flush out the Falcon from its last known location on one of the larger asteroids.The squadron suffered several hardships during the search, including Scimitar 2 narrowly escaping a space slug and its subsequent damage from an asteroid collision Now that everyone has been enlighten about Major Rhymer, can we stop bitching about him?
  6. I think they should have rules for RtH being a continuation of the main campaign, as well as making it a stand alone campaign. If this is not the case I'll probably do what Felswath suggest and just MAKE it roll over.
  7. Just because you can't figure out how to beat a grand master in chess does not mean the game is broken. Just because you cannot figure out (despite numerous examples) how to use squadrons effectively does not mean they are broken.
  8. It doesn't over look the fact those could be spent on ships. It was one of the FIRST things I said: Your argument hinges on it being too complex to be viable for most players, which is what my orginal point was, most people are playing it wrong. Most people do NOT understand how to play squadrons effectively and therefore a lot of people think squadrons suck. They do not, you just have to be good at using them, which I explained above.
  9. Don't get me wrong, I like this game how it is a lot. It's almost the out of the box RPG I'd love too - also what I meant wasn't open ended like a true RPG just more of a group goes left, do a, b, c. Group goes right, do x, y, z. The game has things similar to this, but in the regard that they WILL be triggered. It would be cool if each mission had two paths (not nonsensically literal paths) the group could go on. A.) Initial Deployment 2 Storm Trooper Squads B.) When the two initial storm trooper squads are defeated resolve one of the following event paths: a.) Sound the Alarm! "You've been discovered, and it looks like you've got company inbound. They're scrambling interceptors and it's too hot for a pick up in the original LZ. Move to the designated secondary pick up point, but hurry up the base will be swarming with troops any minute. Hero's must interact with the two control terminals located on the outside of the transmission facility tech check 3, then steal (interact with) a speeder bike to escape into the forest. Mission ends in 3 Rounds b.) Storm the Base! Hero's must storm the entry way to the base. (Door is locked Health, twice the threat level 1 block.) Once inside they must find and assassinate the Imperial Commander (Imperial Officer, Health twice the threat level) Mission ends in 6 rounds. Just something like that, of course with some balance checks worked out as I just made that all up on the spot, but that's the sort of thing I mean. Also, would love if instead of having you generic "Your commander," and "Your pilot," if they had taken 5 minutes to give those people names, so it just felt a little more in depth. Also, some character back story like Arkham Horror (FFG makes both games)
  10. Hey everyone, So I've had the game for a few months now, but I've been heading to my local game shop after work more often and sometimes have to leave my game in the car. I crack the windows, vent it, put sun shade up to try and keep it cool, but some days it seems some parts of some of the miniatures are getting bent (Garkhan's Axe, E-Webb Gunner's gun barrel, Vader's light saber, Royal Guard Champion's blade, etc...) Aside from keeping them cooler some how, is there a way to stop this? Would putting a clear coat on them help prevent the warping? I have already painted most of these, but didn't put a varnish on them yet (NOOB, yes.) Any better storage solutions that could help with the issue -- Not looking to drop $150 on a case at this time.
  11. I've said it a good number of times, so I get tired saying it, but not everyone will have seen what I've said before. So you're right, I should be more helpful. See, I don't think people are looking at squadrons the right way. A lot of people look at the fleet cost of fighters, and the loss of another ship activation and think, "They can't punch through to the hull with only a black die or a red die." If you're only thinking of doing hull damage with every attack then yea, it looks like a waste of points. Thing is, that's not the right way to look at it. Simple build that requires no skill to use: Rhymer, Tie Bomber, Tie Advanced x2 All of those shoot black dice (Crits don't count on the Advanced, but it's still a 75% of 1 damage) at medium range with Rhymer. (Expanded Hangers) That's 4 dice being shot at a ship from a squadron activation. What's even better is that unlike a ship rolling 4 dice and getting, lets say 6 damage, the defender does not get to brace down that 6. They are being attacked FOUR times. 2, 2, 1, 1 and still have to deal with your ships one or two attacks. So in your activation you one ship, let's say a VSD at close range, will activate squadrons, deal 2, 2, 1, 1 and then itself get two attacks for 3 black 3 Red, and 2 Red 1 Black -- 7 Damage and 3 Damage. One activation you get a total of 16 damage (which is already better than just your two ship attacks) but what's even better is those bomber attacks most likely will not be braced or redirected because they know your ship still has to attack. Or, even better they use a brace for your bomber attack meaning one of your ships attacks will not get braced for sure. You break up the attack in to 6 separate attacks which makes it harder to reduce over all damage coming into the ship. If you just attack with the ship and throw in a concentrate fire command you're looking at max damage of 14 Damage, they spend a brace, it's now 7 and an Mark II AF can redirect that onto it's side and front shields to eat it all up, and spread it even better if it has advanced projectors on it. With the squadron command you're looking at a max damage of 12 from your front arc (only 2 less) and adding a possible 2,2,1,1 = 6 damage which is harder to stop. Already a much better deal in terms of damage and their ability to negate that damage That concentrate fire command could essential be eaten up by a defense token, whereas the squadron command cannot and if even one of the attacks is blocked using the token, it just means your fist full of dice from your Capital Ship(s) won't have to worry about it. Win/Win. With boosted coms it's even easier to control squadrons now. Armada is not necessarily an easy game if you're playing really good people. It's hard and you HAVE to be able to think much further a head and see the big picture. Synergy. Don't look at each step as a stand alone section that has no impact on the rest of your turn and future turns.
  12. I've DM'd for years for 3.5 and some Star Wars D20. I'm LOVING Imperial Assault, both the campaign, and the skirmish. The only thing I feel the game lacks is an element of characterization and/or more choices. I would love to see some sort of choice the players could make in the middle of a mission that would give a mission a different outcome, akin to how winning or losing the mission does, but mid mission, if that makes sense. Would also be cool to see a little more background about each of the characters. Anyone have any experience in any of this, or should I just whip up some backstory and take a 20 on the process?
  13. Another thread of I have no idea how to play with squadrons, there is no way that I could be doing anything wrong, so obviously the game is broken. Don't mean to sound harsh, but you're obviously doing it wrong. Squadrons are not broken.
  14. What was their original stance, and had they publicly stated sometimes aside from this? From the way I read the card, this FAQ clarification makes sense, even if it does suck.
  15. I wish it was today. I was destoryed by an MC80 yesterday and really need at least one ISD to counter that bastard.
  16. It helped because his Frigate obliterated one VSD in his first attack, Ackbar giving him 2 red dice. My other VSD was then in LOS so he attacked it added another two red dice. So yea, gunnery team helped a ton.
  17. No, I'm wondering how with just wave 1 you can take it on. Apparently just bombers.
  18. Long and short of it is I got wrecked by a Mark II and one MC80. 3 accuracy's, massive damage would have 1 shot my VSD if I was not running Motti and even with him a token and a repair command the ship was toast after it's next activation. What can Imps do to counter this sort of massive firepower being thrown at us?
  19. Depends on what type of play you want to do. If you're doing ofccial FFG tournaments then yes, you can't use porxy cards, so if you want fhkse upgrade cards, you need buy them. If you are doing friendly or store league you might be able to use Proxy cards. I know my local league allows it for our instore league, but not the FFH store Championships, regional, nationals, of world.
  20. How do we get a copy with a version with the lid covered in the tokens?
  21. I don't know that they did. I think they quite cleverly included this very detail. The "Injured Crew" damage card forces you to choose and discard a defense token, so if discarding/spending defense tokens represents harm to your crew, it's reasonable to suggest that Vader's ability involves strangling the nearest uniformed british guy to inspire the gunners to aim better. We're Space Nazi's not British guys, thank you.
  22. Uuhhhhh... anti-squadron... do you remember all of the new squadron stuff? The raider with Instigator, Quad Laser turrets and ordinance experts can lock down even the new rogue squadrons...
  23. I don't mind if the TO competes as long as there is a Second Judge there who is not competing against them, etc. I also do not mind helping set up the tables and the mats. In my view, its a big group of friends you have not met yet and you can all pitch in to help out. Sure you paid $10 to come, but that's for the prizes. I have a bad back, and still helped as best as I could. I think the mats are BIG must. Over the weekend the first tournment I wnet to had pretty good mats, but there were about 4 tables with some less than idea play surfaces, two or three of them being really, really bad. Would love to have seen a better way of seeing the scoring at the end of each game, a simple spreadsheet hooked up to one of the store's few TV's like they do for the Magic Tournments would have been a great added bonus. First tournment had two great judges who were impartial and very knowldgeable of the rules. Second one was iffy, and thought they might have been in over their heads.
  24. I have my tiles in 4 ziplock bags Numbered 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 30-39 -- As soon as I got the Twin Shadows Expansion I put them inside, fit perfectly even in the bags. All of my things, plus the Twin Shadows box fit in my corebox and I have almost all of the Expansion minis in there as well. The downside, which I need to fix ASAP, is the mini's are just in bags and rub against each other which I am not a fan of since I spent so much time painting them...
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