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  1. Would someone please remind me where we are at regarding Wounds and Strain?
  2. While Maya ponders the significance of the sealed chamber in front of them, Jonas approaches it, running a hand over the metal. "Perhaps we could use our lightsabers to cut our way through?"
  3. Touch of Fate for 20 XP it is. I think I will go for improving my Force Rating first before finally going for the various juicy and fun talents and Force powers and skills and what not. Unless someone has any suggestions or ideas?
  4. Work is a bit crazy at the moment, but should let up a bit in a couple of days. I will be doing the XP allocation then since I kinda need to download OggDude's character creator thingy anyway. Most probably though I will be getting Touch of Fate from the Force-Sensitive Emergent tree for 20 XP and banking the rest so I can get the Force Rating talent from the same tree soon after.
  5. Cool. I had 10 XP that had not spent and with this I have 30 XP to use on stuff. Will have to think about it a little. As for Morality and Destiny... Morality: 1d10 9 Destiny: 1eF 2 Light Side
  6. Switching his glow rod on to chase some of the darkness and shadows away, Jonas lets his connection to the Force do the rest as he starts moving about, joining Maya in her search for clues. Using Perception. Relevant items and abilities and such are the glow rod as well as the Sense Danger and Uncanny Senses 1 talents. Perception: 1eB+1eP+2eA+2eD 2 successes, 1 advantage
  7. I think I will have Jonas will go with a Perception check to try and notice anything like a clue or a path or anything of interest really. I am assuming that it is an Average check with 3 Setbacks? So, if Jonas uses a glowrod and his Sense Danger talent it should negate all of them, correct?
  8. "Proven the stronger, have we?" Jonas repeats Xan's words, a hint of doubt as well as curiosity coloring his words. "But how? What did we do?"
  9. Also interested in continuing. My phone drowning accounts for my not replying earlier.
  10. I would certainly not mind continuing, but of course only if the GM actually feels like doing so. After all an interested GM is a good GM.
  11. I am currently without a computer and will be for several days. I will try to make do with the tablet or the phone but seeing as those are less than ideal for posting feel free to DMPC Jeren as needed.
  12. So... umm... anything happening in the bridge crew scene?
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