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  1. Its fairly active ThenDoctor, a few GMs doing a project to revamp some of the older systems into DH2nd as well as spitball campaign, errata, etc. ideas around. Good place.
  2. Ships in 40k don't have fuel because they use plasma reactors, aka fusion reactors or miniature suns in other words. Those are self-contained as the fuel source and powerplant are one and the same. The only "fuel" they require is purified hydrogen or other fusion-capable matter, and even a relatively small amount of that like a few thousand tonnes can sustain an ongoing reaction for millions of years. Further, if you're looking for a critical result to represent a "fuel tank explosion" look no further than Plasma Reactor Overload.
  3. The Warp doesn't really care about your emotional state, not for the purposes of corruption at least. Too many things in the lore refute this. The existence of Irradial Cogitators, warp-crazed Servitors, warp-corrupted weapons born from their potential within the warp, and so on. The Warp is not the Fade, it doesn't just reflect emotions and dreams, it reflects the potential of physical matter as well, which is why the Necrons for example are still fearful of its influence and can fall prey to it (see the entry in Codex Chaos Daemons on the Khornate Daemon Prince that eats a Tomb World). As for the Sororitas, they aren't less susceptible, but more. Its just that they are protected by their connection to the Emperor, a psychic being of vast power that they draw strength from. That's why faith is such a powerful tool, because it invites the power of the Warp in a controlled manner. Astropaths and Navigators pray for this very reason, because a lack of emotion makes it easier for the Warp to... well, warp you.
  4. They would probably be made into Blackshields then
  5. They might not recognize the armour, but their codes would be antiquated as f*ck not to mention their dialect of High Gothic.
  6. They would probably be executed on sight, or if they were lucky taken in for years of lengthy interrogation at the hands of the Inquisition. Most likely though, their ship would be blown out of the void the moment an Imperial Navy patrol found them.
  7. You know, its better to look at previous posts you've made before trying to correct someone that's trying to help you.
  8. Well, I'd assume you'd remember an entire class of Armour. There's only six of them in the entire game anyway (Primitive, Flak, Mesh, Carapace, Power, Exotic).
  9. I see you haven't played any of the 40k RPGs, the Imperium has several types of Mesh Armour it produces.
  10. So then by that metric, Saint Celestine is a heretic no? Considering she follows the calls of Eldar psykers and tells the Imperials to enter the Webway and even resurrects two fallen Canoness' to serve her beyond death. (Fall of Cadia) What about every Inquisitor who ever used a Callidus Assassin? They use xenos weaponry, obvious heretics right there. Let's not even mention the Grey Knights, they are damned from the get-go for their use of sorcery and cursed weapons. The leader of the Purifiers, the one Grey Knight who's soul is utterly incorruptible and wields that cursed blade? Disgusting heretic right there as well. Speaking of absolute heretics, the Deathwatch are rotten to the core, as are the Explorators for studying xenostech and its weaknesses, the entirety of the Ordo Xenos, as well as anyone that dares board a vessel being led through the Warp by a.... <shudder> mutant Navigator. Oof... those Orders Dialogous as well, researching Xenos Artefacts? Translating heretical texts for analysis? Grave heresy right there. ----------------------- Its easy to call yourself Puritan, but its a false title at best. Hypocrisy is a core trait of the Imperium, even if there are those whose "faith" leaves them too blind to see it.
  11. You need to start thinking before posting dude, before you continue embarrassing yourself with bits of stupidity like this. I can't even find either rhyme nor reason in that post. Take a step back, get your <TRIGGERED> shirt off, take a shower, and join again when you're presentable.
  12. The f*ck is wrong with you? Like seriously, the only troll here is you, and you're not even a very interesting one.
  13. Buy the skills and talents that you think make sense for the character and their personality, and buy weapons appropriate to the tech-level of the world or Sector the party operates in or the weaponry of the factions or groups they want to infiltrate. Long as you have some decent Ballistic Skill and Agility, the Two-Weapon Fighting Talent and Ambidextrous you're gonna be fine.
  14. There are no builds in Dark Heresy... and everyone has inherent weaknesses. This is 40k, not D&D.
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